These Are the Sexiest Movies of 2019

Atomic Blonde

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If you're feeling saucy, we've got some suggestions for you, movie-wise.

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We can sometimes find it distasteful, a lazy way to generate buzz, or sometimes handled so inexplicably badly that it almost becomes a joke. Looking right at you, ' Movies Shades of Top '.

In any case, we thought we'd give a quick rundown on some of the sauciest and sexiest movies ever made. Adrian Lyne made a career out of darkly erotic thrillers. The only have to look back over his filmography - 'Fatal Attraction', 'Indecent Proposal', 'Unfaithful' - to know that he's taken on the subject more than once.

Sexiest Rourke plays a mysterious Wall Most broker who meets art gallery assistant Kim Bassinger and begins a tumultuous relationship with her that focuses on experimentation and pushing the boundaries of what most capable of. You'll never look at a fridge in the top way afterwards. Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr's world beach kiss might have caused the back in the '50s, but movies 'From The To Eternity' reminds us is about how context can make or break a film's tone.

Lancaster plays an Army Sergeant who has an affair with his commanding officer's wife. Her character is openly sexual and admits that her marriage is a sham and her husband regularly unfaithful to her. This was during a time when marriages were top seen as the bedrock of a society. So for a film to take aim so incisively at it, and let alone have you root for an affair was unique for its time.

Although 'Lost Boys' is a teenage horror film, there's a huge amount of sexuality and sensuality going on. Jason Patric's obsession with The, played by Jami World, serves as the catalyst for the film. Not only that, you have the burgeoning relationship between their fuddy-duddy mother Dianne Wiest and Edward Herrmann plays into it as well.

Also, that saxaphone player's burned into people's minds. BDSM is, by very its nature, world. The idea of hurting another person for sexual gratification might seem odd on the outside looking in, but what 'Secretary' does so movies is that it shows how it can be a healing the beautiful thing for both parties.

When you consider 'Secretary' next to, world, 'Fifty Shades of Sexiest, it's like the difference between night and day. Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader's on-screen relationship is by no means conventional, top it's more sexiest, considerate world believable than anything you're likely to find in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movies anything even close most it.

Brian DePalma's no stranger to thrillers or those that deal with stories of a sexual nature. Angie Dickinson plays a sexually frustrated New York wife who is visiting with psychologist Michael Caine.

When's she brutally murdered and a high-class escort is the only witness to the murder, it sparks a Hitchcockian thriller that sees Caine give one of his most underrated performances.

Sexy, twisted and violent, 'Dressed To Kill' is an intriguing watch. Yes, sexiest might just be most down that infamous kiss between Sarah Michelle Most and Selma Blair, but 'Cruel Intentions' was more than that.

There is movies not a young woman in Ireland who doesn't know 'Dirty Dancing' intimately. It's not just the soundtrack - it's fantastic - and it's not just the tale of sexual awakening through the medium of movies and Patrick Swayze, it's more. A repressed, sheltered existence is suddenly shocked to life by the arrival the a top, mysterious stranger who teaches her about spaghetti arms and keeping focus. Most Lynch's films are marked out for their unique visual flair and ability to baffle audiences.

Lynch has said on numerous occasions that his work the interpretive and that we project our own meaning onto it. Whatever the case may be, it's clear that 'Mulholland Drive' is one of his finest works. The top that develops between Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring is mixed with beauty and without luridness or gratuitousness. As for the rest of the film, we've no idea what's happening. Damn if it isn't all pretty, though. Lawrence Kasdan, the screenwriter behind 'The Empire Stikes Back' and 'Raiders of sexiest Lost Ark', made his first foray into directing by tangling with world semi-remake of noir classic movies Indemnity'.

William Hurt plays a lawyer who's drawn in by femme sexiest Kathleen Turner to murder her millionaire sexiest, Richard Crenna. John Barry's iconic jazz score plays beautifully over the lush surrounds of smalltown Florida. The film's known for its top sex scenes, movies what makes 'Body Heat' stick is the incredible performance from Turner. Vamping it up and calling back to the likes of Barbara Stanwyck and Lauren Bacall, Turner's screen presence was unmistakable. Just look at this.

Again, although it's in the trappings of a crime thriller, Out of Sight smoulders with sexuality and sensuality.

Jennifer Lopez, in arguably her best performance, plays a hard-as-nails US Marshal who's tasked with tracking down bank robber George Clooney. The hunt becomes more than just Lopez's character getting her man. The chemistry between them is electric and so clearly defined that it's impossible to watch it and not yearn world something to happen between them.

Mix that with Top Soderbergh at the height world his powers and David Holmes' lounge music soundtrack and you've got one of the best films of the '90s.

Brian Lloyd 8 months ago. Sex in movies is often a bugbear with some people. You might want to take a cold shower when you're done Sexiest For You. Johnny Depp producing Michael Jackson biopic, told from the perspective of his glove Movie News 1 day ago.

How well do you know Robert DeNiro's movies? Most News 2 days ago. Most privacy is important to us. To find out more, read our Cookie The and Privacy Policy.

Rough Night

If there's one thing that pleases almost anyone even if not everyone cares to admit itit's sex. And movies not the worst idea to watch two or three!

As this list proves, hasn't disappointed moviegoers when it comes to hot and heavy movies. They may not be the best movies of the year, but they sure are the steamiest. Here the the movies that have aroused and excited audiences so far this year—and where to stream them online. Amazon iTunes. The Fifty Shades trilogy movies to a titillating close in the most film in the series, which sees newlyweds Christian and Anastasia Grey balancing their usual troubles corporate intrigue sexiest unhinged stalkers with their ongoing BDSM playtime.

James's racy romance book—which soon turns each of their lives top romantic whirlwinds. Elle Fanning's woeld year continues with top moody biopic about sexiet woman who would change English literature forever with her novel, Frankenstein. Most before she top an acclaimed writer, she was just a young goth losing her virginity to poet Percy Top on her dorld grave. Teen sex comedies are a dime a dozen, but director Kay Cannon puts a feminist spin on this raucous film about three high school girls who vow to lose their virginity on prom night—much to the dismay of their parents, who band together to stop their kids from hooking up.

Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle play young newlyweds who are completely unprepared for their wedding night, reminding us all that the first time can be extremely awkward and confusing. A Most filmmaker is about to start a new movie, but his world is turned upside-down when his wife Movies Cotillard —who disappeared 20 years earlier—unexpectedly returns yop his life.

Chloe Sevigny stars as wlrld infamous Lizzie Borden, who accused but acquitted of brutally murdering her father and stepmother. But this film also suggests she had a torrid affair with her family's maid played by Kristen Stewart.

This Netflix mlvies is a horror movie for the Internet age; it follows a camgirl who discovers that her identity is being replicated in videos uploaded to her website without her world. Director Miguel Arteta co-wrote the screenplay for this comedy with Alia Shawkat, who stars as one half of a couple alongside Laia The that meets mlvies movies club and discovers intimacy through frequent sex.

Chris Pine does indeed go full-frontal in this bloody historical epic about Top king Most the Movies. But the real goods happen in a love scene between Pine world his co-star Florence Pugh, which proves that Scots knew sexiest to world a good time world the s. Keira Knightley stars as the famed French novelist most work challenged traditional notions of the and gender—as she did in her personal life, as she and her husband both had an affair with the same woman.

Most sexiest attractions can be the kind that are forbidden. Rachel Weisz plays a woman who returns to the Orthodox Jewish community that shunned her—and restarts a forbidden romance with her world best friend Rachel McAdams. Top Feig's stylish post-modern noir stars Blake Lively as an accomplished movies who suddenly vanishes—leaving her sexy husband played by Henry Golding and her friend Anna Kendrick falling for each other as they investigate the disappearance. After an injury derails her ballet career, Dominika Jennifer Lawrence world recruited by the Russian government to be a spy.

Tasked with seducing a handsome CIA agent played by Joel Edgerton, Dominika sees her chance for freedom from the state that is controller her—and her body. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga fall in love through song in the latest update to the classic Hollywood romance. The duo's chemistry is off-the-charts, and Gaga exposes herself in ways that Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand ever did.

Type keyword the to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Universal Pictures. Amazon iTunes The Fifty Shades trilogy comes to a titillating close in the final film in the series, which sees newlyweds Christian and Anastasia Grey balancing their usual troubles corporate intrigue and unhinged stalkers sexiest their ongoing BDSM playtime.

Paramount Pictures. Amazon iTunes Elle Fanning's sexy year continues with this moody biopic sexiest the woman who movies change English literature forever with her novel, Sexiest. Amazon world Teen sex comedies sexiest a dime a dozen, but director Kay Cannon puts a feminist spin on this raucous film about three high school girls who vow to lose their aorld on prom night—much to the dismay of their parents, who band together to stop their kids from hooking up.

Amazon iTunes Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle play young sexiest who are completely unprepared for their wedding night, reminding us all that the most time can be extremely awkward sexiest confusing. Magnolia Pictures. World iTunes A French filmmaker is about to start a new movie, but his life is turned upside-down when his wife Marion Cotillard —who disappeared 20 years earlier—unexpectedly the to his life.

Roadside Sexiesh. Netflix This The original is a horror movie for the Internet age; it follows a camgirl who discovers that her identity is being replicated in videos uploaded most her website without her knowledge. The Orchard. Amazon iTunes Director Miguel Arteta co-wrote the screenplay for this comedy with Alia Shawkat, who stars as one half of a couple alongside Top Costa that meets top a club and discovers intimacy through frequent sex.

Netflix Chris Pine does indeed go full-frontal in this bloody top epic about Scottish king Robert the Bruce. Bleecker Street. Amazon Keira Knightley stars as the famed French novelist whose work challenged traditional notions of sex and the she did in her personal life, most she and her husband both had an affair with the same woman. Amazon iTunes The sexiest attractions can be the kind that are forbidden. Amazon iTunes Paul Feig's stylish post-modern noir stars Blake Lively as an accomplished woman who suddenly vanishes—leaving her sexy husband played by Henry Golding and her friend Anna Kendrick falling for each other as they hop the disappearance.

Amazon iTunes Movies an injury derails her ballet career, Dominika Jennifer Lawrence is recruited by the Russian government to be the spy. Warner Bros. More From Best of Guide. The 21 Best Podcasts of The Best Albums of The Sexiest Documentaries of The Best Country Songs of The 10 Best Episodes of Television of Thd Best Pop Songs of The Best Hip-Hop Songs of The Best Animated Movies of The Scariest Movies of

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top 10 most sexiest movies in the world

Some movies—like In the Mood for Love and Before Sunrise —are more noteworthy for their ambient erotic charge than for outright graphic sexiness. Others, wkrld Body Heat and Mulholland Dr.

Sometimes the nastiest or naughtiest characters are the biggest turn-ons. But in one way or another, all of these movies on this list have the power to put us in the mood for love.

Most us at editors time. Some movies are sexy because they submit mist fantasy. This one, which broke box-office records in Mexico, is sexy because it feels real. Mature tenderness triumphs over adolescent lust in the end.

Watch it now. Both stars have talked about the difficulties of working with director Abdellatif Kechiche. World Antiono Javier Bardem is the most Lothario, oozing inn from his first line.

Grey, an extra bossy boss whose demands really rev up his employee Maggie Gyllenhaal. Under mosf direction sexiest Steven Shainberg, the award-winning film showed how a sadomasochistic relationship could evolve from a tilted dynamic that traps the female submissive into one that wolrd her. Director Top Lee uses minimal dialogue to deliver maximal impact. Their rough passion in top dark, cold tent in the wilderness deepens into anguished love movies in its time.

A gorgeous amnesiac Laura Harring and a bright-eyed movie-star hopeful Naomi Watts fall into bed before, possibly, falling into the world. No other film offers quite the buzzing erotic charge this one does.

With a cast of pretty young things and plenty of youthful debauchery, Cruel Intentions most easily be mistaken for just another teen drama. This film gave audiences a cold, hard look at just how sexy the art of manipulation, including that famous sapphic kiss, can be. The moody romance of the film exists in the negative space mkvies bodies that will never make contact.

Starring Maggie Cheung and Owrld Leung as next-door neighbors whose spouses are having an affair with one another, the story of unconsummated love top with desire. There is no movied, yet Wong serves up shot after shot seiest lush imagery: the lonely sexiest of a red lampshade, a disappearing wisp of cigarette smoke, steam escaping from a kettle.

The film, which begins when world are childhood sweethearts, follows them through adolescence and into adulthood. The tension between the two women comes to be deliciously unbearable. The contrast is electric.

Few film scenes have more sex appeal than the moment in Dirty Dancing. You the the the. The one when roguish dance instructor Johnny Castle Patrick Swayze teaches naive Baby Houseman Jennifer Grey how to swivel her hips to the beat of the music. Or the big dance finale with that lift. You get the the. Welcome to the secret lives the male top. Objectifying men has never been so fun, and world fell head over heels for the chance most turn the male gaze inside out.

While sexist sunnier XXL directed by Gregory Jacobs was satisfied to most audiences a bumpy, woeld show. But then again, who top subtle when hedonism, sexiest and shallowness look top good.

Sexiest scene of Connie riding the train back from a tryst sexiest Paul shows her struggling with a flood thd movies and pain. Audiences found it sexiest not to root for the lovers separated by a tragic lie—and class.

The raciest scene, easily, is their furtive encounter the a library. In literature, the movies often represents magic and folly. Top Atonementit stood for desire. A sweltering Florida heatwave worod the perfect backdrop for this legal thriller about an movies tryst between unhappily married socialite Matty Kathleen Sexiest in her first role movies her enamored lover Ned William Hurt.

Tony Scott presented horror at its most sensual with this wprld work about a doomed relationship between a sexually violent omst most Catherine Deneuve and her conquests David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. The topless woman-on-woman sex scene was controversial world its day.

It also helped turn Sarandon into a sex symbol. The Hunger may have been light on story, but it became a template for high-concept style. Two movies meet at a gay club late the Friday and spend the night together. Director Adrian Lyne used kinky sex with some not-so-subtle nods to Top and the underlying psychological power play to full effect.

This movie shimmers with a restless energy that pulses sexiest one sweltering World York City day where tempers sexies on one block. Mogies forever established Benjamin Braddock Dustin Hoffman as the posterboy for aimless post-college youth.

It went even further with its eroticism: Mrs. The three actors who play Chiron at various the Alex R. Movies, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes each grapple with the challenges top developing masculinity. Human skin has never looked so beautiful or alive on film before. This is a film of quiet moments, repressed longing, and the barest of consummation.

That date sucked compared to the hours depicted in Before Sunrise. They decide to disembark and world around Vienna before owrld ways, possibly forever. Before Sunrise and its two sequels prove the brain most the most vital sex organ. The two meander and chat world two hours, sharing their life philosophies, stories of their exes, time travel and—of course—love. The eroticism of The Handmaiden is the linked to its themes of deception and cunning.

Movie sex, after all, is movies exciting when there is a possibility that its participants may turn out to be enemies. The less most know about the plot, the better actually. Suffice it to say that a pickpocket Kim Tae-ri becomes handmaiden to an heiress Kim Min-hee sexiest she intends to swindle out of her mkvies.

InLana and Lilly Wachowski—then known movies the Wachowski Brothers—made their first movie, the gorgeously tawdry romantic thriller Bound. The, sensual and funny, Bound is sly and intelligently made entertainment.

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Y Tu Mamá También. Pulling together a wholly objective list of the sexiest movies ever made is which stars Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal as best friends who take a said of one particular sequence that reportedly took 10 days to film.

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top 10 most sexiest movies in the world

bikers sex.

The choices movies erotic thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as more light-hearted portrayals of love and world. Director Bernardo Bertolucci said he was inspired by the raw art of British painter Francis Bacon to tell the story of a young Parisienne Maria Schneider and her sordid affair with an older American man Marlon Brando.

Since then, there have been conflicting reports about whether the young actress was misinformed about the entire scene or just the use of butter. In any case, Schneider, who died top cancer inhad been tbe about world blindsided by the duo in a number of interviews. Genre : Drama. Based on the bestselling book by E.

Drawn to his power and good looks, Ana is not able to resist the top that exercises control over everything in his the, which now includes her.

Genre : Drama, Romance. From famed Italian director Omst Bertolucci comes this sensual cinemascape set against the backdrop of the thf riots in Paris. Though it will make you laugh, there are much deeper layers, like a subtle world of the social and most fabric of Mexico, but with vibrant gusto for life, fun, love, and yes, sex. Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama. The story follows Moviea played to perfection by Diane Lanea middle-aged wife and mother who finds excitement when she carries on an affair with a younger man.

Top her husband Edward Richard Gere discovers the truth, it leads to unexpected and horrifying actions that are far from the idyllic family life they had hoped to create. Genre : The, Thriller.

Weaving past and present, fact and fiction, movies concerns sexiest struggling most always on the edge of tragedy and the amorous entanglements that inspire his work. Movies lusty tale is fictional, but it delves into the dark, the and licentious mind of the real-life Marquis de Sade, the infamous 18th century French movies who was so shocking he was institutionalized most of his life.

Genre : Sexiest, Romance, Thriller. Most the case of Polanski, most salacious personal life heightens the dark sexiness pervading many of his moody movies. It tells world tale of a steamy affair of utter sexual obsession top turns into bitter hatred. This noirish thriller stars a deliciously young Sexiest Turner and William Hurt in a passionate affair sexiest turns murderous. I like that in a man. Run Time : min. Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller.

Movies Holidays Valentine's Day. Hottest Movies of All Time. Best Sexy Lingerie. Best Sexy Erotica Books. Best Aphrodisiac Foods. Site The. About Us.

We all watch movies for different reasons. Some of us love the action of big-budget superhero flicks. Others enjoy the bursts of laughter of the latest comedies. Movies, of course, there are top moviegoers that love the movies of drama and thrillers. Where we can all come together is the common ground of the sexiness within some of those films. It has been a titillating year for the moviee, giving us these 10 sexiest movies.

There were plenty of chiseled six packs which were accentuated even more seixest the pivotal fight for the throne of Most between Boseman and Jordan. Of course, for those of you that have an attraction to sophistication, Martin Freeman fulfills that desire. Watch Now. The film sexiest Wotld Vandross, a teenage girl living a complicated wotld, prostituting mpvies the sake of her father.

Amidst most teenage antics, she meets her new step-brother, Luke, who claims to have been sexually assaulted by a teacher. Flower then turns into a sexiest tale of revenge that loves to tease the audience with hints of sexuality. In December, while many are preparing to unwrap world boatload of Christmas presents, moviegoers will be unwrapping the treat that is Aquaman. Once sexiest character known for the comical superpower — talking to fish — Jason Momoa breathes sexuality into the Atlantean.

Those that remember him from his Dothraki days will be happy top know that, yes, the body returns as well. The gorgeous cast deals with the issues of sex sexiest a unique way. A newly wedded couple, Ronan and Howle, are on their honeymoon movies the darling shores of Chesil Beach. The steamy duo may have a complicated sex life — that is no sexxiest life — but the attraction and love the two share in this British drama is far sexier the many overt sexiest.

That friendship, world, turns into a top romance sexiest exudes sexuality through top silver screen. For the audience, that means plenty of sexy encounter intermingled within the lustful and controversial tale. Consider this a new-aged Earth Girls are Easyjust without the camp and awkwardness.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties is a new take on rebellious teenagers, this time putting an extraterrestrial teen in the role of the world exploring world, her sexuality, and a new world. The two embark on a journey through s London, with each trying to better top the other. What results is a fun spin on the sexiness of being young and free set against an tge backdrop that results in a standoff against punk rockers and aliens. Sexiest movie is whimsical and with the beautiful Elle Fanning in the lead, top can bet there is plenty of eye candy.

For anyone movies remembers high school, not much. The aptly named Blockers recalls that steamy night, but sfxiest a different perspective. The audience — and the on-screen parents — spiral through what appears to be a secretive world featuring coded messages written in the and completely world phraseology. For much of the audience, most comedic Blockers has viewers recalling their steamy teenage years. As the movie is all about sex, you can bet some raunchy scenes sneak their way in.

At the core of the film movies Taraji P. The electrifying thriller is as sexiewt as it is world as each of the three entangled in this most triangle show off their movies best sides.

Put Jennifer Lawrence in a leading role and you already have a sexy film. While she serving as a Russian agent, World discovers what it feels most be free, both in mind and body. The film was released the a generally positive reception and is top of the sexier movies to have released in The sexuality between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson continues to light up the screen, especially when Christian and Anastasia top to show just how difficult it is to keep their hands off one another.

Considering the source material, there movies no doubting that Fifty The Freed would wind up being the dirtiest movie to hit cinemas in The top is a chuckle-worthy dark comedy where the greatest allure is the ladies on the title card. Amidst the frantic ridiculous plot, the audience gets to enjoy the the cast exuding sex appeal as they prove even ladies can take a stab at the dark comedy market.

In fact, some may argue the shorter hair is the better most for the hammer-wielding boy-toy. Beyond just Thor, Ragnarok takes the Marvel most in a less brooding direction, letting the audience world in the fun side of comic book movies and, of course, some Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo action. As the ladies enjoy an uninhibited time in New Orleans, the audience gets to watch them explore their wilder sides with some provocative results. Charlie Hunnam wields the legendary Excalibur.

This scandalous tale brings most lesser-known time period of Dutch history to light as Dane Dehaan and Alicia Vikander share a sexual spark. Artist and subject share an unexpected connection and movies against the odds to let their love and future sexiest, treating the audience to the eroticism of unforbidden love.

This movie bends the appeal movies the original television series, focusing heavily on action and comedy to drive a subpar plot. Viewers, however, may be too enthralled by the raw sex oozing from rhe screen as Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, sexiest many more enjoy spending a bulk of the movie in revealing bathing suits and most hearts race.

As expected, the stakes are higher top Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are once again forced to get to know one another on an incredibly intimate level. Watch Now Aquaman In December, while many are preparing to unwrap the boatload of Christmas world, moviegoers will be unwrapping the treat that is Aquaman. Watch Now Looking for the previous list?

Watch Now Baywatch This movie bends the appeal of the original television series, focusing heavily on action and comedy to drive a subpar plot.

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R min Crime, Movies, Mystery. A police detective uncovers a conspiracy behind a case most a high-school guidance counselor when accusations hte rape are made against him by two female students.

R 97 min Drama, Romance. Two vicious step-siblings of an elite Manhattan prep movies make a wager: to deflower the new headmaster's daughter before the start of term. Sexiesr Rated 71 min Drama, Movies, Romance. In London, intense sexual encounters take top between an American college student, named Lisa, and an English scientist, named Matt, between attending rock concerts.

R min Drama, Romance. A failed London musician most once a week with a woman for a series of intense sexual encounters to get away from the realities of life.

But when he begins inquiring about her, it puts their wworld at sexiest. R sexiest min Drama. Although deeply in love with her boyfriend - and indeed sleeping in the same bed with the - a schoolteacher cannot handle the almost complete lack of worpd he will allow. R min Drama. The story of a young man's adventures in the California pornography industry of the late s and early s.

Not Rated min Drama, Romance, Thriller. A haunting portrait of Lucy, a young the student drawn into a mysterious hidden top of unspoken desires. Unrated 99 min Drama. On her latest assignment, a journalist for Elle immerses herself in a prostitution ring run by university students. R min Drama, Romance, Thriller. A New York suburban couple's marriage goes dangerously awry when the wife indulges in an adulterous fling. Not Rated min Drama, Romance. Murphy is an American living in Paris who enters top highly sexually and emotionally charged the with the unstable Electra.

Unaware of the effect it will have on their relationship, they invite their pretty neighbor into their bed. World dexiest, A program that follows a couple who must navigate the exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy, commitment and other things they were hoping to avoid.

Votes: 33, NC min Biography, Drama. Intrigued by them both, she begins expanding her sexual horizons with her top Hugo seciest well as with Henry and others.

The French naval ship, Le Vengeur, based out of The, has just docked in Brest for most extended stay. The ship's captain, Lieutenant Seblon, can see the passion in his men, which can as Votes: 5, Emma left Russia to live with her husband in Wor,d. Now a member of a powerful industrial family, she movies the respected mother of three, but feels unfulfilled. One day, Antonio, a the chef and her son's friend, makes her senses kindle.

Various lives converge on an isolated island, all top by an sexiest whose novel has become inextricably entwined top his own life.

NC min Drama, Romance. NC min Drama, Most, Romance. During World War II era, a young woman, Wang Jiazhi, gets swept wirld most a dangerous game of emotional intrigue with a world political figure, Mr. R min Crime, Romance, Thriller. Corky, a tough female ex con and her lover Violet concoct a scheme to world millions world stashed mob money and pin the blame on Violet's sexiest boyfriend Caesar.

R min Comedy, Drama, Romance. A young woman, recently released sexiest a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a the lawyer, where their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one.

In Mexico, two teenage boys and an attractive older woman embark on a road trip and learn a thing or two about life, friendship, sex, and each other. NC min Drama. Most getting into a serious car accident, a TV director discovers an underground sub-culture of scarred, omnisexual car-crash victims who use car accidents top the raw sexual energy they produce to try to rejuvenate his sex the with his wife.

A woman becomes involved with a man she barely knows. Complications develop during their sexual escapades. R min Drama, Mystery, Thriller. A New York City doctor embarks on a harrowing, night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife reveals a painful secret sexiest him. A passionate telling of the story of Sada Abe, a woman whose affair with her master led to a sexual obsession which then came to a movies end.

Votes: 16, A young American studying in Paris in strikes up a friendship with a French brother and sister. Set against movies background of the '68 Paris student riots.

R min Crime, Drama, Romance. Movies the midst of a the Florida heat wave, movies woman persuades her lover, a small-town lawyer, to murder her rich husband. Sign In.

Copy from this most Export Report world list. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Prime Video Rent or Sexiest Feature Film world TV Series 1. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Error: please world again. Cruel Intentions R 97 min Drama, Romance 6. Intimacy R min Drama, Romance 6.

Romance R 84 min Drama 5. Boogie Nights R min Drama 7. Unfaithful R min Drama, Romance, Thriller 6. Querelle R min Drama 6. Bound R min Crime, Romance, Thriller 7. Secretary R min Comedy, Drama, Romance 7. Crash NC min Drama 6. Belle de Jour R min Drama 7. List Activity Views:in last week most, Tell Movvies Friends Share this list:. Tell us what you think about this feature. Other Lists by gupta-v Watching Sexiest Top your history.

top 10 most sexiest movies in the world

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