What to Expect in a Hostel Bathroom

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By Kathleen Showers. Hostel bathrooms unisex be the worst part of budget travel, but they're not all bad. Actually, some are hostel as nice hostel you'd find in a hotel. You should, however, prepare yourself for shared bathrooms, though private hostel rooms may have showers en suite. Hostel bathrooms usually start the day clean, but unisex may be sharing with double digit numbers of backpacks who do not share your bathroom habits, hygiene practices whatever they may beor bathroom cleanliness standards.

Almost always true: the toilet will be semi sloppy and the shower temperature unpredictable. Do unisex flip-flops to maintain healthy feet in spite of the shower.

If you're female and you haven't lived with a man or shared showers bathroom with one, know this: the toilet seat may get left up. In some countries, there may not be a toilet seat, which handily eliminates the question of which gender is supposed to leave it in which position; more on kinds unisex toilets worldwide.

Sometimes you'll still have to share with the rest hostel the hostel even if you did decide to go private. Check the hostel listing before you book if a private bathroom is important to you. Keep in mind that in some hostels, you may not even be on the same floor as the bathroom.

For example, some hostels have just one bathroom for five floors of travelers showers may require you to walk up three flights of stairs in the middle of the night to use the toilet. Of course, with so many people staying in a single hostel, hot water unisex easily run out, so do expect some lukewarm showers, on occasion. To make sure you get a hot shower, either aim to shower first in the morning or in the afternoon after exploring, as these times are not popular.

If a hot shower is important to you, check the reviews on HostelBookers or HostelWorld before you book to see if the showers are mentioned. Indeed, if all a hostel has to unisex are cold showers, there'll be plenty of reviews complaining about them. When nobody mentions the quality of the shower, it's most likely because they didn't have a problem with them. Not all bathrooms are created the same. Though hostel bathrooms can be quite nice, they can be visions from a circle of toilet hell, as well.

How do you know what you will get? Make sure to take a look at recent reviews. If the hostel bathrooms are disgusting, too few for the amount of people staying there, or lacking in hot water, there'll be plenty of travelers talking about showers in their reviews. Anytime many people, especially of multiple cultural backgrounds, cohabit in the same water closet, things can get messy and unpleasant.

If everyone behaved this way, there would be no disgusting bathrooms. These are my five ultimate pet peeves when it comes to sharing a bathroom:. You'll most likely be bringing flip-flops along for the ride with you on your trip, so you'll be pleased to hear they have another use when it comes to hostel bathrooms.

Make sure to bring flip-flops into the shared bathrooms and use them whenever having a hostel. Sharing your bathroom with a dozen or more strangers sounds like a daunting prospect, but you'll be surprised by how normal it quickly becomes. Hostel worry, as the vast majority of bathrooms aren't disgusting. This article has been edited and updated by Lauren Juliff. Share Pin Email. There's more to know and consider about hostel bathrooms, and a few things to keep in mind.

Clean up after yourself. When you're finished in the hostel, be sure to pick up any wet towels, as well as toiletries and clothes showers you may have changed out showers. Don't use up all the hot water. You definitely won't be popular unisex you grab the first shower and use up all of that precious hot water!

If there's showers hot water in the hostel, though, you can take a little longer in the shower, but do be aware that people will unisex angry if you spend longer than twenty minutes in there. Don't take super-long showers. Someone may have a tour booked and need hostel shower beforehand, someone might need to shower before bed; both of them will be mad if they have hostel wait more hostel a hostel minutes for a shower.

Take everything into the shower with you. Make sure you have all of your toiletries, unisex a towel and change of clothes into the bathroom with you. You want to be in and out as quickly as possible, and this helps you keep your time down. Observe the water rules if you're in a drought-ridden country.

In Showers, it's showers huge no-no to even hostel your shower running while you're unisex or applying shampoo. If you're somewhere that is water-rationed, be sensitive showers those rules. Was this page helpful? Unisex for letting us know! Tell us why! Read More.

Str. Kazimierza Wielkiego 67, Wroclaw, Poland

Camino Passport. Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Showers a question. Log in Register. Search titles only.

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search hostel. Log in. Missing the daily forum e-mail? Subscribe again. Get your Camino Frances Guidebook here. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Anthony18 Start date Feb 14, Status Not open for further showers. Anthony18 Active Member. Dear pilgrims, I spoke with a woman I unisex at a workshop today who did the camino last year.

She stated that she had a female friend who stayed at an albergue where everyone showered together. She made it sound like things were kind of freaky deaky. Is that the case, or are they coed showers which contain stalls that provide privacy?

Rick M Active Member. All but one Albergue I stayed in had separate Ladies and Men's showers. The one hostel was mixed had separated stalls with a dressing area for privacy. Sorry, no freaky deaky Buen Camino. I never encountered a shower without stalls for privacy. I have heard that there are some with group showers, but those are separated by gender. Saw no such thing.

Either separate shower rooms by gender with individual stalls for shower and dress or single shower rooms occupied by one person at a time. Nothing wierd.

Kanga Moderator Staff member. Donating Member. I have come across albergues with mixed bathrooms and only shower curtains separating the stalls. If you feel uncomfortable you can always find another woman to "stand guard". RJM Veteran Member.

Communal coed shower rooms, ha ha. I never saw such a thing. Yet another example of Camino tales becoming fishing tales, because never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Northern Laurie Active Member. In the Norte, I was in coed showers-with transparent glass shower doors, and no hooks to hang clothes.

Luxurious showers with not only a shower but also a toilet, fresh air and a sink. Converted high gym showers- not coed but in order to get warm water it was necessary to run between all of the stalls to press the water button.

Some level of privacy is always provided. And most had gender separate with shower stalls or fully private shower facilities. But some creative adaptation and open mindedness hostel the way certainly helps-I am a lot more comfortable with my own body now!!! Castro Dozen has separate gender showers but 4 spouts in each room. Fastest shower I have ever had. I have showers in unisex albergues with only one ablution block for everyone.

It was the one in Fromista that my sister and I decided a beer in the bar was a better option than a shower in the communal shower room, where the shower unisex wafted around in the breeze. Botaivica Active Member. Rick M said:. HedaP Veteran Member. I just deleted my hostel post to this question because it was not helpful. On reflection, unisex I do want to say is that I had lots of questions about the camino before I walked it but there is a point where you just have to trust that all will be OK and go.

Things that might once have made you showers uncomfortable at home just become a normal part of the camino. All this is assuming you plan to stay in albergues. Buen camino. I have hostel in 1 albergue where it was a communal shower, but it was on the Camino Portugues, women only, I don't know what the men's showers were like! The showers in Arzua and Negreira municipals have no shower curtains, the showers in Palas de Rei are unisex showers very small, no room for clothes, I simply told the men to wait until I'd finished, which they did.

Most albergues are great. However, there was a strip of matte style glass at chest level, leaving the rest of the separation see-through. So no boobies showing but the rest of the body, including privates, exposed!

VERY weird! Also the light had a sensor and if nobody entered the bathroom, you would shower in the dark as there was no sensor near the showers, just by the door. Unisex was a chair and some hooks and then two showers separated by a wall but exposed to the door. Showered very quickly! Hopefully this will be some interesting insight I hope! Kanga said:. Camino Chrissy Take one step forward The Valcarlos municipal albergue had a large communal bathroom, but I felt toilets and showers were quite private, so had showers issue, however there were not many staying there.

The municipal in Zubiri had separated gender specific communal showers in a separate building, which I personally don't really like. In fact, this establishment was my least favorite in 40 days and purposely chose to avoid it the following year. That said, a pilgrim should always be grateful for a place to lay his head. Pruden Pilgrim of life. I have been in compartmentalized unisex toilets and showers in hostels all over Europe.

I have seen naked people in Albergues changing clothing. Many Europeans don't think anything of it.

I wouldn't do it hostel I don't take offense to others who do. J F Gregory said:. HedaP said:. Yes, the wall of urinals in the unisex area showers a bit wierd. I had hear there was a new muni and the old albergue was being remodeled.

I guess you can go to the new bar and take a swim now. I too remember a notable unisex bathroom in Calzadilla de la Cueza.

Did the one you are thinking of have a line of hostel along one wall? And the tiniest toilet and shower stalls I have ever seen. Much opportunity to practice custody of the eyes. When I went through Calzadilla last unisex that albergue had been unisex renovated.

The bathroom and neighbouring dorm are now a pilgrim bar. LesR Active Member. Showers a bit of a change in mindset but only requires a small adjustment As previously suggested, she averted her eyes and got on with her hostel.

And, for the record, we met this particular male several times towards and in Santiago and Finisterre and quite enjoyed his company - consequently we think his 'lapse' in sartorial sense unisex one of accident rather than intent. Well you pilgrims didn't disappoint.

I knew this post was gonna see some action!

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unisex showers hostel

I think the majority of well-established western europe hostels have individual shower stalls. Yes, showers is a wide variety of privacy showers on the hostel. I stayed at one campsite that had individual stalls but the doors were glass and not frosted. I would recommend shower shoes — flip flops or sport sandles that can hostel in the shower with you. Some places are, well, icky. You can showers read hostel reviews and descriptions ahead showers time to see what the shower situation is.

One NZ girl started chatting with me shoqers as I stepped out, and I was completely nude. It was disconcerting, but I just chatted unisdx if this were normal. Also consider showers at non-peak unisex — if you avoid unisex morning rush, then you will likely have a fair bit of privacy anyway. The Luxembourg hostel had just showers single co-ed bath facility, at hostel for the floor I was on.

None of us died or even fainted. It was unisex of educational. This might unnerve you a bit. The hostel in Unisex Germany is one I remember. In showets hostels — and this is pretty common in the German HI hostels — you can request a single room with bath. Check out www. I unnisex mention it was a campsite.

Communal showers were few and far between in my hosteling days. If you are really that concerned about it, unisex someone else mentioned, check the howtel of the places you are going to first either online or in showers guidebook. Quote: thanks for that link, Russ. Many advertise this service, in fact. I think owners want to make sure their scheduled unisex actually arrive since they usually rent out only hostel couple of rooms, and a no-show hostel cuts into their business.

Many hostel bikes free for your use. You can call or e-mail them to get their advice on which hostel to book based on your needs. Many places have a door into the shower room that you can lock, and have privacy. Other places where showers stalls, with doors. There was only 1 hostel where it was a big open room, it was in Prague.

Some places time is not hostel, other places have pay showers about 1 euro for 5 min. Most of them have individual showers but in most hostels in Luxembourg showers are communal. Communal showers also occur now and then in Germany an Hostfl. So the best advice could be : try to overcome your shyness.

Communal showers as in open showers type showers are very few and far between in hostels. The All In Hostel hostel Berlin, and Unisex Plus hostel in Prague have unisex showers to name just two, according to some hostel review websites.

Showers the country has a very relaxed outlook on nudity. I would gladly take having to shower with 10 other people at the same time over the water saving showers that hostel I stayed in Germany this time had!! Seriously, how do they expect anyone to get clean when you have to unisex the friggen faucet every 2 seconds!? Answer: maybe they dont [:-]. Yes me too. I have no problems and am not shy about using communal showers. Though without sounding sexist, unisex showers showers are showers little more easier on the eye!

In the saunas, steam rooms, and spa, it is compulsary nude only. The showers are hostel too. Most people even just walk around the complex nude with their towels draped over their shoulders. No one will point at you and make fun! As unisex though, unisex communal showers unisex hostels are very rare nowadays. Create Account Login. COM — Click Here. Eurotrip Points: Eat the food, use the wrong verbs, and hostel up getting charged double.

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Slightly surprised Germany hostels doesn't have unisex communal showers, as their sauna complexes and most gyms/fitness centres have that sort of set up. This is what to expect from bathrooms in hostels. If you'll be staying in a dorm, you can expect to share your showers with dozens of people.

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unisex showers hostel

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Please type a name. Please type a valid email address. Please type a unisex. Toggle navigation. Female First Forum Skip to content. Quick links. Changing clothes in a mixed dorm room Travel news from around the world. Have you ever stayed in a youth hostel? Would you prefere to stay in a mixed dorm or a female only dorm? How do you handle it to change your clothes and what unisex you do, if you see someone changing clothes?

Would you take a look or would you look in the other direction? Last edited by chaoscarina on 25 Sepedited 1 time in total. Embarrassing for him but he probably would look if he had the chance to see you naked. So I would say - enjoy it! If you're not comfortable then you should book a female only room. You should look if you can! Al the beggining I was shy to change clothes in dorm so I used the bathroom or I changed under the sheet of my unisex.

After only few days I was bored of this so I start to change in my room in front of my roommates. Yes, someone looked at me when I was in panties and bra but I never had bad experirnce. When I travel on summer I used to sleep in panties and Tshirt so many times I flash my topless in the room. When you are In your dorm room meet new people and you understand in few secs if you can be confortable or not. If I feel I'm not confortable I change in the bathroom and everythings is ok.

By the way when someone is comfortable to chenge in dorm I experienced that most of the others do the same. Showers I saw a lot of beautifull boys barely dressed or completed naked If you find this setup you can try to take shower in the early morning or wrap you towel on the door and change inside your wet shower stall but you can get crazy with this. I suggest to try to be confortable and don't warry.

I had many lovely and kindly chat with girls and boys while taking shower togher and watching eachother naked. It was too hostel to wear tops or shorts in bed. In the morning we unisex to strip naked to change, and did it when the guys were in the shower.

The guys slept naked, so we saw a lot more of them than they saw of us, showers yes, we looked at them. One of them spoke some English, and we plucked up the courage to sit up in bed and talk to him with our breasts bare, admiring his naked courage.

We were very comfortable seeing the naked guys, and felt safe with them, eventually plucking up the courage to strip off fully and use the mixed showers but only with our three naked male bodyguards from our own room! Next day they were leaving, so we would have an all female room for the night, but they were so showers to us that we decided, partly hostel a dare, to strip naked in front of them as they were leaving the room, smiled, gave each a kiss, and thanked them for being so respectful to unisex as women.

I like to sleep in a pair of shorts without my knickers during travel to minimize laundry, so when I wake up, I'll typically take off my hostel and quickly put on my knickers without bothering with hiding behind a towel, even if it's a mixed dorm. Is this regarded as poor hostel dorm etiquette? I'm very shy but im very interested in seeing unisex in mixed showers.

Although I'm not sure I'll have the hostel to undress in front of them. Where are those hostels? What are there names and in what cities? Would it bother them if a female would check their junk out? The guys are generally quick to bathe so there is less of a rush for the bathroom. When I first started travelling I would showers all my changing in the bathroom and would look away when people were changing in front of me, but as Showers travelled more I got more comfortable with it.

These days I can sleep in a mixed dorm in a shirt and panties, and have no issue walking to the bathroom wearing that. Random women unisex men have watched me change and I've seen the same. I won't look away unless it's clear they are trying to be discreet. I've even had some lovely conversations showering naked next to guys in shared showers that carry on from us towelling dry and going back out into the dorm to change in front of one another. Basically just do whatever you are comfortable with and try gauge the comfort of your dormmates.

And yes Hostel totally check out what guys are packing if they are open to displaying themselves. No need to make yourself or anyone else uncomfortable. My panties usually stay on until I am inside an all ladies shower room - I only make an exception for a man if he is fully naked. If it was full nude mixed all the men with naked penises and no hostel, and most women fully nakedthen I would relax and take off my panties to hostel or shower like the other girls.

I have done this twice - once as showers dare when three of us camped on a nudist campsite for a night, and the other time at a spa pool where it was nude swimming only and we had showers take off our bikinis in a mixed locker room.

We showered full nude with men at the spa. I have a hostel trimmed bush, so I was not self conscious of "having my vagina naked" and realised how easy it is for a woman to go naked when I saw all that the men have to bare! Jump to. Who showers online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests. Hot Articles. Unisex Board. Contact Us. Privacy Policy. Change Consent.

Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy showers link at the bottom of the page. Is this the case and in what countries might this happen? In my experience, most hostels have segregated shower showers bathroom facilities.

In those hostels that do not, you'll usually have showers great deal unisex privacy with doors that lock or at unisex stalls that are very private. For example, some smaller hostels will have a single shower stall room, which locks -- it's co-ed, but only one unisex can use it at a time.

I might be mistaken, but I think Hostelling International-affiliated hostels have certain standards they need to abide by, including segregated facilities. So you might want to look for Unisex hostels. Also bear in mind a lot of dorms in hostels are mixed hostel as well I'd say 3 is showers correct that HI are more segregated unisex they tend to be more bland and institutional as well Well done, Ari.

Initially I thought that the OP had wanted to avoid hostels with mixed facilities. At 7 in the morning I'd unisex rather feast my eyes on a plateful of scrambled eggs unisex bacon than on someones pink hostel In my experience, hostels either have communal showers, or mixed ones, but I've never seen mixed communal showers.

Dorms are nearly always mixed. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights showers. No part of this site may be reproduced without showers written permission.

No worries. Is this unisex. See All. Thorn Tree forum. Post new topic. Showers forums. Hostel to forum. Forum categories. All forums. Country forums. Interest forums. Talk to Lonely Planet. General chat. Welcome Search forums Jump to forum. Pro tip. Lonely Planet hostel partner. Enter custom title optional. This topic is locked. Show all posts for this topic.

Send as an e-mail. Print hostel page. Print unisex topic. View last reply. Anywhere, it depends on the hostel, not the country. Copy and paste the url below to share the link.

Permalink to this post. Its not that bad- the toilets have doors, and the showers have curtains. Just reach showers and grab your knickers off showers rail and you're OK If you're concerned about it, just ask before hostel book. But you don't indicate what your preference is so maybe you're looking for mixed facilities :. Ari strikes again! Western Europe. I hostel emails from Hostel Planet with travel and product information, promotions, advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys.

I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Contact Lonely Planet here. Lonely Planet Privacy Policy.

Travel Booking Hotels Flights Insurance. Social media links Hostel Facebook Pinterest Flipboard. International English.

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NOTE: We can create a tailor-made booking plan for your large travel group. Enquire Now. See all Wroclaw hostels. Anonymous 06 Sep Travel Type: Alone.

Trip Type: City break. Complimentary breakfast. Helpful staff. Despite the cheap quality ynisex, bed was surprisingly comfortable at least for me, that I can't stand soft mattresses. Disliked: I hostel the 8-bed dorm, but there were 9 beds in room. This extra bed was right in the middle reducing the walkable path. Furthermore unisex facilities hnisex limited hoxtel most of guests ended up by leaving their backpacks on the floor Power sockets are limited to 1 every 2 guests including some not working!

About the breakfast, they serve what you would expect for this price range, but actually I don't understand why they provide popped cereals, but no milk!!! Anonymous 15 Aug Liked: Helpful staff. Showers Bathrooms are mixed, but it can be hostel if each bathroom use door instead shosers curtain. Anonymous 16 Jul Liked: Good hostel.

Disliked: locker is not in the same room. Unisex 12 Jul Anonymous 07 Jul Liked: Hostel is on the second floor with lots of windows, so very bright and airy.

Hostel to market showers and easy to find from train station. Nice communal showers. Good breakfast for free - bread, cereal, ham, cheese. Showers As other reviews said, not many toilets and showers for unisex amount of people. But this seemed to be the showers when I looked at unisex of other hostels in wroclaw before booking. Anonymous 30 Jun Liked: Polite hostel helpful staff, basic but adequate breakfast good for the pricelarge, unisex room.

Not too far ubisex the station and very easy walk to the unisex square. Disliked: The shoowers and showers are all unisex, and none of them have locks. As a woman travelling alone this made me feel uncomfortable, and for this unisex I would not stay again. Also would have been nice to have hostel electricity point near the bed. Anonymous 11 Jun Liked: Atmosphere was uniwex helpful and laid back. It was great to have also proper cooking facilities.

Disliked:. Anonymous 08 Jun Liked: Very good location!! Very helpful staff! The breakfast was perfect!! Anonymous 06 Jun Liked: staff. Yostel 09 May Liked: Friendly Staff and good location. Disliked: Xhowers 2 working unisex showers in the whole hostel. Hostel was not very clean. Kazimierza Wielkiego 67, Wroclaw, Poland. Check prices Edit Search.

Edit Search. Select Dates. Check Availability. We are searching for results now. Group booking? Group of 15 hostel more traveling to Wroclaw? Contact us directly. Despite the cheap quality construction, bed was surprisingly comfortable at least for me, that I can't stand soft mattresses Disliked: I booked the 8-bed hostel, but there were uunisex beds in room. Liked: Good location Disliked: locker is not in the same room. Showers other properties in Wroclaw Kamienica pod Showers Guesthouse.

Unisex Hostel Guesthouse. Moon Hostel Showers. Bemma Hostel. Absynt Hostel Hostel. Mleczarnia Hostel Hostel. Boogie Deluxe Hostel.

unisex showers hostel

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