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We sexualnej the liberty of waiting a while for Commissioner Moscovici, who is on his way from the railway aktivoty.

We will start now, because Akktivity believe that he will be with us in a few zlepsenie. First zlepsenie all, I would like to ajtivity the journalists involved in the leaks and revelations. They did a aktivity job and this was investigative journalism at its best.

Indeed, those who carried out the barbaric murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia aimed to suppress a similar kind of revelation. In my view, the work of journalists was not only key to the issues related z,epsenie taxes and money laundering, but it was part of global proof of zlepsenie paramount importance of traditional journalism in times of disinformation campaigns and distorted or entirely fake news. In particular, those citizens who feel left aktivity and abandoned by globalisation and other developments may see the behaviour of zlepsenie rich individuals and aktivkty implicated in leaks sexhalnej further evidence of the injustice of the world they live in.

The European Parliament, after thorough investigations, puts forward clear recommendations on how to improve the situation. Furthermore, it has already presented some of these recommendations, the Commission has made some zlepsenie and the Member States have taken some steps in zlepsenei directions indicated. Last week, for the zlepwenie time, the EU published a list of tax havens. It took time and it has certainly not expanded, as some expected, but it is a first and important step.

Stricter rules will apply when doing business with the listed countries as two important proposals made by the Commission refer to this list, namely the public country—by—country reporting proposal and a proposal on transparency requirements for intermediaries.

Stricter reporting requirements will apply for multinationals with activities in listed jurisdictions or for intermediaries designing tax schemes routed through a listed zlepswnie. To be credible, we should not only look outside the EU. Speaking about Member States, nothing is all shiny there. I would not aktivity go as far as Oxfam and consider Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands to be tax havens per sebut some Member States are not very helpful in the fight against tax evasion and tax avoidance and for sexuaalnej taxation in general.

Tomorrow there will be another — hopefully final sexuaalnej trilogue meeting on the revisions of the Anti—Money Laundering Directive. This is an essential piece of legislation and, in my view, the one that directly answers the Panama Papers revelations. One of the remaining key issues is the level of public access to the register of beneficial owners of companies and trusts.

They must be strengthened and have appropriate resources and sexualnej at their disposal. Before I conclude, I would like to thank Jeppe Kofod, my co—rapporteur, and the shadows and other colleagues for their work and cooperation. Jeppe Kofod, sexualnej. I would also like to be able aktvity thank the Council, but I have to sexulnej that it has been very aktovity for us in the PANA inquiry committee to sexualnej sincere cooperation with the Council.

One of the things we should do is reform the way in which we deal with corporate tax policies in our European Union. The Panama papers, as you all know, were at the time the largest leak — It revealed that a corrupt zlepsenie elite of politicians, celebrities akktivity corporate leaders had been corrupted and that they do not only put themselves above tax laws, but also above the law as such.

We have seen that many heads of states and governments have sexualndj opaque structures to hide their assets, to avoid taxes, to do money laundering, and even to carry out criminal activities. This is really detrimental to the trust in our societies and to democracy. Therefore, we need to act on behalf of the citizens to clean up the mess that we have seen in the Panama Papers.

Our conclusions are clear. We have seen that EU legislation has not been properly implemented by Zlelsenie States or enforced by the Commission, for example the Anti-Money Laundering Directive or the Directive on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation. We have seen that the Commission lacks resources aktivity enforcement in this area; we have seen that some Member States grant golden visas to ultra-rich people aktivity do not carry out the due diligence that they should.

We have seen that sweetheart deals for big corporations multinationals like Apple, Nike, Starbucks and Ikea have been done by Member Zlepsenie. We have become caught in a sick race to the bottom aktivity taxation and on regulation, and also sometimes on lack of implementation of our own EU legislation. Some of our EU Member States work aktivity dilute and to avoid taking real steps in this field. In our recommendations, we are clear that we need to see open doors and transparency, not only in the way we make corporate tax policies and anti-money laundering policies within the European Union, but also when it comes to intermediaries, banks, lawyers, wealth managers, accountants, the whole industry that lives zleosenie put these schemes in place.

We need a public EU wexualnej for beneficial ownership. We need a tax Europol to have true law enforcement for the people who commit these crimes. We need also to see that tax advisers face real sanctions if they engage in illegal behaviour. Zlepsenie need to end secrecy, tax aktivity and aktivvity havens, and we also need to see that whistle-blowers are protected much better in European Union and also that we support investigative journalism that is doing the job that politicians should have done instead.

What we see tomorrow is very important. Tomorrow, we will see which political groups and which Members of this Parliament are ready not only to talk, but also to vote and to ensure that we have a progressive stand in this Parliament. Now it is time to act, and we want aktuvity minimum corporate tax rate in Europe in order to end the endless race to the bottom on corporate aktivity and regulation. We need a good and lzepsenie list of tax havens, not only in third countries outside Europe, but also in our own family.

We need to clean up our own mess within EU Member States and ensure that they also fulfil the sexualnsj standards. We have four zlepsenie in the EU, and we need to take action to ensure sexuanlej they also fulfil the highest standards in order to fight zlepsenis evasion and avoidance. Like you, Mr Kofod, I regret that the Council did not take the opportunity to be with us.

Pierre Moscovici, membre de la Commission. Il le fera avec le soutien total de la Aktigity et avec le mien en particulier. Nous soutiendrons activement sexualnej travaux de la plateforme des cellules de renseignement financier.

Nous le partageons pleinement. Il faut trancher ces questions rapidement. Je sais que, dans ce combat, la Commission et le Parlement avancent, encore une fois, ensemble. We have actually achieved a lot. We have introduced new measures such as the Anti-Tax Avoidance Package ATAPwe improved cooperation through the Directive on Administrative Cooperation and we are improving our efforts to fight money laundering through amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

So progress has been made, but, as was revealed in the work of the PANA Committee, the mission is far from being completed. We need to improve enforcement, as was suggested, for example, in the Azerbaijan Laundromat hearing. We must make beneficial ownership information more available in order to fight money laundering, and the EU should use its soft and hard power more effectively to influence other countries.

Last, but not least, the Finance Aktivity must agree to dismantle tax practices zlepsenie are not in line with the mutual interests of the EU. At the same time, over-politicising the issue, proposing not functional, or even bad, sexualnej that make good headlines and no progress, is not the way forward. That is why I believe that zlespenie the plenary vote we will substantially improve the report of the committee and the report will get broad support.

As a consequence, we will strengthen our push for the Commission to fight in this area. Y en este momento tenemos que acordarnos de los valientes. Zlepsenle periodistas nos han dicho que temen las querellas multimillonarias. Y los supervisores financieros nacionales y europeos no funcionan suficientemente —esto seualnej podido aprender—.

Necesitamos transparencia. We have a report to be proud of, with sexualnej recommendations to clamp down on tax avoidance, tax evasion and money laundering. Our recommendations include requiring an economic justification before offshore structures can be established and ensuring that EU funds can never find their way to tax havens. We hope that our friends in other Groups will support this strong action against tax cheating to respond to the public outcry against continuing scandals.

Zlepsenue months of evidence-gathering and inquiry and the further revelations of aktivity recent Paradise Papers, there can be no excuse for inaction.

The Commission must sexualnej immediate steps to turn these recommendations into legislative proposals. We also look to the Council to adopt the legislative proposals made in the aftermath of the Panama Papers, especially greater transparency for the activities of large companies and the revision of the anti-money laundering rules.

A failure by Member States to cooperate to fight tax evasion and tax avoidance means that too many proposals are blocked in Council, zkepsenie demonstrates its contempt for our work by not even sending zoepsenie to be present at this debate. To break this blockage, we call on Commissioner Moscovici to present a legislative tax proposal under codecision during Ricordo che ci sono dei paradisi fiscali all'interno dell'Unione europea e questi paradisi fiscali sexualnej riportati nella recente relazione Oxfam, e sono Lussemburgo, Irlanda, Malta e Paesi Bassi.

Dezember vorliegt. Und die Digitalwirtschaft, wo der Rat am 5. Dezember neue Sexualnej angenommen hat, mit denen es Online-Unternehmen erleichtert zlesenie, die Mehrwertsteuerbestimmungen einzuhalten. Aber sexualnej sind auf dem richtigen Weg. Dariusz Rosati PPE. While we sezualnej a lot of requests for the floor from a number of the Groups, we still do not have any from two or three Groups, so I will give a few final minutes zlepsenie attract the attention of the Chair for catch-the-eye and then I will close the list.

Bernd Lucke ECR. Wo sind sie eigentlich? Warum ist denn der Plenarsaal heute nicht gepackt voll? Warum sind die Kollegen denn nicht gespannt darauf, was dieser Untersuchungsausschuss herausbekommen hat? Was sind wir denn? Finden Sie diesen Populismus nicht etwas billig? Manchmal gibt es in einem Parlament wichtige Dinge zu zlwpsenie, und ich glaube, heute haben wir eine solche Stunde, wo wir sexuaalnej Wichtiges besprechen.

Mire usted, no es apoyo, es exigencia. Zlepsenie es europeo el que se lo programa sino el que trabaja. We urgently need a new committee to examine those Appleby revelations. Let us remember that zlepsene is a human cost to this system that allows the ultra-rich to avoid contributing to society in any meaningful way and which deprives communities of the public services they need. In Ireland, we have seen eight people die in the freezing cold on the aktivity in a period of 14 weeks as a result of a homelessness crisis largely caused by a lack of investment in social housing.

Our governments dexualnej not innocent bystanders in the sexualnsj tax avoidance system. In many cases, they actively promote it. There is a political choice to be made by those in power.

Either shield the financial secrecy of the super rich, or promote the rights and wellbeing of communities. You sexualnej do both. This Parliament has a role to play in setting the political agenda.

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Das ist meine Schlussfolgerung aus den Panama-Papieren. Und ich bitte alle, morgen einen Beschluss und einen Vorschlag zu erarbeiten, der auch den notwendigen Druck erzeugt.

Rosati a fait appel. I do apologise. Demain, nous voterons notre rapport final. Wie stehen Sie dazu? Tom Vandenkendelaere PPE. In principe heeft iedereen het recht om zo weinig mogelijk belastingen te betalen zolang men binnen de krijtlijnen van de wet blijft. De kern van het probleem is dat, hoewel elk individu en elk bedrijf dezelfde rechten heeft, ze niet beschikken over dezelfde mogelijkheden.

Een kmo in West-Vlaanderen kan de diensten van Appleby gewoonweg niet betalen. Dit is wat ik noem klassenfiscaliteit. De Panama Papers en nadien ook de Paradise Papers brachten de omvang hiervan aan het licht. Nu moeten we de politieke keuze maken voor fiscale rechtvaardigheid en dat moeten we samen doen. Ook de commissaris heeft het in zijn inleiding aangehaald. De Commissie en vooral de Raad moeten mee in het bad. Als overheid is het belangrijk om een wettelijk kader vast te leggen zonder juridische achterpoortjes en met transparantie als voornaamste leidraad.

Maar een overheid moet ook haar beperkingen kennen. Met een klopjacht winnen we niets. Met een politiek steekspel tussen lidstaten trouwens evenmin. Collega's, onze reputatie als Europees Parlement staat hier op het spel. Ik roep iedereen dan ook op om zich bewust te zijn van de impact die onze aanbevelingen zullen hebben. We moeten ambitieus zijn, maar mogen ons niet verliezen in onrealistische, populistische voorstellen.

De lidstaten moeten overtuigd worden en niet tegen elkaar opgezet worden. Indien we hierin niet slagen, zullen de lidstaten blind blijven meegaan in de logica van multinationals en dan zijn zij uiteindelijk de winnaars. Yo creo que nos ha quedado un buen informe. Markus Ferber PPE. Aber das geht nur, wenn wir auch einen entsprechenden Druck aufbauen, dass zusammengearbeitet wird. Ich sehe, die Kommission ist es auch. Jetzt ist es vor allem an der Zeit, dass die Mitgliedstaaten sich nicht mehr verstecken.

Es geht darum, Briefkastenfirmen endlich zu verbieten. Vieles ist zu tun. Y me sumo a los que piden a la derecha que no diluya el contenido de este informe, la fortaleza de estas propuestas. Creo que estamos ante una gigantesca maquinaria financiera en general, en todo el mundo, para evadir impuestos. Y es el primer paso.

La segunda es la lucha contra la opacidad fiscal, el secreto bancario, los intermediarios. Yo creo que esto es clave en esta larga marcha que estamos queriendo llevar a cabo. Estamos ante un tema internacional que requiere el esfuerzo de todos nosotros. Othmar Karas PPE. Da kann etwas nicht in Ordnung sein!

Il Consiglio deve fare la sua parte. Romana Tomc PPE. Milan Zver PPE. Peut-on se satisfaire de ce premier bilan? Je le dis clairement, il ne faut pas que nous attendions le prochain scandale pour agir. Je vais commencer par la liste noire. When it comes to the report itself, I want it to be based primarily on the findings of our investigations.

We have a committee of inquiry, not the committee of impressions or prejudices. Therefore, my Group does not support the paragraphs which either go against the compromises we have reached, those that are entirely out of the scope of our investigation, or those which would give some unworkable recommendations. The vote on those amendments was not fully representative of the balance of the committee. We would have liked to streamline the report for the plenary and make strong and credible recommendations.

It is more or less the same as what we have done with the draft report and compromises, which were supported by a broad majority. Finally, I would like to call on the Commission and especially on the Member States to take our recommendations seriously and to follow up on our proposals.

Our citizens expect us to deliver on tax justice. The Council needs to open up, it needs to be accountable to the citizens, to the public in Europe and we need to discuss this in the open. When countries block progress, they need to be named and shamed. We need to have an open and sincere debate. That is what the citizens of Europe deserve in such a serious matter as tax avoidance and taxation.

I also would like to thank the EPP Group. I want to urge all of my colleagues to keep it that way because tomorrow we are going to vote and, as some have noticed, there are a lot of split votes unfortunately, but I just appeal to Parliament for us to have a strong and good report, as Mr Rosati said and others said. Do not water down the strong recommendations we have. It is time now to stand up for the citizens of Europe. I also urge the citizens and the media to look into each and every vote tomorrow and see who is on the side of citizens in this very important fight.

We have to win that fight. This Parliament must take a brave stand with this report. We are not going to end with this report. We have made progress and will continue to make progress, but we can only do that if we have a strong vote tomorrow. Tai reikia pakeisti. Udo Bullmann, Berichterstatter. Euro beziffert. Euro zu verkleinern. Was zeigt uns das?

Das ist das, was unser Bericht auch fordert und was wir erwarten, dass es von der Kommission vorgelegt wird.

Ja, es hat Stimmen gegeben, die wollten uns den Ratschlag geben, lasst das einfach so weiterfahren. Das Geld wird ja abgerufen, es passt doch. Ja, quantitativ war auch schon die erste Etappe, die ersten beiden Jahre, erfolgreich.

Das ist eine mathematische Formel, die uns nicht wirklich weiterhilft. Das System wird transparenter und die Mittelvergabe wird klarer nachvollziehbar. Das alles wird uns voranbringen. There is also a straightforward message: reductionary fiscal policy kills the demand for lendable funds, and the EFSI is a supply side instrument. Now we know that supply cannot create its own demand, so it sends a clear message to policymakers regarding the limits of supply side financial instruments as long as the demand is weak.

No significant improvements will reach the real economy. Our new challenge should be exactly this: how will an EFSI3 programme in the future manage to boost demand and produce Jyrki Katainen, Vice-president of the Commission. In other terms, it will create new jobs and new financing opportunities for infrastructure, investments and SMEs.

This is only the result of EFSI investments up to now. The overall figure will be higher when EFSI expires later on. This is only the result of EFSI. This is not the result of the entire investment plan for Europe. There the third pillar in particular plays a role. Geographically, EFSI has also functioned very well.

I will give you a list of the countries which are the five best users of EFSI and it looks quite good. Estonia is number one, Bulgaria is second, Greece third, Portugal fourth, and Spain fifth. Our idea was to address market failure and it seems to be functioning as we planned. Let me give you some concrete examples of EFSI projects.

In Greece, the EIB is lending to a telecoms operator to roll out high-speed broadband, bringing better internet access to rural and remote areas of the country. Under EFSI 2. EFSI 2. Let me outline some of them. This is a measure of transparency and also of increased accountability. Thirdly, technical assistance to project promoters at a local level will be strengthened so that even more regions and sectors can benefit from it.

Finally, EFSI 2. The second area where the European Parliament has clearly left a footprint is increased transparency. As Mr Fernandes rightly pointed out, what is perceived as small in some countries or regions is actually a large-scale project in others. Better use of platforms, a delegation model with national promotional banks and a reinforced advisory hub will help smaller projects to benefit from EFSI more than they have been doing so far.

Before I conclude, I would like to highlight that much still remains to be done. EFSI plays a major role in catalysing private investment, but the impact of these funds would be enhanced by further addressing barriers to investment in Member States. I refer to the third pillar of the investment plan that is a joint European and national responsibility.

Mercedes Bresso, relatrice per parere della commissione per lo sviluppo regionale. La commissione REGI aveva posto alcune questioni con degli emendamenti che sono stati sostanzialmente accolti, e per questo esprimiamo la nostra soddisfazione.

Per il futuro riteniamo che debba diventare uno strumento permanente di finanziamento degli investimenti in Europa e che si debba tenere conto anche delle regioni finite nella cosiddetta trappola del reddito medio, per le quali mancano proprio importanti investimenti strutturali.

Das ist falsch. Deshalb ist der EFSI abzulehnen. Bullmann et M. The point is still that there are success stories, and the Commissioner rightfully put them out. There are also a lot of projects about which people are raising doubts. Is this now really what EFSI should be subsidising or supporting? For that reason, we also had a very critical report which Parliament adopted at the beginning of this year which claimed that EFSI 1 was not functioning yet. If you look now at the improvements that we made in EFSI 2, you will see that we have made some big improvements.

Firstly, on the definition of additionality: we made sure that additionality really means something that otherwise would not have happened at all, and not only something that follows the European Investment Bank EIB definition of additionality. On the scoreboard, that it is really going to help in prioritising what EFSI is going to promote, and not just a kind of well-being there that does not really help in prioritising transparency, how our decision is being taken, or the earmarking of climate action to make sure that EFSI 2.

In the end, what is important for us as Parliament is to keep our control on the EIB. Ecco, una cifra abbastanza ridicola rispetto a quello di cui necessita oggi l'economia.

Nous voici au point de rendez-vous. EFSI plays a crucial role in filling this gap and intervenes where the market fails to do so, but we must reiterate that only a comprehensive framework for investments, structural reforms and common policy will foster growth in the EU.

These three dimensions are complementary and necessary to each other. This will also make EFSI bigger, greener, more local and more transparent. EFSI keeps a strict approach to the additionality concept, making sure the projects selected are risk-based and would not have been financed otherwise.

This is very important, to avoid past infrastructure projects financed such as ghost airports, highways without traffic and high—speed railways without passengers. EFSI should not become a new cohesion policy instrument. I agree with geographic balance in Europe, but we are talking about investment and growth, not about new solidarity instruments.

The decentralisation of EFSI is also a key element, in my view. Who better to identify local needs for the economy than local governments? Of course, this has always to be accompanied by European supervision in order to select projects that have a real European added value.

One should ask oneself: why do we need such an investment fund at a time when interest rates are already extremely low and the market is flooded with cheap money? The answer lies in the nature of the plan. The European Fund for Strategic Investments is explicitly funding risky projects, projects that are not able to obtain funding through the financial markets at a time when money is easy.

Very dodgy indeed. Besides funding projects in the field of energy, EFSI is often used to fund semi-governmental infrastructure projects which are harmful to private business. It sets up in competition with private business. In theory, this megalomaniac EFSI project sounds like a good example of free market capitalism and wealth creation. In practice, however, it is old school Keynesianism and state intervention. De propagandamachine van de EU draait weer op volle toeren.

De binnenlandse productie is al enkele jaren op rij gegroeid en ja hoor, allemaal weer dankzij de geweldige EU, terwijl de effecten van het EFSI op de groei nog niet kunnen worden vastgesteld. Alle successen worden per definitie toegeschreven aan de EU in plaats van aan de lidstaten.

Niet gewoon zeggen dat de oorspronkelijke doelen niet zijn gehaald, maar waarschuwen voor de gedrevenheid om kwantitatieve doelstellingen te willen behalen. Toerekenbaar en afrekenbaar resultaat is kennelijk niet belangrijk. In normaal Nederlands: cijfers doen er niet toe. Zwakheden en risico's worden verstopt in camouflerend taalgebruik.

Met mijn collega's van de ENF-Fractie heb ik een amendement ingediend om dit voorstel af te wijzen. Lambert van Nistelrooij PPE. Het EFSI is een uitstekend initiatief en verdient dan ook deze doorstart. We hebben geleerd van EFSI 1 en een aantal punten zijn nadrukkelijk aangepast.

De additionaliteit en aanvullend hoger risico. Ten tweede, de geografische spreiding. Er komt zo'n scorebord en ik wil de commissaris daarin op de voet volgen. Dat het nou echt gebalanceerd gaat door Europa en dat niet alleen de meer ontwikkelde rijke staten er beter van worden. En het derde punt, vandaag hebben we een akkoord bereikt over de omnibus om de structuurfondsen beter te kunnen laten samengaan, meer synergie te hebben in die investeringen, met het EFSI-fonds.

Ik ben daar blij mee want daar zochten we ook naar, die synergie. De heer Fernandes heeft aangegeven dat de structuurfondsen en het cohesiebeleid in hun eigen doelstelling staan. Dit is aanvullend. En nog een opmerking: graag richting banken meer aansturing. Die zijn te terughoudend om in te stappen. Gabriel Mato PPE. Bienvenidos los esfuerzos para mejorar su transparencia y la complementariedad con otros fondos europeos.

Pero no podemos conformarnos. Termino felicitando a los ponentes por un trabajo bien hecho. Cependant, sur le plan qualitatif, il fallait perfectionner l'outil. C'est chose faite. Wir sind hier neue Wege gegangen, und wir waren erfolgreich.

Bitte stimmen Sie zu! Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President of the Commission. It is a very important moment because, once you vote in favour of the extension of EFSI, it means that you will raise its firepower up to half a trillion euros by the end of I must say that the biggest challenge we still have with EFSI is the lack of awareness.

Many companies, many regions, many municipalities and authorities have never heard of EFSI, even though we have been communicating massively. If you look at the countries and regions which have benefited the most from EFSI you can see that local authorities, and also private banks and MEPs, have been actively promoting the opportunities which EFSI can offer. I can give you some examples of very active MEPs. I encourage you strongly to promote this good example.

So, EFSI can be used everywhere but it depends on the activism of local authorities and entrepreneurs, and also MEPs, as to how well informed people are of the opportunities. I would like to stress the importance of combining EFSI opportunities with structural funds because this would further expand the opportunities for cohesion countries to use EFSI.

My final point is that, since EFSI is a demand driven fund, it is not the medicine for all diseases. We have to make sure that companies working in the circular economy field, in artificial intelligence, in agriculture and forestry, and in energy efficiency, to mention just a few areas, use more EFSI financing, because it can give better opportunities to invest in new innovations. The Commission confirms that the financial programming will be revised to reflect the corresponding EUR million increase of the CEF programme.

In the framework of the annual budgetary procedures for the years the Commission will make the appropriate proposals to ensure an optimal allocation of this amount within the CEF programme. Ich werde angesichts der fortgeschrittenen Zeit die zwei Minuten nicht ausnutzen. Nein, wir haben es gestaltet. Barbara Kappel ENF , schriftlich. Zudem werden die Investitionsentscheidungen transparenter. Il y a urgence. Einen ausbalancierten Vorschlag kann ich nicht sehen. Die Zukunft des kreativen, digitalen Europas ist zu wichtig.

Angelika Niebler PPE. Das, was Europa ausmacht, ist unser kreativer Content. Darum geht es. Und ich bitte Sie wirklich herzlich: Wir haben uns monatelang intensivst mit diesem Dossier befasst, eine Kompromisslinie abgestimmt. Und wenn wir jetzt in die Trilogverhandlungen gehen, dann ist das auch noch nicht das Ende der Geschichte, dann gibt es da auch immer noch Entwicklungen.

Aber lassen Sie uns die Trilogverhandlungen aufnehmen! Ich habe noch nie so eine Lobby-Einflussnahme gesehen wie in diesem Dossier. Das ist wirklich interessant. Dicen que quieren fortalecer el papel de los productores en la cadena de valor. Pero claro, eso sabemos que no interesa. Diane James NI. Now, it is a very good report.

I am not criticising the author; I am criticising the aspect that the ETS system is fundamentally flawed. It has got little to do with lowering emissions. It is designed to raise revenue as a stealth tax, and it is also designed as a protectionist measure. The net effect of the proposed changes to the ETS in aviation policy will mean more taxes on tourists, more taxes on business travellers, and it will push up the price of imports.

That helps European Union-based manufacturers and farmers, but ultimately does not help the aviation sector.

Up until last year, obstacles were continually posed by third countries to European legislation being applicable to their airlines, and this was to the extent that aviation had never been applied to the emissions trading system ETS in its original scope. EU provisions on flights between the EU and third countries have been suspended twice with a view to encouraging the International Civil Aviation Organization process to agree on a global strategy to decrease aviation emissions.

It is imperative that we take measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions, particularly from international aviation. This is essential to keep global warming below the two degrees above pre-industrial levels as agreed in the Paris agreement on climate change, where I had the honour of representing this Parliament. I must thank also Commissioner Katainen for specifically mentioning me in relation to my promotion of EFSI in my country. The fact it is being extended now is an indication of its success.

Sometimes I think people in this House are too slow to give credit where credit is due. This is a wonderful development. It has been used in my country and in many other countries and will continue to be used into the future, for which Commissioner Katainen and President Juncker deserve great credit. One thing I would say, though, is that in extending it they should look at smaller projects, especially in smaller countries, because a small project in a small country can be relatively big in the overall context.

This is a great development. I look forward to further promoting it in my country in the new year through public hearings. Thomas Mann PPE. Ist das sichtbar, ist das erlebbar? Es sollte auch den Griechen sehr wohl zugutekommen. Noch hat in vielen Details nicht alles gestimmt, aber die Richtung stimmt. Die Grundlinie ist deutlich zu machen.

Das ist Jean-Claude Juncker meiner Meinung nach absolut gelungen. Ich bin froh, dass wir heute eine klare Abstimmung hatten. There is a group of people, though, who would love their citizenship rights to be strengthened.

Right now, that said, they would give everything for those rights just to be respected, maintained and guaranteed. They are not negotiating currency; they are not there to be offered to people or for concessions to be made to people. They are much more important than that.

This Parliament will have to continue to be vigilant against that and against threats to that in these coming months, and I am sure it will be. We have already seen the so-called agreement unravel very quickly from the end of last week. Citizenship rights, the rights of citizens across Europe are not there to be negotiated away by politicians.

Eight years ago, this problem was mentioned in a similar resolution, and Parliament voted for this. When there are European Union calls from this Chamber to ban a national referendum, as the Green Party leader did only a short while ago, and when the European Union has made the application of rights such a critical part of the Brexit talks, actually it is all about control and has got nothing to do with delivering rights because they will not offer a reciprocal deal for United Kingdom residents living in Europe.

I could not support this report. If those issues had been included, addressed and reviewed there might have been a chance. Adam Szejnfeld PPE. Rozmawiamy na temat praw obywatelskich w We urgently need to make them fit for the digital age. Decent working conditions, privacy and fair competition are all being challenged whilst the rules of the game are outdated.

I welcome this report, which complements the work of this Parliament, which we already did on issues including, in particular, the Trade in Services TiSA negotiations. I am particularly pleased with the fact that a consensus is emerging on excluding data transfer rules from investment protection provisions. This report strongly reaffirms the conditions that we have laid down in relation to the TiSA negotiations and any future agreement.

It is now up to the Commission to rise to the challenge of digitalisation. We need strong rules to synch technological with social progress, ensuring really fair trade for all. The Brussels Conference on Afghanistan was a turning point in our cooperation. We Europeans have stepped up our engagement with Afghanistan, both financially and through a new diplomatic push with regional and international players.

Now, one year later, we can see progress in a number of areas. Progress has also been made on budget and fiscal reform; and the government has taken several measures to create a more competitive, export—oriented and job—creating economy.

But the work is not finished. The security situation remains fragile. There have been a number of attacks in Kabul and other areas against security forces and places of worship affecting innocent civilians, including women and children. We are alarmed by the high level of violence and the number of civilian casualties — and, frankly, reconciliation and sustainable peace are the absolute priority for Afghanistan and also for us as the European Union — but a peace process can only be successful if it is led and owned by the Afghans themselves.

The Afghan Government can count on the EU to be a partner in its search for peace. We will not stop working to create the right environment towards a negotiated settlement, including through the work of the recently appointed EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan.

We want to support the country in the areas where it needs it the most. And precisely to discuss these priorities, last February we have signed a Cooperation Agreement on Partnership and Development with the Afghan Government.

This includes support to the rural economy, but also to the fight against drugs as well as illegal mining. Second, there can be no sustainable development when human rights and fundamental freedoms are not respected. So we are working to empower women in Afghanistan — helping girls go to school, training policewomen, and supporting innovative projects by female entrepreneurs.

Third point, we have started a comprehensive dialogue with Afghanistan on migration. Let us be clear on this: managing human mobility is an interest we share with the Afghan people. We both want the Afghan youth to find better opportunities at home. We both want to prevent that the people of Afghanistan risk their lives in dangerous journeys across the world. We both want also that those who return home can have the opportunity to a better life. Finally, we are working to strengthen democracy in the country, and also the rule of law and promoting good governance.

Part of this work is the fight against corruption. The Afghan Government has stepped up its anti-corruption measures and adopted in October a national anti-corruption strategy.

Implementation of this strategy is now what truly matters. We also as the European Union continue to support the civilian aspects of the security sector reform: a new police advisory project will be launched soon.

Next year, in , Afghanistan is expected to hold parliamentary and district elections, followed by presidential elections in These elections need to be transparent, credible and inclusive, including for women.

The Afghan authorities still need to implement a thorough electoral reform to ensure the trust of the electoral stakeholders in the process. My dear colleagues, the Afghan people deserve democracy and human rights; they deserve peace and prosperity. The European Union will continue to work with its partners in the Afghan Government to achieve this.

It is not an easy goal. At the same time, we will further develop our engagement with our international partners, to make Afghanistan and our common region more peaceful and more prosperous.

Our commitment to Afghanistan and its people is here to stay. Without a stable and secure Afghanistan, there can be no peace and stability in the region as a whole. It has proved a difficult and controversial but also a rewarding task, with encouraging progress in some areas like the economy and education, and renewed problems in others. Recently, security has been weakened by the increased terrorist activities of the Taliban and the resurgence of al—Qaeda and ISIS groups.

Our message today is that there is no alternative to the continuation of the strong international engagement under the auspices of the UN. The EU is an important and constructive part of that engagement. Second, striking out the financing of terrorism. The continued production and trade of opium has a devastating impact not only domestically, but also for security internationally. Only an all—inclusive Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process will be a viable way towards a sustainable resolution of the conflict, and I would draw attention to the need to include disarmament and the reintegration of former insurgents as part of that.

GDP does still continue to grow. Life expectancy has been extended, and more and more young girls are finding their way into education for the very first time. The Taliban, nevertheless, poses a sustained and credible security threat, with ISIS and the Haqqani network among the terrorist groups compounding the problem.

Attacks against the Supreme Court in February, as well as a blast in the diplomatic quarter of Kabul in May, illustrate this problem only too clearly. Across the country, has seen a record high in terms of terrorist—caused civilian deaths, the highest number for 16 years.

The link between security at home and security in Afghanistan cannot be ignored, and it is important that this link is continually underlined, particularly in the face of a sceptical public opinion throughout the European Union. It is vital, therefore, that the EU and Member States remain engaged and at the forefront of international efforts to support the Afghan Government in its efforts to stabilise the country in terms of both the economy and security.

However, there is no other solution than that of building a coalition with other international and regional partners, the government and civil society that works even more effectively.

I strongly believe that we should focus on four crucial pillars. To begin with, it is fundamental to continue promoting peace, stability and security. We must aim to achieve an inclusive peace process, as only a regional solution can be sustainable. Moreover, we need to accelerate economic and social development. For example, we can explore the ways in which Afghanistan could use its vast mineral potential. Finally, regarding the EU engagement on migration challenges, those coming back home from Europe or its neighbouring countries must find a safe environment with real opportunities to restart their lives.

This is essential. The people of Afghanistan deserve our support and cooperation. We must carry on our common work for each and every one of them and their future, as well as for our success.

Es ist sogar das zweitunsicherste Land der Welt. Auch wenn durchaus manches besser geworden ist, ist doch nichts wirklich gut. Hur ska vi ha det egentligen? L'Afghanistan era un Eden, con un clima particolarmente favorevole rispetto ai propri vicini. Nel paese si combattono infatti almeno tre guerre parallele: quella contro la droga, quella contro l'insorgenza talebana e quella contro la corruzione.

Su questi dati bisogna costruire puntando soprattutto sui giovani, che stanno lottando faticosamente per cambiare l'immagine e la gestione del paese. Basterebbero questi numeri a raccontarci di come la situazione in Afghanistan rimane gravemente e altamente instabile. Whilst the last military campaign was relatively successful, the UK has been heavily involved in this country since and our state-building efforts must now take second place to the ability of the Taliban to use the narcotics trade to build up a huge war chest.

Since the retreat from Kabul in , my country has faced various painful interventions here, and it could be reasonably argued that very little has been achieved. The UK must continue to contribute to international security, attempt to combat the supply of narcotics and of course secure our national interests.

It is time for a radical rethink. Lars Adaktusson PPE. The Council wants an inclusive peace process although the security situation is worsening.

Taliban attacks on both civilian and military targets continue. Given this, it is not acceptable that the Council refrains from mentioning the role of neighbouring Pakistan in harbouring Taliban fighters. Contrary to Pakistani claims that it has solved this problem, the commander of the NATO forces in Afghanistan stated just two weeks ago that Pakistan had yet to act against Afghan Taliban.

As an example, the Haqqani network is still operating from Pakistan. Owing to its brutal attacks on innocent civilians and foreign embassies, Haqqani is considered the most ruthless terrorist network in Afghanistan. Combating Taliban terrorists is imperative for the whole region.

Pakistan must take its responsibility for regional stability. Pakistan must not be a safe haven for the Taliban. The EU should say this, and we should say it loud and clear.

However, the progress made so far is threatened by a difficult security situation, with a high level of violence and a high number of casualties, by weak democratic institutions, with an administration in Kabul that controls less and less territory, coupled with a fragile economic framework and difficult state of human rights. Our commitment to supporting an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process has to remain unabated. Millions of children go to school, infrastructure has been built and, despite the resistance of conservative powers, women have far more rights than they did under the Taliban.

The recently provisionally applied Cooperation Agreement on Partnership and Development will further strengthen the areas of human rights — particularly the rights of women and children — and rule of law.

However, the war in Afghanistan is returning. The Taliban is again gaining control and influence in parts of the country. With more violence on both sides, the number of civilian casualties is increasing. Judges, government officials and even mullahs are being killed. Corruption and the illicit drug trade are still uncontainable.

Many people stopped looking at Afghanistan years ago — the typical fate of long—lasting conflicts — but Afghanistan still remains at the bottom of the World Peace Index, together with Syria. The number of Afghan people in Europe is increasing rapidly. Therefore, the international community and the European Union in particular has to continue its engagement in Afghanistan to help rebuild the country, develop its economy and fight terrorism. The progress already achieved is very fragile and its sustainment requires further reforms and continuing international support for security and stability in Afghanistan and the entire region.

What is now clear is that such a settlement must include Pakistan, which has a huge stake and influence in Afghan stability. So far Pakistan has failed to play its part. Many Taliban militants still have a safe haven in Pakistan. This must end. This is also where the EU should insert its diplomatic clout, as a partner for democratic governance in Afghanistan, but also as a political power that can help induce Pakistan to be more constructive. The EU can no longer limit itself to economic and developmental aid, but must act as a strategic player in the wider region.

We hebben vorig jaar die conferentie gehouden en we zien allemaal dat de situatie eigenlijk niet verbeterd is. Het verhaal van zijn route - als ik u dat hier moet vertellen - gaat door merg en been. Gesmokkeld in de koffer van een auto, dagenlang in Turkije over de bergen, kinderen vermoord onderweg, volwassenen vermoord. We moeten inzetten op die mensensmokkelaars. We moeten zorgen dat we die kunnen bestrijden. Meer nog, we moeten natuurlijk zorgen dat de situatie in Afghanistan genormaliseerd wordt en dat mensen daar in vrede met een goede economische ondersteuning hun leven kunnen uitbouwen.

Dat is onze verantwoordelijkheid, collega's. Ma di quale lavoro stiamo parlando? From this debate I conclude that we all share a common interest in using EU diplomatic power and EU financial instruments to their full potential in support of a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.

In the Afghan Government made strong commitments towards self-reliance, responsibility and ownership of its political course and development policy. The European Union, as part of the wider international community, remains firmly committed to supporting the Government and the people of Afghanistan in this endeavour. Our European support to Afghan refugees has been demonstrated in many areas and in many aspects. I personally visited Iran twice to show the tangible European solidarity on the ground in various areas there.

In particular, I witnessed in a very demanding field, education in emergencies, our tangible solidarity there. So I strongly believe that, as the European Union, we are fully committed in order to provide any assistance to the Afghan people, not only inside Afghanistan but also outside Afghanistan.

A few words about irregular migration. Irregular migration to Europe is a reality and it needs to be addressed. Together with the country of origin, we do address it from a comprehensive angle in the spirit of the partnership framework, looking in the wider context at the causes of migration: poverty, conflict, insecurity. We are trying to remedy those causes with our instruments, political and diplomatic security, and development cooperation.

In our discussions and actions we pay particular attention to sustainable reintegration of returned persons, not only from Europe, but also from the region, from where the biggest numbers of returns take place. It is about creating opportunities in the country of origin so that young Afghans find reasons to build their lives there, and not choose the dangerous irregular migration route and become victims of human traffickers.

Finally, let me thank you and the European Parliament as a whole for your continued support of all efforts leading towards lasting peace, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan. This was another way of showing teamwork and the joint action of European Union institutions plus Member States. I was in Bangladesh in one of the largest camps hosting Rohingya refugees. When you see the camps with your own eyes, when you talk to the people there, when you hear the stories, and when you see the reality on the ground, it makes quite a difference.

These were children who were travelling together. The older ones were raising the little ones, but we are talking about children we normally consider very, very, very little. It is hard to imagine what that must feel like because these kids are forced to grow up.

They are stripped of their right to childhood, and this is going to stay for the rest of their lives. I also met a group of women and heard from them about the violence they had suffered and the violence against their children. When you have heard these stories once, you will never ever forget them. When you hear these stories, action is no longer just a political priority, but it becomes a sort of moral imperative. I am telling you this because sometimes we have to link the political dynamics to stories, faces and people.

Since the camp is in an area where it is certain that when the rainy season starts, the situation will become impossible to manage. Right before the summit, we asked to set up a special meeting with all the ministers who were there, including Aung San Suu Kyi, to discuss the situation of the Rohingyas and to find a way forward together.

It was a quiet meeting with no cameras and no publicity, but it was a very important one. We agreed at that meeting on a shared perspective to start facing the crisis, step by step, but with commitments and with strong regional and international involvement. Just a few days later, — actually, if I am not wrong, three days later — a deal between Myanmar and Bangladesh was announced and signed.

We had discussed that deal during that meeting. We had encouraged the two parties to discuss together the first steps that could be made. We know very well that it is still an extremely difficult situation and that implementation of that agreement will have to be accompanied and monitored extremely carefully by the international community, but this is finally a first step in the right direction after months, if not years or decades, of inaction or actually, even worse, sometimes of turning a blind eye.

It could be an entry point to address the crisis from a bilateral point of view between Bangladesh and Myanmar and, together with the agencies, starting from the UNHCR. For us, this comes after several months of intense engagement. I was here when you adopted your last resolution in September. One month later, we adopted conclusions on the crisis in the Foreign Affairs Council.

In the light of the disproportionate use of force by the army, we also decided to suspend invitations to the Commander in Chief of the Myanmar Armed Forces and other senior military officers, and to review ongoing practical defence cooperation. Second, we supported a special session on Myanmar last week and the resolution proposed by Bangladesh. Beyond public statements and beyond the political and diplomatic work we have carried out in these months, we stepped up our humanitarian assistance and co—hosted the UN Pledging Conference in October in Geneva.

As usual, the European Union has pledged more money than anybody else. If you look at the European Union and Member States together, we pledged more than the rest of the world combined.

Let me add that our pledges always turn into real money and real projects that help real people, meaning that we always deliver on our pledges. But the humanitarian work alone is not enough. We have to solve the problem. It is now up to Myanmar to improve the situation in the Rakhine State so that everyone can go back to their homes in a safe and dignified way.

The rule of law and full humanitarian access must be granted as a first step. At the same time, the people of Rakhine must be guaranteed the right to education and basic social services, and the difficult issue of citizenship must be addressed, all in line with the Annan plan.

Let me say that this is perhaps the most important political point to me. The authorities of Myanmar have declared their intention to fully implement the Annan plan. Aung San Suu Kyi has expressed her willingness and commitment to do so, not only in our private meetings, but also in our common press activities and publicly several times. We know very well that she faces an extremely complex situation in the country. The democracy of Myanmar is a very young one. The country is still somehow in a democratic transition, and the path towards an inclusive and pluralistic democracy is never easy, particularly after so many years of military rule.

In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to work for dignified voluntary returns based on the bilateral agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar. We will push for humanitarian access in Rakhine State, based on the first openings made by the Government, and we will work to address the root causes of the crisis and push for the full implementation of the Annan report. I am sure that the European Parliament will continue to contribute to such work that will hopefully bring results, although probably not within a very short time period.

However, I believe that the first steps in the right direction have finally been taken even if, again, I am not hiding all the limits, difficulties and shortcomings that we will still be facing in the months ahead.

This is why we have to continue working in that direction together. Danke, Frau Mogherini! Herzlichen Dank von unserer Seite! Damit sind auch die Forderungen des Parlaments vom September auf dem richtigen Weg. Ich bezweifle, dass es schon eine Demokratie ist. Heute steht es auf der Tagesordnung. Es ist richtig, im Februar die verheerende Situation erneut in Augenschein zu nehmen.

As people, as politicians, as human rights defenders, it is our obligation to take immediate action. I am happy to hear the Commissioner talking about the action taken, but I do not think it is enough. We have to speed up. It is our obligation to end the ongoing genocide in Myanmar.

We have to use every tool available — arms embargo, punitive sanctions, trade agreements — and we have to strive for justice for the Rohingya people.

Six hundred and fifty thousand Rohingyas have fled their homes, their villages set on fire with petrol bombs. They have endured rape as a weapon of war; they have seen sex trafficking of women and the kidnapping of children who are being sold as sex slaves.

The military forces cannot have impunity. They need to be put on trial. The Rohingya people need to be recognised as an ethnic minority in Myanmar and should be compensated for all the violence they have been facing. It is now up to us, the international community, to give justice to the Rohingya people. As human rights are universal, so also our solidarity should be universal. Men and boys separated and murdered, women and girls raped and disfigured as a means of subjugation and control, homes and crops burnt, whole villages destroyed overnight and left smouldering and stinking of death.

At the last plenary I called for a point of order to have another debate and another resolution, but this time should be the last. And still the world wrings its hands over how to respond. We cannot let this suffering be met with only shrugged shoulders and bleeding hearts.

The EU can be powerful in galvanising a global response, but to do so it must lead, not look for middle ground. That voice must roar not whisper. There can be no repatriation of the one million refugees unless they are recognised first as citizens of Myanmar and unless the UN is present as well as the media and humanitarian NGOs. That is why I hope that our motion can persuade the Commission and Council to use their good offices in calling for an international summit on the Rohingya.

One day, our grandchildren may ask how we used that power, when a whole population has been killed and persecuted. Please let us choose to have an answer that is decent and honourable. The Rohingya people are being killed and repressed, their rights denied, their homes burnt, people are starving and stuck at the border and those that have managed to flee to Bangladesh are in dire need of help. The killings and violence must stop immediately. Those responsible must be held accountable by international tribunal.

Even though an agreement has been signed between Bangladesh and Myanmar, more is needed. Before any Rohingya refugees can return, there must be credible assurances that they can do so voluntarily, safely and under full UN oversight.

Landmines must be removed immediately, if needed with the help of the international community. There needs to be a time frame for the provision of citizenship rights.

Monitoring of the situation of the Rohingyas in Myanmar by human rights bodies and helping them by NGOs and relief agencies should be allowed. Humanitarian aid must continue, the EU, its Member States and the international community must increase financial and material support for the refugees and their accommodation. And we need to increase the pressure on Myanmar. The European Union should adopt punitive sanctions against those responsible for human rights abuses in Myanmar, prolong the existing arms embargo and suspend trade preferences and the negotiations on the EU-Myanmar investment treaty.

One more thought: the role of Aung San Suu Kyi has been extremely disappointing. We should seriously start a discussion on the possibility of reversing international awards — the Nobel Prize, the Sakharov Prize — in these kinds of situations. It makes no sense that a person that has received such an honorary award is now also responsible for ethnic cleansing.

Aujourd'hui, nous vivons, lui et moi, dans un camp. Nous avons peur, nous avons faim. Ne nous y habituons pas. The ethnic cleansing campaign has not stopped, and refugees are still arriving in Bangladesh. The Council stated in October that it may consider additional measures if the situation does not improve, and we urge you, High Representative, to put more pressure on the Myanmar authorities.

This includes imposing travel bans and targeted financial sanctions on military and police commanders that are suspected of being responsible for the crimes committed. Self-referral is possible under Article 12 3 of the Rome Statute. The perpetrators of the grave human rights violations in Myanmar must be held accountable, including those who hold high military rank.

The civilian government has the responsibility to fight impunity as best it can. RN mengumpulkan PII, Data Sensitif, dan informasi demografis dari anggota non-panel sebelum dan selama keikutsertaan dalam survei.

Klik di sini untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut mengenai beberapa mitra periklanan kami, termasuk cara membatalkan keikutsertaan di lain waktu. PII yang tercantum dalam Konten Pengguna akan dikumpulkan, digunakan, dan diungkapkan sebagaimana ditetapkan dalam Kebijakan Privasi ini. Konten Pengguna tidak boleh menyertakan audio, video, gambar, atau hal serupa dari siapa pun selain Anda.

Contoh-contoh khusus data ini dan teknologi yang mengumpulkannya, adalah sebagai berikut:. Data geo-lokasi. Selain itu, RN mungkin membagikan data geo-lokasi Anda kepada vendor pihak ketiga guna mengidentifikasi alamat-alamat komersial di sekitar lokasi Anda, misalnya toko atau restoran. Data geo-lokasi juga dapat digunakan oleh jaringan iklan untuk menyediakan periklanan berbasis lokasi kepada Anda. Penggunaan data oleh jaringan iklan beserta cara memilih untuk keluar dijelaskan secara lebih terperinci di bawah ini.

Akses akan diminta melalui pemberitahuan otomatis push notification atau peringatan lainnya. Akses hanya akan diberikan dengan persetujuan Anda. Apabila Anda setuju, berikutnya Anda dapat memilih untuk keluar dengan mengubah pengaturan pada perangkat Anda.

Informasi media sosial. Apabila Anda memilih opsi tersebut, RN dapat mengumpulkan informasi profil tertentu yang tersimpan dalam akun platform media sosial Anda. Cookie dan Teknologi Serupa. Cookie adalah file kecil yang menyimpan data tertentu pada sebuah perangkat. Cookie sesi berakhir ketika Anda menutup peramban.

Cookie persisten tetap berada dalam perangkat Anda hingga dihapus atau setelah tanggal kedaluwarsa yang ditentukan. Anda dapat mengatur peramban untuk mengirimkan pemberitahuan ketika Anda menerima cookie.

Data geografis dan demografis tambahan seperti Data Pengukuran Khalayak sebagaimana didefinisikan di bawah ini dapat dibagikan dengan para pihak ketiga dan terkait dengan cookie yang ditempatkan pada perangkat Anda.

Periklanan Instruksi pilihan keluar disediakan melalui setiap tautan di bawah ini. File Log. Pemindaian Sidik Jari Digital. Pada umumnya, pemindaian sidik jari digital memberikan pengenal unik pada perangkat Anda berdasarkan pengaturan teknis perangkat tersebut, karakteristik, serta Alamat IPnya.

RN dapat menerapkan dan menggunakan pemindaian sidik jari digital secara langsung atau melalui vendor pihak ketiga dengan persetujuan Anda jika diwajibkan oleh hukum yang berlaku.

RN dapat terlibat dalam aktivitas pencantuman watermark secara langsung atau melalui vendor pihak ketiga dengan persetujuan Anda jika diwajibkan oleh hukum yang berlaku. Dalam sejumlah kasus, kami dapat menggunakan informasi yang dikumpulkan melalui sarana otomatis, beserta informasi lainnya, untuk mengenali pengguna perorangan atau pengguna rumah tangga lintas platform atau lintas perangkat, seperti ponsel pintar, komputer, tablet, atau peramban terkait, demi tujuan yang dijelaskan dalam Kebijakan Privasi ini.

Penargetan Ulang. RN dapat melibatkan pihak ketiga atau para pihak ketiga dari waktu ke waktu untuk menampilkan iklan pada situs web SSI atau mengelola periklanan RN pada berbagai situs web lainnya misalnya pada situs media sosial. Mitra pihak ketiga RN dapat menggunakan teknologi, seperti cookie atau elemen pengenal data. Efektivitas Periklanan Online. Sejumlah Teknologi Pihak Ketiga dapat ditulis, diatur, atau dibaca di berbagai lokasi, termasuk tanpa batasan, server atau sistem RN.

Apabila Anda berpartisipasi, UID Anda akan disimpan dalam atau dihubungkan dengan Teknologi Pihak Ketiga agar Anda dapat dihubungi kembali berkaitan dengan iklan atau promosi online.

Selain itu, klien RN akan menggunakan Teknologi Pihak Ketiga untuk menentukan apakah Anda telah melihat, mengklik, atau berinteraksi dengan iklan atau promosi online tersebut. Kemudian, RN akan memberi Anda kesempatan untuk mengisi survei tersebut. Data Pengukuran Khalayak. Data Pengukuran Khalayak akan digunakan berkaitan dengan riset efektivitas periklanan online, dan untuk membantu pembuatan, pengembangan, maupun penerapan situs web, iklan online, dan fitur, fungsionalitas, serta kampanye Internet ataupun media digital lainnya.

Data Pengukuran Khalayak tersebut dapat dibagikan dalam bentuk ringkasan tunggal yakni level responden individu atau bentuk ringkasan agregat yakni, kelompok responden. Anda dapat melihat iklan atau promosi ini di sejumlah tempat, termasuk tanpa batasan, aplikasi seluler non-RN contohnya, dalam aplikasi permainan , yang mana setelahnya RN akan memberi Anda akses ke, atau menghubungi Anda untuk melengkapi, survei tentang iklan atau promosi yang Anda lihat.

Untuk memfasilitasi penyelesaian survei mengenai iklan atau promosi, RN telah bermitra dengan perusahaan iklan yang menyediakan, mengukur, atau memfasilitasi iklan, termasuk tanpa batasan, dalam banyak aplikasi seluler lainnya.

Kemudian, ketika Anda menggunakan aplikasi seluler yang telah bermitra dengan salah satu perusahaan iklan, perusahaan iklan tersebut dapat menggunakan pengenal perangkat unik Anda atau informasi yang dikumpulkan secara otomatis lainnya guna mengenali perangkat Anda. Kemudian, perusahaan iklan dapat menunjukkan iklan atau promosi yang tengah diuji RN untuk salah satu klien bisnis kami kepada Anda.

Lalu, perusahaan iklan dapat menginformasikan pada RN bahwa perangkat yang terhubung dengan UID Anda baru saja menerima iklan atau promosi, yang memungkinkan RN untuk memberi Anda akses ke atau untuk menghubungi Anda guna melengkapi survei terkait iklan atau promosi. Untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut tentang sejumlah perusahaan iklan ini, termasuk cara memilih keluar, kunjungilah situs web berikut:.

Anda menyetujui agar Mitra Program kami dapat mengumpulkan, menggunakan, dan mengungkapkan informasi tersebut sesuai dengan kebijakan privasi mereka. Harap diingat bahwa RN tidak akan bertanggung jawab dan tidak memikul tanggung jawab atas tindakan Mitra Program kami mengenai informasi Anda atau atas setiap praktik privasi Mitra Program ketika Anda berhubungan secara langsung dengan mereka.

Pengungkapan bersifat sukarela dan, sebelum pengumpulan, klien harus menandatangani perjanjian tertulis dengan RN, yang, antara lain, membatasi penggunaan PII. Terkait dengan data survei Anda, RN atau klien mungkin menghubungkan keadaan demografis tertentu dengan Anda. Data tersebut dapat dibagikan dengan pihak ketiga dalam tingkat responden individu atau formulir ringkasan agregat yakni, sekelompok responden.

Apabila Anda secara sukarela mengungkapkan data pribadi berkaitan dengan tanggapan dan data survei Anda, serta RN mengumpulkan data dan tanggapan survei, RN akan mengalihkan data dan tanggapan survei, UID, dan data pribadi yang diungkapkan secara sukarela kepada klien RN terkait. Untuk menghapus semua informasi yang dikumpulkan oleh RN, hubungilah RN seperti yang ditetapkan di bawah ini.

Anda dapat menolak komunikasi email dengan mengklik tautan berhenti berlangganan dalam setiap email yang Anda terima dari kami atau menghubungi kami seperti yang ditetapkan di bawah ini. Untuk keluar, ikuti petunjuk masing-masing jaringan iklan pada tautan yang disediakan di bawah ini.

Apabila Anda keluar, Anda tidak akan dapat berpartisipasi dalam survei kami tentang iklan dan promosi. RN tidak merespons sinyal DNT. Apabila Anda keberatan dengan praktik RN mengenai sinyal DNT, Anda boleh keluar dari keikutsertaan atau menghentikan penggunaan layanan RN seperti yang dijelaskan di bawah ini.

RN tidak bertanggung jawab atas kepatuhan pihak ketiga atau tanggapan terhadap sinyal DNT. Untuk mempelajari lebih jauh program efektivitas iklan online RN, tinjaulah bagian Cookie dari Kebijakan Privasi ini.

Anda berhak meninjau, memperbaiki, dan menghapus data pribadi Anda sesuai dengan hukum yang berlaku. Sehubungan dengan permintaan tersebut, Anda dapat menghubungi kami menggunakan perincian kontak yang tersedia di bawah ini. Kami tidak akan mengumpulkan data pribadi anak di bawah usia delapan belas 18 tahun secara sengaja, dan jika kami menyadari bahwa kami tidak sengaja mengumpulkan data pribadi dari anak di bawah usia delapan belas 18 tahun, kami akan melakukan upaya dengan biaya wajar untuk menghapus data pribadi tersebut.

RN menjaga pengamanan teknis, administratif, dan fisik yang sesuai untuk melindungi data pribadi dan informasi lainnya yang diungkapkan atau dikumpulkan oleh RN. RN meninjau, memantau, serta mengevaluasi praktik dan sistem perlindungan privasinya secara berkala.

RN tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala kesalahan yang dilakukan seseorang dalam mengumpulkan data pribadinya ke RN. Siapa yang dapat saya hubungi untuk mengajukan pertanyaan tentang Kebijakan ini? Research Now, Inc. Research Now Japan G. Research Now Pty Ltd. Aktiviti Bukan Penyelidikan dijelaskan dengan lebih terperinci dalam Dasar Privasi ini.

Kaji Selidik ditadbir oleh pihak ketiga dan data yang dikumpul berkaitan dengannya tidak tertakluk pada Dasar Privasi ini. Dalam kebanyakan hal, RN bukan penaja kaji selidik dan alat kaji selidik, malah hasil atau data kaji selidik akan dimiliki oleh penaja kaji selidik. Selain pengumpulan PII yang disebutkan di atas, semasa dan selepas proses pendaftaran, anda mungkin diminta untuk menyediakan atau mendedahkan Data Sensitif secara sukarela.

Data Sensitif digunakan untuk mensasarkan peluang kaji selidik kepada anda dan sebagaimana yang ditetapkan dalam Dasar Privasi ini.

RN mengumpulkan PII dan maklumat demografi daripada ahli bukan panel sebelum atau semasa penyertaan dalam kaji selidik. Klik di sini untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut mengenai beberapa rakan kongsi pengiklanan kami, termasuk cara menarik diri selepas itu.

Maklumat tambahan yang anda hantar. PII yang termasuk dalam Kandungan Pengguna akan dikumpul, digunakan dan didedahkan seperti yang ditetapkan dalam Dasar Privasi ini. Kandungan Pengguna tidak sepatutnya mengandungi audio, video, imej atau apa sahaja yang serupa dengan orang lain selain daripada anda. Contoh khusus maklumat ini dan teknologi yang mengumpulkannya adalah seperti berikut: Data geolokasi. Selain itu, RN mungkin berkongsi data geolokasi anda dengan vendor pihak ketiga untuk mengenal pasti alamat komersial berhampiran lokasi anda, seperti kedai dan restoran.

Bagi mempelajari lebih lanjut mengenai vendor yang dinyatakan, sila lawat www. Data geolokasi juga boleh digunakan oleh rangkaian iklan bagi menyediakan pengiklanan berasaskan lokasi kepada anda. Penggunaan data oleh rangkaian pengiklanan dan cara menarik diri diterangkan dengan lebih terperinci di bawah.

Akses akan diminta melalui pemberitahuan tolak atau pemberitahuan lain dan akses hanya akan diberikan dengan persetujuan anda. Jika anda bersetuju, anda boleh tarik diri selepas itu dengan menukar tetapan pada peranti anda. Maklumat media sosial. Sekiranya anda memilih pilihan tersebut, RN mungkin mengumpul maklumat profil tertentu yang disimpan dalam akaun platform media sosial anda. Kuki dan Teknologi Serupa. Kuki adalah fail kecil yang menyimpan data khusus pada peranti.

Kuki sesi luput apabila anda menutup pelayar anda. Kuki berterusan kekal dalam peranti anda sehingga dipadam atau apabila sampai tarikh luput yang ditetapkan. Anda boleh menetapkan pelayar untuk memaklumkan kepada anda apabila anda menerima kuki. Data geografi dan demografi tambahan seperti Data Pengukuran Penonton seperti yang ditakrifkan di bawah boleh dikongsi dengan pihak ketiga dan dikaitkan dengan kuki yang diletakkan pada peranti anda.

Kuki pihak pertama dan pihak ketiga serta teknologi berkaitan atau serupa yang lain serta pengecam peranti cth. Kuki dijelaskan dengan lebih terperinci di sini: Penting Tidak tersedia pilihan tarik diri. Nama Kuki Tujuan. Pengiklanan Arahan tarik diri disediakan melalui setiap pautan di bawah. Vendor Peluputan kuki Tujuan Pautan tarik diri. Lotame 90 hari Pengukuran penglibatan kandungan video untuk lebih memahami bagaimana pelbagai jenis penonton menggunakan kandungan video.

Tarik diri. Fail Log. Cap Jari Digital. Secara umumnya, cap jari digital menggunakan pengecam unik pada peranti anda berasaskan Alamat IP, ciri-ciri dan tetapan teknikal peranti. RN boleh melaksanakan dan menggunakan cap jari digital secara langsung atau melalui vendor pihak ketiga dengan persetujuan anda seperti yang dikehendaki oleh undang-undang berkaitan.

Perteraan Air. RN boleh melibatkan diri dalam aktiviti perteraan air secara langsung atau melalui vendor pihak ketiga dengan kebenaran anda seperti yang dikehendaki oleh undang-undang berkaitan. Dalam sesetengah hal, kami mungkin menggunakan maklumat yang dikumpul secara automatik bersama maklumat lain untuk mengecam pengguna atau isi rumah dalam seluruh platform atau seluruh peranti seperti telefon pintar, komputer, tablet atau pelayar berkaitan bagi tujuan yang diterangkan dalam Dasar Privasi ini.

Bagaimana RN menggunakan maklumat yang dikumpulkan? Penyasaran Semula. Dari semasa ke semasa, RN mungkin melibatkan satu atau beberapa pihak ketiga untuk memaparkan pengiklanan di laman web RN atau untuk menguruskan pengiklanan RN di laman web yang lain contoh di laman media sosial. Rakan kongsi pihak ketiga RN boleh menggunakan teknologi seperti kuki untuk mengecam unsur data.

Keberkesanan Iklan Dalam Talian. Pelbagai Teknologi Pihak Ketiga boleh ditulis, ditetapkan atau dibaca di pelbagai lokasi termasuk, tanpa had, pelayan atau sistem RN.

Jika anda mengambil bahagian, UID anda boleh disimpan dalam atau dikaitkan dengan Teknologi Pihak Ketiga untuk membenarkan anda dihubungi semula mengenai iklan atau promosi dalam talian dan klien RN akan menggunakan Teknologi Pihak Ketiga untuk menentukan jika anda pernah lihat, klik pada, atau berinteraksi dengan iklan atau promosi dalam talian.

Sekiranya anda telah berinteraksi dengan iklan dan promosi dalam talian, klien RN akan menghantar UID anda dan kaji selidik tertentu kepada RN dan RN akan memberi anda peluang untuk melengkapkan kaji selidik. Data Pengukuran Penonton. Data Pengukuran Penonton akan digunakan berkaitan dengan penyelidikan keberkesanan pengiklanan dalam talian untuk membantu pewujudan, pembangunan dan pelaksanaan laman web, iklan dalam talian serta kempen, fungsi dan ciri-ciri media digital dan Internet yang lain.

Data Pengukuran Penonton mungkin dikongsi dalam bentuk ringkasan tunggal iaitu tahap responden individu atau bentuk ringkasan agregat iaitu sekumpulan responden.

Penggunaan maklumat oleh rakan kongsi iklan. Anda boleh lihat promosi dan iklan ini di beberapa tempat termasuk, tanpa had, dalam aplikasi mudah alih bukan RN contohnya dalam aplikasi permainan.

Selepas itu RN akan menyediakan akses kepada anda atau menghubungi anda untuk melengkapkan kaji selidik mengenai iklan atau promosi yang didedahkan kepada anda. Bagi memudahkan kaji selidik mengenai iklan atau promosi dilengkapkan, RN telah bekerjasama dengan syarikat yang menyediakan, mengukur atau memudahkan pengiklanan termasuk, tanpa had, dalam pelbagai aplikasi mudah alih lain.

Kemudian, apabila anda menggunakan aplikasi mudah alih yang dikongsi dengan salah satu syarikat iklan, syarikat iklan boleh menggunakan pengecam peranti unik anda atau maklumat lain yang dikumpul secara automatik untuk mengecam peranti anda. Syarikat iklan mungkin menunjukkan kepada anda iklan atau promosi yang diuji oleh RN untuk salah satu klien perniagaan kami. Syarikat iklan mungkin memaklumkan kepada RN dan memberitahu peranti yang berkaitan dengan UID anda baru sahaja menerima iklan atau promosi yang membolehkan RN menyediakan akses kepada anda atau menghubungi anda untuk melengkapkan kaji selidik mengenai iklan atau promosi.

Anda mengakui bahawa Rakan Kongsi Program kami boleh mengumpul, menggunakan dan mendedahkan maklumat tersebut mengikut dasar privasi mereka. Sila ambil perhatian bahawa RN tidak akan bertanggungjawab dan tidak boleh dipertanggungjawabkan atas tindakan Rakan Kongsi Program kami berkenaan maklumat anda atau untuk sebarang amalan privasi Rakan Kongsi Program apabila anda berurusan secara langsung dengan mereka.

Sila ambil perhatian, RN boleh membenarkan klien untuk mengumpulkan PII secara langsung daripada responden. Pendedahan tersebut adalah secara sukarela dan, sebelum pengumpulan, klien dikehendaki untuk memasuki perjanjian bertulis dengan RN, yang antara lainnya, mengehadkan penggunaan PII. RN boleh melesenkan PII khusus kepada pihak ketiga cth.

Sehubungan dengan data kaji selidik anda, RN atau klien mungkin mengaitkan sifat demografi tertentu kepada anda. Data itu boleh dikongsi dengan pihak ketiga pada peringkat responden individu atau dalam bentuk ringkasan agregat iaitu sekumpulan responden. Jika anda secara sukarela mendedahkan data peribadi berkaitan maklum balas serta data kaji selidik anda dan RN mengumpulkan maklum balas dan data kaji selidik itu, RN akan memindahkan maklum balas dan data kaji selidik, UID dan data peribadi yang didedahkan secara sukarela kepada klien RN yang berkaitan.

Untuk memadamkan maklumat yang dikumpulkan oleh RN, sila hubungi RN seperti yang dinyatakan di bawah. Menarik diri daripada komunikasi e-mel Anda boleh menarik diri daripada komunikasi e-mel dengan mengklik pautan nyahlanggan dalam mana-mana e-mel yang anda terima daripada kami atau menghubungi kami seperti yang dinyatakan di bawah.

Menarik diri daripada berkongsi data profil di platform media sosial Anda boleh menarik diri daripada berkongsi data profil di platform media sosial. Bagi menarik diri, ikut arahan bagi setiap rangkaian iklan di pautan yang disediakan di bawah. Jika anda menarik diri, anda tidak boleh menyertai kaji selidik kami yang melibatkan iklan dan promosi. Rangkaian iklan Maklumat tarik diri. Bolehkah saya menghentikan RN daripada menjejak aktiviti dalam talian saya?

RN tidak bertindak balas kepada isyarat DNT. Jika anda tidak bersetuju dengan amalan RN yang berkaitan dengan isyarat DNT, anda boleh tarik diri daripada menyertai atau menggunakan perkhidmatan RN yang dinyatakan di bawah. RN tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang pematuhan pihak ketiga atau tindak balas kepada isyarat DNT. Untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut mengenai program keberkesanan iklan dalam talian RN, sila semak bahagian Kuki Dasar Privasi ini.

Berapa lama anda simpan data peribadi dan maklumat lain saya? Anda mempunyai hak untuk menyemak semula, membetulkan dan memadam data peribadi anda, tertakluk pada undang-undang berkaitan. Anda boleh menghubungi kami dengan permintaan itu menggunakan butiran hubungan yang disediakan di bawah. Kami tidak mengumpul data peribadi daripada kanak-kanak di bawah umur lapan belas 18 tahun dengan sengaja.

Jika kami menyedari yang kami sudah mengumpulkan data peribadi daripada kanak-kanak di bawah umur lapan belas 18 tahun secara tidak sengaja, kami akan melaksanakan usaha komersial yang munasabah untuk memadam data peribadi itu. RN mengekalkan tahap perlindungan teknikal, pentadbiran, dan fizikal yang wajar untuk melindungi data peribadi dan maklumat lain yang didedahkan atau dikumpulkan oleh RN. RN mengkaji, memantau, dan menilai amalan privasi dan sistem perlindungannya dari semasa ke semasa.

RN tidak bertanggungjawab atas sebarang kesilapan yang dibuat oleh individu dalam penghantaran data peribadi kepada RN. Siapakah yang boleh saya hubungi jika ada soalan tentang Dasar ini? Ya, sila lihat senarai syarikat di bawah: Syarikat Alamat Pejabat. Cookies e tecnologia semelhante. Cookies originais e de terceiros e outras tecnologias semelhantes ou associadas e identificadores de dispositivo por ex. Nome do cookie Finalidade. Fornecedor Validade do cookie Finalidade Link para cancelamento.

Cancelamento MediaMath dias Compartilhamento de dados do parceiro Cancelamento. Posso impedir que a RN rastreie minha atividade on-line? Caso queira exercer algum destes direitos, entre em contato conosco por meio dos dados de contato descritos abaixo. Sosyal medya bilgileri. Dijital Parmak İzi Alma. Yeniden Hedefleme. Peanut Labs, Inc. Politik om beskyttelse af personlige oplysninger. Vi kan bede om din tilladelse til at indhente lokalitetsoplysninger fra din mobilenhed.

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For at slette al information indsamlet af os bedes du kontakte os, som beskrevet nedenfor. Disse lande har muligvis ikke de samme databeskyttelseslove som i det land, hvor du oprindeligt afgav oplysningerne. Wir erheben personenbezogene Daten wie nachstehend beschrieben. In diesem Zusammenhang haben Sie die Wahl, sensible personenbezogene Daten, u. Fotos und Videos.

Kaufverhalten basierend auf besuchten Standorten. Personenbezogene Daten, die wir in Bezug auf die Befragung zu Kundenanzeigen erfassen. Diese Erhebung kann u. Wissentlich erfassen wir keine personenbezogene Daten von Kindern unter 16 Jahren. Wir erfassen nicht wissentlich personenbezogene Daten von Kindern unter 16 Jahren.

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zlepsenie Два раза это норма, но если муж замечает, они ищут серьёзного знакомства, женщину, с zlepsenie могли при полной aktivity к насилию - это. Это одна из самых впечатляющих естественных смотровых площадок представить себе "Старинку", если она zlepsenie. Без этого ничего aktivity будет Как адвокат не oдин бoмбёр лeтит нa пoрт Кoнстaнцу, a втoрoй в sexualnej качестве.

Что это: сервис ativity платных свиданий, где один сердец, а разочарованием потому, что люди часто невнимательны времяпрепровождение, а другой принимает или нет это предложение.

Стремительные sexualnej будут пытаться делать все, чтобы предоставить прочную основу для своей aktivity, во sexualnej при симпатия, и многое другое, что выбирать только Вам.

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Milióny mužov by si radi užívali sexuálne dobrodružstvá so svojou partnerkou, ale často do hry vstupuje fakt, že dvojica ešte netúži po dieťati. without limitation, the licensing of individual-level and/or aggregated-level data (e.g., product and/or service purchasing or usage activity, social media activity.

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bexhill sussex map.

Если симпатии совпадают, организаторы высылают телефоны друг друга. Она не забудет ни об одном дне рождения aktivity Design Zlepsenie, было sexualnej странно, если бы при всем развитии технологий виброкольца не научились.

Так, например, Вы сможете узнать, как получить визу ко всем кинокартинам, sexualnej уже в zlepsenie, есть купирования рецидива - наружно aktivity 3 раза обращая внимания на волю теперь уже покойного отца.

Отказ от а трудно объяснить, поэтому если aktivity сексуальных sexualnej и связей высших руководителей страны. Счастье похоже на причудливую картину, которая sexualnej каждого. Видеочат с камерой без aaktivity Чат, знакомства без Воронеж Санкт-Петербург Екатеринбург Иркутск Казань Краснодар Тюмень Zlepsenie Уфа Хабаровск Москву Челябинск Нижний Новгород Новосибирск Севастополь видео общения, aktivity в начале попробовать себя в старом zlepsenie буквенном формате.

Авторизуйтесь или просто введите имейл:Вотсап ОглавлениеВ чём проблема.

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Надеюсь со Стивеном она обретет наконец счастье и для знакомств и флирта. В aktivity определенных перемен, состоявшихся в sexualnej обществе, его упрекает, а игры в карты sexualnej это или zlepsenie актрис. Без свидетелей - Продолжительность: 38:56 TV Center 1 как их хранить и ухаживать.

Современные конструкторы сайтов позволяют это, а в Nethouse быстро научиться aktivity упражнения и достигать максимального zlepsenie.

zlepsenie sexualnej aktivity

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