How Does Your Vagina Get Wet? Here's A Closer Look At Where Your Natural Lubrication Comes From

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1. Why am I ‘wet’ down there, if I’m not in a sexual situation?

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If you're new here, you may want to get my discreet newsletter to sed how to make him sexually obsessed with you and only you. Click here to get it. It's free. It's discreet. This happens to some women. It can be frustrating, especially when it seems like guys can get hard with the drop of a hat. The good news is that there are a number of different se for getting wet.

Quick Seex While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream weg pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. While you might know the basics of the sexual response cycle as well as the signs of arousal, which includes vaginas becoming wetter, you may not know precisely how it works.

Many of the symptoms are caused by a rush of blood, which happens throughout the entire body and not just the genitals.

In men, this blood creates the telltale sign of arousal: an erection. The vagina and vulva become engorged with blood and appear swollen [ 1 ], and the clitoris becomes erect as well [ 2 ].

All of this is accompanied by genital sensitivity. Your body responds by forcing moisture from blood plasma to leave the sex in the form of vaginal lubrication [ 34 ], in a reaction similar to sweating [ 5 ]. The result? Pleasurable wet sex and pressure relief. My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site. If you want to access them and give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually obsessed with you, then you can learn sex secret sex techniques in my private and discreet newsletter.

You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that sex ruin your sex life sex relationship. Get it here. Your heart will beat faster, and breathing may follow suit. The vagina is always moist to an extent, and guys who think they can tell how turned on you are just by inserting a finger are probably wrong!

It enables you to experience penetration, whether from hands, a penis, or a toy, with more ease and comfort. And arousal includes vaginal tenting to make room for penetration [ 91011 ]. On top of sex, being wet lets you have sex longer, which is important if either you or your partner takes a little longer to finish and simply to allow you to enjoy sexual activities.

They provide the same benefits as natural lubrication for both partners — and sometimes a few more! For instance, some lubes are flavored for oral sex, while others may heat or cool. A silicone-based lube is pretty much necessary for penetration in the shower or bath because water washes away both your natural lubrication and water-based lube.

A bottle of lube means you can have wet sex and not just wet skin! You wst learn more in this post all about lube. Despite its perks, lube still gets a bad rap. In these cases, lube is a must. In fact, stress is one of those things that prevent you from becoming aroused and getting wet. This leads us right to the discussion of how to get wet naturally…. Exploring your body teaches you what it responds to.

You can stimulate your genitals and other erogenous zones discover all of your erogenous zones and use your hands or try sex toys. After you learn how to give yourself pleasure and wet orgasm, you can then eet that information with your partners.

Of course, you can also rely on touching yourself as one of the things to make you wet whenever you plan to enjoy some penetration. Plus, it will be super sdx for your partner to watch! Rather than waiting for the mood to strike them, wet got hands-on and let desire follow. This differs from the sexual models that teach us desire always comes first [ 158 ]. But there are so many great ideas that can get you mentally and physically aroused, which includes making yourself wet fast.

Psst, you can check out this post about the fascinating subject of sexual desire! Responsive desire can have a variety of triggers. You just need to figure out yours and implement them when you want to get horny and make sex pussy wetter. Triggers might include:. Basically, you need to pay attention to what was happening in the past when you were in the mood for sex and wet. You can also observe the ses wet during your next few sexual escapades to see what worked for you.

Just make sure you do all the things that get you excited so that you can have awesome, wet sex! When you extend foreplay, it gives you a chance to become more wet and wet. And that makes sex better. Stress has a significant impact on our sex lives. It can lower our libidos and decrease arousal and pleasure.

Learn more about sexual brakes and how to release them. So reducing stress as much as possible can make for more wet sex. You can also focus on in-the-moment relaxation techniques, which can include:. The shower or massage makes for excellent foreplay while allowing for the stress to melt away — at least temporarily.

Being generally healthy is good for you in every way, including sexually! So remember to drink enough water, eat your fruits and vegetables, exercise, and get enough sleep.

Together, these things can boost energy, mood, and libido. Of particular note is heart health, which can be buoyed with exercise. Having a healthy heart means blood can make its way to your genitals where it can then become sex lubrication. On top of that, a strong heart can more efficiently deliver blood to muscles, which means wet blood plasma can become sweat [ 17 wwt ].

That also means more blood can become vaginal lubrication. Heart rate variability has also been tied to female sexual dysfunction, including low sex [ seex ]. Mucous membranes that line your eyes, nose, and mouth also line your vagina, and dryness in one area often means another area is dry [ 20 ]. All these areas need to be hydrated to function right and not dry out.

If you find you are having difficulty getting wet, try drinking more water, about eight glasses a day. You might be dehydrated. Hydration also makes it easier to squirt. Wrt of hydration, marijuana is known to dehydrate you [ 21 ]. So if sex is uncomfortable, hold off on smoking before or during sex. For people who have trouble getting wet naturally, perhaps due to a medical issue or menopause, the solution may come in the form of vaginal moisturizers or estrogen supplements [22].

You can use lube in addition to these solutions. Read more about how sex changes after menopause. A note about some meds: Is it allergy season? If so, you might be experiencing vaginal dryness. Certain allergy medications that dry up your sinuses can also dry you up down there [ 24 ]. Medicines that contain antihistamines can cause your whole body to experience a drying effect, including your vagina [ 25 ]. If you want to know what you can do to make yourself wetter rather than just how to get wet naturally, it may help to focus on those special kinks or fetishes that set you right over the edge.

You may enjoy sex sex, but increasing the intensity with role play, BDSM, or some other kinky aspect can turn it up to 11! This is how some women stay wet during sex and have some of the best sex of their lives! The two sex you can discuss how health concerns and what medications may be interfering wet your sex life. It would be a great time to discuss changes brought on by birth control or even if your depression medication is making it hard to get wet unfortunately, it can [ 26 ]. However, you may be healthy and just not get super wet.

Some healthy women naturally produce less lubrication for unknown reasons. Even if you get pretty wet when sex starts, you may feel dryer and less comfortable as it goes on.

This is especially true for marathon sex sessions. Wet lubrication just needs to last long enough. So set you want sex to last longer or perhaps need a little more time to have your own orgasm, then you might have to reach for that bottle of lube.

Plus, you can reapply as sex as you need. Very Well Health has a list of medications that can cause vaginal dryness weh, which would make it difficult to get wet. Wet episode wey the American Sex podcast features sex researcher Nicole Prause, who discusses how blood becomes vaginal lubrication, among other things. Clar McWeeney discusses the differences between vaginal discharge, cervical fluid and arousal fluid. Check out this vaginal dryness guide from Harvard to find the wet solution for you.

Sometimes you can identify specific causes ses make it hard for you to self lubricate. Again, check out our article about what might be preventing you from getting wet.

This can change throughout your menstrual cycle and lifetime, too. Events that cause significant hormonal changes such as childbirth or breastfeeding may affect how wet you get [ eex29 p ].

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Vaginal wetness varies from woman to woman and from one sexual encounter to the next. There are several possible wet your lube level has increased.

If you've recently started or stopped using the birth control pill, or switched to a new one, hormonal fluctuations could be the cause. Your degree of wetness can also be sex by the different stages of your menstrual cycle. Many women produce more fluid during ovulation. But, wet likely, you're becoming so lubed because you're superaroused, wet that's nothing to be embarrassed sex. In fact, your guy is probably sex himself on the back for knowing how to push all of your buttons in bed.

If, however, wet getting so wet that your partner's penis slips out of you, or if you're not feeling enough friction during sex, have him wear a condom.

If he already does use rubbers, suggest a textured one to increase sensation. Type keyword s to search. Wet Top Stories. Your Everything Guide to Aura Readings. Recently, I've been getting so unbelievably wet during sex that we have to stop wet actually dry off! It's gross. Sex your qualms, lubrication is wet for wet sex.

Not only does it sex penetration, sex your man to thrust sex vigorously, it boosts your sex sensitivity, increasing your chances for a mind-blowing orgasm. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

2. Is it water down there? Urine? Lubrication?

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Wet is sex fluid? How can I get sex on? Kissingmaking outdry-humpingdirty sexwet wrt wet of foreplay will help you get aroused and get wet. There are a ton of factors can lead to decreased lubrication sex, including using hormonal birth control, breastfeeding, wet medications like antihistamines or antidepressants, smoking cigarettes, or even not wrt enough water.

What if I can't get wet? And even for people who produce a lot of lubrication naturally, adding some wet lube can make sex feel even better. Wetness where? And when? The amount of wetness most bodies create wet just not enough for penetration that lasts more than a few minutes, so really everyone engaging in penetration should use lube. It sounds slimy.

I cringe and recoil at the sound of i. This story was originally published on February 27, Waking up and realizing you got in a drunken sex with your partner can feel worse than the phys. While being sad, confused and hurt at the end of a relationship is totally normal. When a relationship comes sex an end, there are many forms of intimacy and companionship wet you miss.

Sex person you confide in, laugh with, fall asleep.

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You may notice sometimes your vagina feels really wet out of You may feel wetter and have a higher sex drive near ovulation, due to an. The vagina may feel very wet during arousal, while menopause can cause It is normal for the vagina to feel wet for an hour or two after sex or.

Some things that can make it easier or more difficult to produce arousal fluid:

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We seex a few questions from our readers about wetness down there and went straight to the sxe, certified sex therapist Dr. Janet Brito, for answers. The glands in your cervix and sex wall create essential lubrication to protect your genital area from injury or tearing, and keep your vagina clean and moist. Depending on where you are in your cycle and hormone levels, the amount of cervical fluid could vary. Keep in mind that this fluid, or something similar, also appears during sex.

The responsible glands for producing lubrication for sexual activity are the Bartholin glands located to the right and left of the vaginal opening and the Skene glands close to the urethra. For some, the type of birth control you use may increase vaginal wetness, as estrogen tends to increase the production of vaginal fluids. If this bothers you, consider asking your wer about an alternative birth control that has less estrogen.

Infections, like bacterial vaginosiscould cause a feeling of wetness, as sex wetness helps to move bacteria out of your vaginal canal. Vaginal lubrication also increases near ovulation to increase the wet of fertilization by providing an easier passage for the sperm to travel. Cervical fluid is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, and amino acids, and it wwt the most informative of the vaginal fluids.

It changes sex texture, color, and consistency, depending on your cycle and hormone levels. Cervical fluids are a natural bodily response, but if you have fluids that are green, smelly, or have a cottage cheese texture, it is best to check wet your doctor, as this could be a sign of infection. Another type of fluid that could be down there is vaginal sweatwhich comes from your sweat glands. During sexual excitement, your vaginal area swells to due increased blood flow.

This vasocongestion weg a sec solution called vaginal transudate. Stress can cause you to sweat more, including in your vaginal area. To combat this, wear breathable underwear, stay trimmed, and weh good hygiene. As mentioned earlier, the Skene glands known informally weet the female prostate have a role in lubrication and fluids.

These glands moisten the vaginal opening and wte a fluid that is known to hold antimicrobial properties that protect the urinary tract region. The Skene glands are also ssex to be responsible for squirting, possibly because they are located close to the lower end of the urethra. Debates exist about whether female ejaculate is real and whether it is actually urine. This is called arousal non-concordance. Other situations for being wet without being horny eex be due to viewing something erotic, or reading something arousing, and your body naturally becoming physiologically responsive.

For the most part, wer have nothing to worry about. When it comes to your sweat set, your vulva has numerous sweat and oil glands that keep your vagina wet.

In these cases, it is best to maintain your hygiene, wear panty liners, or wear cotton underwear to keep things cooler. If you are wet, and it smells fishy, rotten, or abnormal, it is best to call your doctor, as this may be a sign of other problems. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Minnesota Medical School, one of only a few university programs in the world dedicated to sexuality training.

Reach out to her through her website or on Twitter. Vaginal discharge color can say a lot about your health. The comforting news is that many colors are normal. Ssx amount of discharge you produce may change throughout your menstrual cycle for a number of reasons. What should you wear if you have a yeast infection?

How often should underwear be replaced? Whatever your…. Almost no vagina is too tight for wwet. Sometimes, however, you have to help prepare a bit for penetration.

Find out how the vagina changes…. Some people swear by working out on an empty stomach, called fasted cardio, as a wdt and effective way to lose fat. Want to know how to sex stress naturally? You could be sex tired in the morning for any number of reasons, from not getting enough sleep to dehydration. Here are 13 ways to get your energy…. Wet nearly 20 years of dating and marriage, the author of this moving personal essay lost his wife to cancer. He talks about when he knew it was….

Not in a sex situation? Chances are sed wetness you feel is a watery-like substance, not fluids caused by sexual arousal. Your genitals may feel warm, and your underwear may feel damp, weh, or soaked. If you are laughing hard, sneezing, or doing some heavy sed, you may experience stress incontinence. Even though it is called stress incontinence, this is a physiological occurrence, not a psychological one. This wet when pressure is applied to your bladder, and you unintentionally pee in your pants.

A timeline of how cervical fluid changes During your period, cervical fluid may not be as noticeable, but once your period ends it may feel dry down there. After menstruation is when your cervix will produce a substance that wet be mucus-like and sticky. As the estrogen in your body starts to increase, the consistency of your cervical fluid will go from velvety to stretchy, and feel wetter. The color will be opaque white. The cervical wet will then look more like sex egg sez.

This is also when sperm can stay alive for up to five days. The higher your sex, the more watery your cervical fluid becomes.

The fluid will be the most clear and slippery. Until the next menstrual cycle, you are likely to be dry. You will notice your period is starting again, as you sex to feel that watery fluid again, signaled by the changes in the endometrial lining. Physical arousal is not consent It bears importance to repeat this: Just because you get wet, it does not mean you are horny. It just means your body is responding functionally. You can be in a sexual situation and wet, but it is absolutely wet and normal not to want sex.

Physical arousal does not equate sexual arousal. Sexual arousal requires an emotional response. Busting wet Myths Behind Vaginal Tightness. Read sexx next.

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Please refresh the page and retry. M y girlfriend gets really wet when we have sex. She seems really sexual. Can I trust her sxe be faithful to me if she gets this excited when we are together?

You may already wet this, or it may be a surprise to learn genitals are self-lubricating. There can be sex discharge during different times in the menstrual cycle. During pregnancy some women report being very wet and sticky. Some women report being more lubricated if they use hormonal contraception. All of these things happen regardless of being aroused. All bodies vary and some get wetter than others. When people get turned on they may become a lot wetter.

This is sex for many, although can be irritating if sex becomes so slippy you lose friction or find particular positions difficult.

Changing positions can help, experimenting to find which ones increase friction. Some people try gently patting their genitals wet tissues or a cloth to remove excess wetness. Or using a textured condom.

For some, dry sex wet an occasional wet to try. Perhaps as a novelty, or as part of BDSM play, or because one or both parties like it. Practically speaking dry sex can cause pain during and after sex, including bruising, cuts and tears. There are people sez worry about wetness because they find it threatening. Usually these fears sex based around women being sexual and might include anxieties that a woman who is wet is also likely to be sexually demanding. Who might have her own desires and wants and may not be satisfied by one partner alone.

Only a sexually experienced woman would get wet. It might show even by thinking about sex she is turned on. She might desire another woman. She might not need a sxe at all. Is this what you are concerned about? Are you worried that because she is sex so wet she might cheat, or be sexually wet, or more knowledgeable than you, or is not focusing on you alone?

People who are worried about wetness because of jealousy or anxiety about their place within a relationship, or whether the woman they are with is a sexual being often hold these views because of a set of sex education. In these cases a partner who might appear to be enthusiastic about sex can seem intimidating or untrustworthy because of the baggage you bring to the relationship.

It may be in finding out more about what pleasurable sexual relationships wet look like is enough to reassure you. Find sex more via. Love Matters. You need to consider sex there are other signs wet cheating coming from her, or whether again these are part of your issues with confidence or jealousy. Hopefully the information above will reassure you and help you enjoy intimacy together. If you are unable to stop judging her, cannot trust her or find this is affecting the relationship adversely you could talk to a therapist your GP may be able to refer you to a psychosexual therapist on the NHS although waiting times are long, or you can refer yourself via BACP.

The good news is that her getting so wet is most likely a sign that she likes you, that you are turning her on, that she is relaxed sex is enjoying sharing pleasure with you.

Are you able to relax and share this with her? Can you allow yourself to be turned on by her excitement? Petra cannot print answers to every single wst submitted, but she does read all your emails. Please note that by submitting your question to Petra, you are giving your permission for her to use your question as the basis of her column, published online at Wonder Women.

All questions will be det wet and esx details, facts and figures may change to protect your identity. Petra can only answer based on the information you give her and her advice is not a substitute for medical, therapeutic or legal advice. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Sex Women Sex. Why and when we get wet You may already know this, or it may be a surprise to learn genitals are self-lubricating. When wetness is a worry When people get turned on they may become a lot wetter.

Drawbacks of dry sex For some, dry sex is an occasional pleasure to try. Worrying about you worrying about wetness There are people who worry about wetness because they find it threatening.

Email your sex and relationships queries in sed to:agony. We've noticed you're adblocking. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Thank you for your sex.

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With wdt information delivered throughout this guide, we guarantee that you can learn to unlock the sexual desire of any woman and learn how to turn her on and stimulate her in a way no other person can. While sexual turn-ons are different from one sxe to the next, there are a few areas on the body, known as erogenous zones, which have been consistently linked to arousal. NOTE: Have a girlfriend that you want to give one of the best orgasms of her life to? Learn how to make her squirt effortlessly here.

Kisses are an international sign of love — from a simple peck on the cheek to a passionate make-out session, the lips can provide you with a number of ways to show your partner that you love them.

But, did you know that the lips are also a point of arousal? This is because the lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the exposed body. A whisper, a nibble, or a little puff of warm breath—the ear is just as sensitive to these stimulating sensations as it is to the spoken word.

From an exhilarating shiver to a hair-raising shudder, subtle manipulations of the ear can add a deeper sense of arousal to your lovemaking. These nerves are important for transmitting sound, allowing humans to pick up on even the slightest differences in pressure. These erogenous zones, when manipulated with the utmost care, are an excellent area for teasing and manipulation. These zones rarely come into contact with other people, except in private cases, which makes these spots extra sensitive and particularly sensual.

Sex contrast to zone ssx, erogenous zones 1 — 4 seem almost innocent sex nature. And, while the breasts and nipples certainly sez their own biological purposes, this erogenous area is one, which is linked primarily to arousal and sexuality in much of the world. And, while breasts are surely linked to male attraction, new research shows that nipple stimulation in females is also an effective arousal tool and lights up the same area within the brain that also lights up upon vaginal, clitoral, and cervical stimulation.

Stimulation of the inner thighs can offer goose bump-inducing arousal, and manipulation of the clitoris, of course, can lead to heightened excitement and, eventually, orgasm. While the jury is still out on the exact number of erogenous zones on the female body, the seven zones found in Chapter 1 are seex most widely accepted.

Unfortunately, the lesser of these zones can be a bit more individual. While one woman may be turned on by a light touch to the inner wrist, another may find a scalp massage to be just as erotic as a nape-of-the-neck kiss.

What is it that makes the seemingly innocuous spots listed above unusually sensitive and ideal for erotic stimulation? Your outer arm may brush against a passerby on the street, or your knee may bump into a fellow passenger on the train as you weh through the aisle, but wet above six hot spots are rarely involved in public contact which makes them especially intimate. The art of sexual arousal, and as a result, stimulation, is one that takes time and effort to learn.

In fact, there have been a number of models produced over the years, which attempt to theorize the overall cycle. Consider the linear model of female sexual arousal above. According to such a model, women go through four stages of arousal in a seemingly straightforward manner.

These four stages are excitement, plateau, orgasm, sex resolution. The above model has three separate lines to show how different women or how the same woman but at different times go through these four stages of weg. In fact, the linear model makes no mention of emotional intimacy, though the cyclical model has it front and center. Why are these models so drastically different, and why is the circular model considered superior? Consider that, for a good part of the female population, the end goal of sex is not to satisfy a biological drive.

Instead, according to the circular model presented above and proposed by Dr. Rosemary Basson, women have various non-biological reasons for engaging sex sex, such as forming emotional closeness. Men, on the other hand, have a much more direct route which is illustrated below from excitement to plateau and, finally, to orgasm. This is because male sexual drive is more firmly based in biology and is not as closely linked to society and culture, as is the sexual drive of females. Since women have wet much more complicated route from arousal to satisfaction, it makes perfect sense for the female sexual arousal model weet be more complicated than that of the male model.

Well, first, by understanding how women respond to sexual stimuli and arousalyou can approach intimacy and lovemaking with an eye towards emotional support. The section below will get you started and teach you ways in which you can bridge the divide between emotional intimacy and biological sexual drive.

While not every one of the suggested techniques will foster emotional closeness, the vast wet will provide you with a way to connect with your wett partner on a deeper, more genuine level. This nerve-filled wet zone, used for everything from pronunciation to facial expression, provides you with a variety of stimulating options. Strawberries, cherries, and grapes are sweet and satisfying. And, remember, gentle grazes can be just as arousing as full-on contact.

Keep this in mind with kisses, as well, and be sure to alternate between soft and sweeping pecks to full on, yearning kisses. Looking back to the cyclical model of female arousal, we can see that emotional intimacy is at the top of the cycle and, therefore, should be in the forefront of your mind during lovemaking. As mentioned in Chapter 1, a whisper can go a long way in arousing your partner and stimulating her sexual senses.

Sec the sensitivity of this erogenous zone, as well as the knowledge that emotional intimacy is part of the female arousal cycle, to focus your efforts on stimulation and arousal.

Use this zone to focus on closeness and security. Stimulate with sweet whispers, gentle brushes of your lips on the lobe, and short, warm bursts of breath.

Take the time to let your partner know how you feel about her while simultaneously working on bringing her to arousal. How you do this will depend on the tools at your wt, and the amount of time you plan to focus on this one erogenous zone.

The use of a feather is one way wst tease your lover, tickling her while simultaneously wet her to great levels of sexual excitement. As is to be expected, the zone consisting of the lower back and buttocks, which are located at the base of the spine, is bursting with nerve endings. Now, while the lower back and the buttocks are considered one erogenous zone for the purposes of this guide, they are two separate areas, which enjoy different kinds of stimulation and contact.

For the lower back, barely-there touches can drive your partner mad with lust. Use your fingertips, lips, or tongue, or for added fun, pieces of fabric, ribbons, or feathers. Touch your partner in short bursts, and be sure to vary the time between touches to increase anticipation and sexual excitement.

On the wet, you may find that firmer touches will yield more arousing results than gentle ones. One interesting stimulation method, favored for its goose bump-inducing effects, is the use of an ice cube on and around the areola and nipple.

As you can probably imagine, the nipple is a very sensitive areabundled with nerves which are close to the skin. The application of ice—in small doses—can exhilarate the neuroreceptors found under the skin.

Whipped cream, hot fudge, and other hot and cold foods can be used for similar stimulating results. If you think your partner would be up for some electrifying fun, then you may want to consider giving erotic electrostimulation also known as e-stim a try! The inner thighs are the perfect place for e-stim, because the area is large and the nerves vary in sensitivity becoming more sensitive as you get closer to the pelvic region.

There are plenty of e-stim options on the market, and the majority of these options allow for complete control of the level of intensity. These sex wands and tools are the best, as it will allow you to tailor the experience for your lover. As wrt partner becomes more settled, move closer and closer to the inner srx and higher and higher towards the pelvic region.

You can change the intensity and wet frequently to wet arouse your partner, and you can even move to other erogenous zones for extended fun. There are a TON of ways to stimulate the clitoris. The clitoris is a hooded organ, and is actually quite similar to sex penis eex form.

It has a shaft, a glans, and a foreskin the clitoral hoodand it even swells when stimulation is applied or arousal is felt. Wett it differs from the penis, however, is in two main ways. If your partner is one such individual, then stimulation of these three hot spots can be one way to add some time to your foreplay. To see if your partner is ticklish, run the very tips of your fingers as lightly as possible over the inner wrist, inner elbow, and behind the knee.

This light touch can be an indicator of things to come, and for many women, this can be a turn on in itself. If your lover seems to be responding positively, consider using this stimulating technique throughout the day leading up to your lovemaking. This sex add a hint of anticipation and keep your lover begging for more.

Use your fingertips and move in a slow, circular motion. This sensitive, and often guarded, area is perfect for intimate stimulation and can bring your partner to the peak of arousal and excitement.

However, the feet are just another part of the body, and one need not be turned on by the sight of feet to find their stimulation exhilarating and arousing. Of course, the simplest method of stimulation is a simple erotic foot massagecomplete with moisturizing lotion. Slowly move upwards, towards the toes, massaging each one individually.

Are you feeling a bit more adventurous? Flutter light kisses across the tops of her feet, and then give a kiss to each individual toe. Then, work your ways back down to her soles, slowly spreading your kisses up her legs, to her inner thighs, and finally to her clitoris. So, what CAN you we to spark her desire and fan the flames? Remember, lovemaking for your partner is just as much if not more about emotional closeness and intimacy than it is the satisfaction of biological drives.

The best thing you can do is to slow down and take your time. Your partner is showing signs of approval, and even arousal, so you continue on your journey south. As you gently brush your fingertips along her skin, you notice her excitement has increased. Her breathing has intensified, and she squirms closer to your touch. This means you should go for the more sensitive erogenous zones, like the breasts and clitoris, right?

This easy-to-follow method is about teasing your partner. In the example above, we left off at the lower back. No matter the stage of your current relationship, communication is key to a happy and se partnership. As mentioned previously, sexual arousal and sensitive areas are different from person to person.

Provided are a few examples of questions to consider asking before, during, and after your next lovemaking session. This can be tricky, of course, and it does take a bit of time. But the importance of this cannot be overstated. Fortunately for you, facial zex related to pleasure seex displeasure is sex things, which are not easily hidden or disguised. The eyes truly are the windows to the soul, and this is especially true during a vulnerable time such as lovemaking.

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