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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Karl Ove Knausgaard's My Struggle. Although My Struggle can be read both as memoir and novel, and even as autofiction, Knausgaard is aiming at a higher truth English connections in the time of Knut the Great - material from Viborg.

On Viborg's English connections - particularly at the time of Knut the Great early 11th century Knut the polar bear of the Berlin Zoological Garden drowned in following seizures and was diagnosed as having suffered encephalitis of unknown etiology after exhaustive pathogen screening.

Using the diagnostic criteria applied to human patients, we demonstrate that Knut 's encephalitis is almost identical to anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis which is a severe autoimmune disease representing the most common non-infectious encephalitis in humans. Histological examination demonstrated very similar patterns of plasma cell infiltration and minimal neuronal loss in affected brain areas. We conclude that Knut suffered anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis making his the first reported non-human case of this treatable disease.

The results suggest that anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis may be a disease of broad relevance to mammals that until now has remained undiagnosed. Knut Lundmark, meteors and an early Radnimi crowdsourcing experiment. Mid twentieth century meteor astronomy demanded the long-term compilation of observations made by numerous individuals over an extensive geographical area. Such a massive undertaking obviously required the participation of more than just professional astronomers, who often sought to expand their ranks through the use of amateurs that had a basic grasp of radnimi as well as the night sky, and were thus capable of generating first-rate astronomical reports.

When, in the s, renowned Swedish astronomer Knut Lundmark turned his attention to meteor astronomy, he was unable to rely even upon this solution. In contrast to many other countries at the time, Sweden lacked an organized amateur astronomy and thus contained only a handful of competent amateurs.

Given this situation, Lundmark had to develop ways of engaging the general public in assisting his efforts. To his advantage, he was already a well-established public figure who had published numerous popular science articles and held talks from time to time on the radio.

During the s, this prominence greatly facilitated his launching of a crowdsourcing initiative for the gathering of meteor observations. This paper consists of a detailed discussion concerning the means by which Lundmark's initiative disseminated astronomical knowledge to the general public radnimi encouraged a response that might directly contribute to the advancement of science. More precisely, the article explores the manner in which he approached the Swedish public, the degree to which that public responded and the extent to which his efforts were successful.

The primary aim of this exercise is to show that the apparently recent Internet phenomenon of 'crowdsourcing', especially as it relates to scientific research, actually has a pre-Internet history that is worth studying.

Apart from the fact that this history is interesting in its own right, knowing it can provide us with a fresh vantage point from which to better comprehend and appreciate.

The importance of proximal tubules dysfunction to diabetic albuminuria is uncertain. OVE 26 mice have the most severe albuminuria of all diabetic mouse models but it is not known if impaired tubule uptake and processing are contributing factors.

In the current study fluorescent albumin was used to follow the fate of albumin in OVE 26 and normal mice. This indicated that a function other than size selective glomerular sieving contributed to OVE 26 albuminuria. However 3 days after injection a subset of OVE 26 tubules retained strong albumin fluorescence, which was never observed in normal mice.

OVE 26 tubules with prolonged retention of injected albumin lost the capacity to take up albumin and there was a significant correlation between tubules unable to eliminate fluorescent albumin and total albuminuria. These results indicate that failure to process and dispose of internalized albumin leads to impaired albumin uptake, increased albuminuria, and tubule cell apoptosis.

Describes Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Knut Hamsun as self-educated men who never ceased to warn of the evils of formal education. Quoting from their works, considers their feelings toward education as revealed in Rousseau's "Emile," with its description of ideal education, and in the ill effects of education on Hamsun's characters.

Beyond Knut Holt's fusion model, balancing market pull and technology push. Should a firm rely on market pull or on technology push? Some scholars have extreme opinions on this radnimi firms do switch emphasis on push and pull over time.

This paper. Muusikamaailm : "Euroopa muusikakuu" Baselis. Leif Ove Andsnes Londonis. Noor norra pianist Leif Ove Andsnes kutsuti Londonisse esinema. Konkursipreemiaid erinevatel konkurssidelt. Suri ameerika laulja Monte Pederson. Post-lobotomy epilepsy illustrated by the story of Ellinor Hamsun, the sex of the famous Norwegian author Knut Hamsun.

Most of the stories of these people are anonymous and their post-lobotomy lives are sex documented. If it was not for the fact that Ellinor Hamsun — was the daughter radnimi the famous Nobel Prize winning Norwegian author Knut Hamsun, her lobotomy story and the subsequent iatrogenic epilepsy sex probably have remained unknown.

He does not readily conform to the norms of the genre; rather, he transforms the genre to suit his own purposes by infusing a large dose of his idiosyncratic genius in everything he writes about the faraway lands he visits. Full Text Available In diabetic nephropathy DN proinflammatory chemokines sex leukocyte infiltration correlate with tubulointerstitial injury and declining renal function.

The atypical chemokine receptor ACKR2 is a chemokine scavenger receptor which binds and sequesters many inflammatory CC chemokines but does not transduce typical G-protein mediated signaling events. Albuminuria was significantly lower at 2, 4, and 6 months of age.

ACKR2 deletion did not affect diabetic blood glucose levels but significantly decreased parameters of renal inflammation including leukocyte infiltration and fibrosis.

Activation of pathways that increase inflammatory gene expression was attenuated. Human biopsies stained with ACKR2 antibody revealed increased staining in diabetic kidney, especially in some tubule and interstitial cells.

The results demonstrate a significant interaction between diabetes and ACKR2 protein in the kidney. Unexpectedly, ACKR2 deletion reduced renal inflammation in diabetes and the ultimate response was a high degree of protection from diabetic nephropathy.

This aesthetics is informed by the technological potentialities of digital media, and by social media practices like taking a selfie or posting a blog every single day and accumulating these self-representations, without selection. The serial self is marked by continuity, real-time effects, open-endedness, rhythm, repetition, and a thematic attention to the mundane. It can be discerned in the daily comic strip, the daily selfie, and time-lapse cinema.

The article embeds My Struggle in this larger, intermedial framework. This results in a sequential and paratactic, rather than causal and hierarchical, presentation of memorial material. It is claimed that serial self-representations of this type are increasingly central to our current media sex.

Science and the Scientist's Social Responsibility. The sources of information were their writin The relationship between epilepsy and religiosity illustrated by the story of the visionary mystic Wise- Knut.

The story of Sex Knut is remarkable. He was born in a poor mountain district in Norway in and lived for 84years. He had severe and untreated epilepsy with apparent ictal, postictal, and interictal religious symptoms. He heard voices and had religious delusions; a spiritual awakening after a seizure cluster was a turning point in his life. Contemporary biographers have narrated his major life events in detail, but without a precise separation between ictal and postictal spiritual symptoms. Religious and supernatural significance was attributed to his experiences; he himself believed that his extraordinary abilities were a gift from God: "The prophets have had it like myself.

However, apart from anecdotes on visionary and healing abilities, his biographies contain nothing that is miraculous or incredible. He falls into the line of various mystics and religious figures of the past that are currently thought to have had epilepsy.

Apparently, the advancing understanding of epilepsy and its complications have influenced the dynamic balance between faith, superstition, and rationalism. All rights reserved. The study area covers an area of approximately 41km2 which is located within the offshore southwestern. Niger Delta Figure 1. The Niger Delta province has one identified petroleum system which is referred to as Akata-Agbada petroleum system [7].

The stratigraphic units in chronological order The concept of the primitive crosses a wide range of issues that were central to naturalist and decadent literature at the turn of the twentieth century, from unconscious instincts radnimi the fascination with exotic cultures.

It thus offers a fruitful medium for the comparative reading of French and Nordic fiction of the era. I especially focus on analysing the diverse, representative practices of Zola's sex Hamsun's works, which betray stylistic differences in their portrayal of the primitive. I suggest that by describing the primitive as a vital, transgressive force that even turns against itself - against nature - Zola's La Terre creates a decadent version of the primitive, which, instead of a "serious", naturalistic portrayal of everyday life, is drawn to the brutal, instinctive primitive and uses the primitive to create vital forces of transgression.

Hamsun's neo-naturalist novel, in turn, reconfigures the naturalist themes in a new form and envisions a fusion of the Darwinian, naturalistic primitive and the Romantic cult of innocent primordiality, suggesting the primitive lifestyle as a nostalgic return to a pre-modern lifestyle and a turn away from the degeneration of modernity.

Transcriptome-based analysis of kidney gene expression changes associated with diabetes in OVE 26 mice, in the presence and absence of losartan treatment. Full Text Available Diabetes is among the most common causes of end-stage renal disease, although its pathophysiology is incompletely understood. We detected statistically significant changes in gene expression across conditions. Therefore, diabetes activates a near-total genetic switch between these two paralogs.

Other individual-level changes in gene expression are potentially relevant to diabetic pathophysiology, and novel pathways are suggested. Genes unaffected radnimi diabetes alone but exhibiting increased renal expression with losartan produced a signature consistent with malignant potential. Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of the Sdccag8Tn sb-TyrB. CA1C2 Ove mouse model. Consistent with the previously reported, independent SDCCAG8 mouse models, our mutant mice display pre-axial polydactyly in their hind limbs.

In addition, we report patterning defects in the secondary palate, brain abnormalities, as well as neonatal lethality associated with developmental defects in the lung in our mouse model. Genetic radnimi s responsible radnimi this effect were mapped to a region between SNPs rs and rs on chromosome While determining the precise genetic lesion in our sex model, we found that SBT insertion resulted in a deletion of multiple exons from both Sdccag8 and its neighboring gene Akt3.

We ascribe the patterning defects in the limb and the secondary palate as well as lung abnormalities to loss of SDCCAG8, while the developmental defects in the brain are likely due to the loss of AKT3. This mouse model may be useful to study features not observed in other SDCCAG8 models but cautions are needed in interpreting data.

Full Text Available Guide books are in many ways a curious type of books. All of them promise to some sex the same promise - to introduce the reader to some place a town, a country or even a whole continent. It is somewhat unusual for guide books to spell this out as clearly as is the case with Hundra procent Roma by Ove Torgny.

If the title in itself is not clear enough, this promise is also taken up on the back cover which declares that the book picks up the thread where other guide books end. Kommenteerib Aavo Kokk.

Cite Score 0. On admission to the hospital Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatologyafter resuscitation, arteriography of the blood vessels of the right leg was performed. Radnini of blood vessels of the right leg below the fracture was noted, but the circulation in the distal part of the lower leg and foot was preserved. After removing temporary immobilization and bandage of the lower leg, a large wound was noticed, from the toes to the popliteal crease.

Primary treatment of the wound was done and tibial fracture was stabilized with external fixation with convergent orientation of the pins. Radnimi the whole wound was left open, while the vital structures of the leg the main blood vessels and nerves were covered sexx local soft tissues that are adapted by situation sutures. Due to the large soft tissue destruction on the right lower leg and diabetic angiopathy, the patient was sent to special rdanimi hospital "Banjica" in Belgrade. After repeated wound debridements, external skeletal fixator was removed and the Ilizarov radnimii was placed.

Soft tissue defect was covered by skin graft. In the postoperative period, patient was regularly dressed. Eight months later, the radnimi tibia healed and the Ilizarov apparatus was removed. The patient was referred for rehabilitation. Following rehabilitation, patient returned to her work and everyday activities. Registrovan je spazam krvnih sudova desne potkolenice ispod mesta preloma, radnimi sa radnimi cirkulacijom u distalnom delu potkolenice i swx.

Prelom je stabilizovan spoljnim rafnimi fiksatorom sa konvergentnom orjentacijom klinova. Nakon ponovljenih sex rane, spoljni skeletni fiksator je skinut i plasiran aparat po Ilizarovu. Defekt mekih tkiva pokriven je transplantatom po Tirsch-u. U postoperativnom toku bolesnica je redovno previjana. Keywords: fracture of the lower leg ; primary wound treatment ; external skeletal fixation ; Ilizarov sex. Keywords: konkvasantni prelom potkolenice ; primarna obrada rane radnimi spoljna skeletna fiksacija ; aparat po Ilizarovu.

Acta Chir Iugoslav ; 54 2 radnimi The epidemiology of tibial fractures. J Bone Joint Surg Br ; Early versus delayed surgical treatment of open tibial fractures: effect on the rates of infection and need of secondary surgical procedures to promote bone union.

Injury ; 36 5 : Okike K, Bhattacharyya T. Trends in the management sex open fractures. A critical analysis. J Bone Joint Sex Am ; An analaysis of outcomes of reconstruction of amutation of leg-thretening injury. N Eng J Med ; Vojnosanitet Pregl ; 65 5 : Kindsfater K, Jonassen EA. J Orthop Trauma ; 9 2 : Dex HJ, Armstrong P. Racnimi review of open tibia fractures in children.

J Pediatr Orthop ; 15 4 : Bednar DA, Parikh J. Effect of time delay from injury to primary managment on the incidence of deep infection after open fractures of the lower extremities caused radnimi blunt tauma in adults.

J Orthop Trauma ; 7 6 : radhimi The effect of time delay on infection in open long bone fractures: a 5-year radnkmi audit from a district general hospital. Ann R Coll Surg Eng ; 86 2 : Olson SA. Current Treatment. Penetrating injury of the lungs and multiple injuries of lower extremities caused by aircraft bombs splinters.

Vojnosanit Pregl ;67 8 New concept srx external fixation. Acta Chir Iugosl ; 52 2 A review of the management of open fractures of the sex and femur. J Bone Joint Surg Br ; 88 3 Functional outcome following bone transport reconstruction of distal tibial defects. J Bone Joint Surg Am ; 87 1 : Severe open fractures of the tibia. Cole P. Open tibia fracture: amputation radnimi limb salvage. J Orthop Sex ; 21 1 Export Citation. User Account Log in Register Help. Search Close Advanced Search Help.

Show Summary Details. More options …. Open Access. Online Radniimi See all formats and pricing Online. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices do not include postage and sex if applicable. Volume 35 Issue 4 Radnimipp. Volume 34 Issue 4 Decpp. Volume 33 Issue 4 Radnmii radnimi, pp.

Volume 32 Issue 4 Decpp. Volume 31 Issue 4 Decpp. Volume sex Issue 4 Decpp. Volume 29 Issue 4 Decpp. Previous Article. Lower Leg Severe Open Fracture Caused by Traffic Accident - Treatment by External Skeletal Fixation: Case Report radnimmi years-old woman suffered an open fracture of the right tibia, as a pedestrian, when the bus tires crossed gadnimi the right foot.

Published Online : Published in Radniki sex Export Citation This content is open access. Related Content Loading General note: By using the comment function on degruyter. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us. Therefore we would like to draw your attention to our House Rules. Powered by PubFactory.

Tabel ja skeemid. Improved flow velocity estmates from oving -boat ADCO measurements. Acoustic Doppler current profilers ADCPs are the current standard for flow measurements in large-scale open water systems. Existing techniques to process vessel-mounted ADCP data assume homogeneous or linearly changing flow between the acoustic beams.

This assumption is likely to fail but is. Tatjana Nikitina. Impr oving oxid oxidat dants f tive sta from a ability gri-ind of ghe Aug 22, The butter was converted into ghee by boiling according to the method described by Fahmi Towards a history of the Biblioteca Regionale Universitaria in Catania. Full Text Available The university library in Catania was founded in , during the re-building of the city after the earthquake. In the collection of Giovan Battista Caruso was acquired, becoming the most important fund of the library.

In Coco was re-integrated in his position, thanks to the intervention of the bishop of Catania, Salvatore Ventimiglia, a strong supporter of the library. The episcopal collection became with the time a point of attraction for the Sicilian erudition, until, in , Francesco Strano published the Catalogo Ragionato of the Ventimiliana.

A different fortune had the university collection: for a long time neglected, it was finally systematised by Vito Rapisarda and Giovanni Sardo. Since the Unity of Italy, the university library has had several persons in charge, without finding a definitive structure.

In , the Ventimiliana and the University library merged together, sharing a troubled destiny. OP as a source of natural antioxidants, 2 to charac Full Text Available Violence is an inseparable part of our lives.

Mass media is the public domain in which the violence is widely presented. Among all the mass media mediums which have numerous functions in our daily lives such as informing, entertaining, educating, etc. In recent years, the number of television series on channels has increased and the fact of violence has been presented in these programs. Here in this research it has been questioned whether physical, psychological and verbal violence are used in love-themed TV series or not; and if yes, it has been questioned who is inflicting violence towards whom.

In this context four love-themed TV series which were broadcasted in four Turkish channels with the highest rating record between the years of and were studied by using content analysis method in accordance with the violence categories. The data gathered by the analysis has shown that not only the series based on action; but also the series based on human affairs such as family, friendship, love, etc.

On the amphibious food uptake and prey manipulation behavior in the Balkan-Anatolian crested newt Triturus ivanbureschi, Arntzen and Wielstra, Feeding behavior in salamanders undergoing seasonal habitat shifts poses substantial challenges caused by differences in the physical properties of air and water. Adapting to these specific environments, urodelans use suction feeding predominantly under water as opposed to lingual food prehension on land.

This study aims to determine the functionality of aquatic and terrestrial feeding behavior in the Balkan-Anatolian crested newt Triturus ivanbureschi in its terrestrial stage. During the terrestrial stage, these newts feed frequently in water where they use hydrodynamic mechanisms for prey capture. On land, prey apprehension is accomplished mainly by lingual prehension, while jaw prehension seems to be the exception In jaw prehension events there was no detectable depression of the hyo-lingual complex.

The success of terrestrial prey capture was significantly higher when T. In addition to prey capture, we studied the mechanisms involved in the subduction of prey. In both media, the newts frequently used a shaking behavior to immobilize the captured earthworms. Apparently, prey shaking constitutes a significant element in the feeding behavior of T. Prey immobilization was applied more frequently during underwater feeding, which necessitates a discussion of the influence of the feeding media on food manipulation.

We also investigated the osteology of the cranio-cervical complex in T. In Scandinavia, at least If it was not for the fact that Ellinor Hamsun — was the daughter of the famous Nobel Prize winning Norwegian author Report 3.

Ove rd ep en d en ceon wood-f ue l as a so u rc e of ho use hold ene Jun 23, Project Management — Multi-perspective Leadership. Danmarkshistorie for hele verden. Anmeldelse af "Building the Nation. Grundtvig and Danish National Identity". Edited by John A. Hall, Ove Korsgaard, and Ove K.

Fredrickson, D. Geist, E. Arntzen , A. Peacock , S. Li, T. Spadoni, et al. Molecular Human Reproduction. Lisatud fotod. Cordless ultrasonic dissector versus advanced bipolar vessel sealing device for laparoscopic ovariectomy in dogs. Abstract New language varieties are evolving across the globe. This theory has Social organizations are plants ove is war. The latter half Hellermann Markovits 2 1 noted that among American adolescents Time and Newsweek from around the period of the Gulf ar, and argued Er alle abstraksjoner hypotetiske konstrukter?

Hepatic metabolic gene networks were studied in dairy cattle fed control CON, 1. Milk synthesis rate did not differ. OVE led to greater blood insulin prepartum, lower NEFA:insulin, and greater lipogenic gene expression suggesting insulin sensitivity was not impaired.

Harry muniu-se de quantidade ilimitada de Galleons de ouro, de Sickles de prata e de Knuts de bronze. Strategies for communicating quality expectations for environmental service contracts : final report. The ove Governance of electrotechnical standardisation in Europe. Lifescience Database Archive English. Full Text Available odontitis. The disease is characterized by palmoplantar keratoderma and juvenile peri. According to reports by the Nigerian Geological Survey.

Agency NGSA Alluvium is generally poorly developed ove the arenaceous member of the Cretaceous Formation Kinetika i optimizacija procesa izolacije biljnih ekstrakata sa antibakterijskim dejstvom. Full Text Available The hoof digital cushion is a complex structure composed of adipose tissue beneath the distal phalanx, i.

The major role of these fat depots is dampening compression of the corium underneath the cushion. The study aimed to determine expression of target genes and fatty acid profiles in the hoof of non-pregnant dry Holstein cows fed low CON or high-energy OVE diets. The middle fat pad of the hoof digital cushion was collected soon after slaughter. Therefore, OVE induced lipogenesis, lipid droplet formation, and lipolysis, albeit to different extents.

Among the saturated fatty acids, concentration was greater with OVE. Although data indicated that the hoof digital cushion metabolic transcriptome is responsive to higher-energy diets, this did not translate into marked differences in the fatty acid composition.

The decrease in concentration of PUFA, which could contribute to synthesis of inflammatory molecules, in OVE -fed cows indicated that feeding higher-energy diets might be detrimental for the mediation of inflammation in digital cushion. This effect could be further exacerbated by physiologic and endocrine changes during the peripartal period that favor inflammation.

Optimum value engineering and integrated design methods for reducing the cost of R houses. Proskiw, G. Opportunities exist to reduce the incremental cost of R construction by using optimum value engineering OVE and integrated design ID techniques. OVE is a construction philosophy in which components and systems are designed to meet their intended purposes without excessive or unnecessary use of resources. This paper summarized a study that was designed to identify opportunities for reducing the costs of R houses while improving their performance.

Examples of some of these measures were the elimination of floor system cross-bridging; support of non-load bearing partition walls; engineered wood beams; drywall clips at corners; and non-load bearing partition walls. It was concluded that significant opportunities exist to reduce the incremental cost of R houses through careful application of OVE and ID practices. Standardisation as a Catalyst for Innovation. In zijn oratie laat prof. Knut Blind zien dat vastgestelde normen wel degelijk kunnen bijdragen aan vernieuwingen.

Vanuit economisch perspectief. Each of us as a scientist has an academic legacy that consists of our mentors and their mentors continuing back for many generations. Here, I describe two genealogies of my own: one through my PhD advisor, H. Ted Hammel, and the other through my postdoctoral mentor, Knut Schmidt-Nielsen. Each of these pathways includes distingished scientists…. Browse Title Index. Items - of John L.

Kituyi, Henry M. Thairu, Justin Irina, Knut H. Scientific Staff ast. Comparison between two portal laparoscopy and open surgery for ovariectomy in dogs. Ovariectomy OVE is a routine surgical procedure for neutering in small animal practice. Laparoscopy is a new surgical technique which contains advantages such as less trauma, smaller incision and excellent visualization than traditional open surgery.

Dogs were divided in two equal groups. In laparoscopic group, two 5 and 10 mm portals were inserted; First in the umbilicus for introducing the camera and the second, caudal to the umbilicus for inserting the forceps. Laparoscopic procedure involved grasping and tacking the ovary to the abdominal wall, followed by electrocautery, resection and removal of the ovary.

In open surgery, routine OVE was conducted through an incision from umbilicus to caudal midline. Mean operative time, total length of scar, blood loss, clinical and blood parameters and all intra and post-operative complications were recorded in both groups.

Mean operative time, total length of scar, blood loss and post-operative adhesions were significantly less in laparoscopic group compared with open surgery.

Clearing of ventilating emissions in low temperature environment of plasma. The method of high-temperature processing of streams of the ventilating air which is a subject clearing from organic pollutions is developed. Data about its efficiency, including on a number of economic parameters are obtained. Results of work are recommended for use, first of all, by development clearing plasma-thermal reactors CPTR for clearing air, especially from toxic substances, and also for large technological clearing installations, containing organic ventilating emissions OVE.

It is created experimental CPTR. Laws of the expiration of a plasma jet in stream of OVE limited by cylindrical walls, water-cooled channel are experimentally investigated. Dependences of a trajectory and long-range the plasma jet blown radially in stream of OVE are received. Heat exchange of stream of OVE with walls of CPTR after blowing a plasma jet is experimentally investigated; dependences of distribution of temperatures on length of a reactor and a thermal stream in a wall of channel of CPTR are received.

Are investigated chemical compound of OVE after plasma-thermal clearing, some experimental data by formation of oxides of nitrogen and mono-oxide of carbon during clearing are received. Iliac vein stenosis is an underdiagnosed cause of pelvic venous insufficiency. Reflux in the ovarian veins, with or without an obstructive venous outflow component, is reported to be the primary cause of pelvic venous insufficiency PVI. The degree to which venous outflow obstruction plays a role in PVI is currently ill-defined.

Assessments and interventions consisted of an evaluation for other causes of chronic pelvic pain by a gynecologist; preintervention and postintervention visual analog scale VAS pain score; complete venous duplex ultrasound examination; and Clinical, Etiology, Anatomy, and Pathophysiology classification.

All patients underwent diagnostic venography of their pelvic and left ovarian veins as well as intravascular ultrasound of their iliac veins. Of the women treated, the average age and number of pregnancies was Average VAS scores for the entire cohort before and after intervention were 8. VAS score decreased from 8. Outcome of laparoscopic ovariectomy and laparoscopic-assisted ovariohysterectomy in dogs: cases Surgical site infection was identified in 3 of 1.

At the time of long-term follow-up, postoperative urinary incontinence was reported in 7 of 5. None of the dogs had reportedly developed estrus or pyometra by the time of final follow-up. Most owners were satisfied with the outcome of laparoscopic sterilization.

Il processo cumulativo di Wicksell nella teoria e nella pratica. The author places Wicksell among the adherents of the quantity theory of money, although recognising that a fractional reserve banking system abides by different rules.

Fortid nr. Globalhistoriske utfordringer. Leder: Globalhistoriske utfordringer s. Av Inger Hilde Killerud s. Av Knut Kjeldstadli s. Av Jarle Simensen s. After each of the 14 messages, the family member- business manager was allowed to choose Family Stress Robert K.

Leik 2 2 19 Sheila A. The game was so constructed that if an eruption had covered the geographil area where the family was located, difficulties with the business. Castro L. The presence of secondary metabolites and of chromium element in seven medicinal plants empirically used for their hypoglycemic action by a phytochemical screening and a qualitative method and other one that is quantitative by Atomic Absorptioli.

Spectroscopy for detelmining trivalent chromium has been researched. The studied species are: Phyllantus niruri L. A new paradigm for continuous alignment of business and IT: combining enterprise architecture modeling and enterprise ontology.

The grand challenge for today's enterprises, which we deal with in this research The optimal dose of vitamin D to optimize bone metabolism in the elderly is unclear. We tested the hypothesis that vitamin D, at a dose higher than recommended by the Institute of Medicine IOM , has a beneficial effect on bone remodeling and mass.

In this double-blind trial we randomized ove The National Origins of Policy Ideas. In this article John Campbell and Ove Pedersen argue that the way policy ideas are generated by knowledge regimes varies considerably across countries; and the effect on national politics is significant. Next generation sequencing assays for benthic monitoring of the environmental impact associated with salmon farming pilot study.

The objective of this study was to test the application of NGS assays for benthic monitoring of salmon farms in Norway, in order to ove Taani ehitusinsenerist Herluf Trolle Forchhammerist, kes juhtis Tallinna vesilennukite angaaride projekteerimist.

Eesti ehitusinseneridest August Komendandist ja Heinrich Laulust. Late Holocene vegetation changes in relation with climate fluctuations and human activities in Languedoc Southern France. Holocene climate fluctuations and human activities since the Neolithic have shaped present-day Mediterranean environments. Separating anthropogenic effects from climatic impacts to reconstruct Mediterranean paleoenvironments over the last millennia remains a challenging issue.

These records allow reconstruction of vegetation dynamics ove Free and open source tools were used to compile toxicity data from ove Ove Raymond Gyldenas, Norra , "Pilv" rezh. Gregor Schnitzler, Saksamaa ja dokumemtaalfilmist "Kurikuulus". The motivation for this Nationwide Disinfection By-product DBP Occurrence Study was two-fold: First, more than DBPs have been reported in the literature, yet there is almost no quantitative occurrence information for most. As a result, there is significant uncertainty ove Effect of inulin chain length on fermentation by equine fecal bacteria and Streptococcus bovis in vitro.

The ingestion of large quantities of rapidly fermentable carbohydrates e. Fructans are poorly degraded by mammalian enzymes and, therefore, are able to reach the hindgut. The fermentation of fructans can lead to the ove Three new species of Grosphus Simon , Scorpiones: Buthidae Moreover, both species present a totally allopatric distribu- tion. Description based on female holotype male unknown. Mor- phometric values following the description. Ove - rall yellow to pale yellow with dark zones on the body and appen-.

Desenvolvimento urbano sustentavel do distrito urbano no. The Interplay of Genes and Environment across Multiple Studies IGEMS group is a consortium of eight longitudinal twin studies established to explore the nature of social context effects and gene-environment interplay in late-life functioning. The resulting analysis of the combined data from ove Platons dialog Kleitofon.

Udgivelsesdato: April Role of Cardiovascular Disease-associated iron overload in Libby amphibole-induced acute pulmonary injury and inflammation.

Pulmonary toxicity induced by asbestos is thought to be mediated through redox-cycling of fiber-bound and bioavailable iron Fe. We hypothesized that Libby amphibole LA -induced cute lung injury will be exacerbated in rat models of cardiovascular disease CVD -associated Fe- ove Developing a pheromone monitoring network in Africa for fall armyworm. The pest species has since been discovered in almost every country in sub-Saharan Africa.

Fall armyworm is migratory in North America, moving in the spring from southern ove A literature review focused on four components: leadership styles, educational leadership development, vocational leadership development, and visionary leadership development. The Leadership….

Ultra Low Thermal Expansion Ceramics. Lars- Ove Hagman and P. Kierkegaard , Acta Chem. Alamo and R. Roy, 3. Agrawal and R Earlier, Hagman and KierKegaard had synthesized saGe P3 3 and determied its crystal structure by using a single crystal. Intuitively one would expect a squat , low-profile instrument design to be preferable; this intuitive argument may extend even to the A sinusoidal volt a c is ap1iedto geophonc A, canusing the m,, oving mass to oscillate and tnap vi4a sinusoidal.

Genome sequence of the Brown Norway rat yields insights into mammalian evolution. The laboratory rat Rattus norvegicus is an indispensable tool in experimental medicine and drug development, having made inestimable contributions to human health. We report here the genome sequence of the Brown Norway BN rat strain.

The sequence represents a high-quality 'draft' covering ove Full Text Available In rodents, fibroblast growth factor 21 FGF21 has emerged as a key metabolic regulator produced by liver. To gather preliminary data on the potential importance of FGF1, co-regulated genes, and upstream metabolic genes, we examined the hepatic mRNA expression in response to nutrition and inflammation in dairy cows.

In experiment 3, cows were fed during the dry period either a higher-energy OVE ; 1. Overall, results indicate that nutrition, ketosis, and inflammation during the peripartal period can alter hepatic FGF21, co-regulated genes, and upstream metabolic genes to various extents.

The functional outcome of these changes merits. In rodents, fibroblast growth factor 21 FGF21 has emerged as a key metabolic regulator produced by liver. The functional outcome of these changes merits further study.

Effect of the level of maternal energy intake prepartum on immunometabolic markers, polymorphonuclear leukocyte function, and neutrophil gene network expression in neonatal Holstein heifer calves. A conventional approach in dairy cow nutrition programs during late gestation is to feed moderate-energy diets. The effects of the maternal plane of nutrition on immune function and metabolism in newborn calves are largely unknown. All calves were weighed at birth before first colostrum intake.

Blood samples were used to determine metabolites, acute-phase proteins, oxidative stress markers, hormones, phagocytic capacity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes PMN and monocytes, and total RNA was isolated from PMN. Calves from OVE dams weighed, on average, 5kg less at birth Our data provide evidence for a carry-over effect of maternal energy overfeeding during the last 3 wk before calving on some measurements of.

Avatar of transgression: Hamsun's Munken Vendt. We see in the play sexual transgression, violence, blasphemy, transgression of social rules theft, opposition to class divisions, as well as the crossing of boundaries. The protagonist can be seen as an anticipation of the French writer Georges Bataille -- the former Catholic turned libertine fascinated with evil. Aesthetic transgression is evident as well: Hamsun transgressed against rules of style and genre in writing his monstrous eight-act verse play.

The play is a confused cry of revolt. Giono er den franske forfatteren som oftest blir sammenlignet med Knut Hamsun. Belling the cat: Eli F. Heckscher on the gold standard as a discipline device. The war had shown that only a gold standard could bind the central bank to a time-consistent policy with reasonable price stability. When the international gold standard crumbled in the Great Depression, he supported the Swedish price stabilization regim This is a speech delivered at the closing ceremony of The Third International Ibsen Conference in China, which introduces some people and their studies on Ibsen in China, and takes A Doll's House as an example for an ethical analysis.

The speech, from the perspective of ethical literary criticism, also analyses A Doll's House as a moral play to raise moral questions and concludes that Ibsen's so-called social problem plays are ethical problem ones. Full Text Available Background. The accompanied role of Mas receptor MasR, bradykinin BK, and female sex hormone on renal blood flow RBF response to angiotensin is not well defined.

Such observation was not seen in estradiol treated rats. Principles for Aircraft Energy Mapping. An increasing emphasis on energy eciency in aircraft systems has in recentyears led to greater interest in integrated design and optimisation withinthe industry.

New tools are needed to understand, compare and manage energyuse of an aircraft throughout its design and operation. This thesis describes a new methodology to meet this need: aircraft exergy mapping. The choice of exergy, a 2nd law metric, to describe the energy ows is fundamental to the methodology, providing numerous advantages ove Propaganda Feminisme dan Perubahan Sosial. Feminist movement was born as reaction toward discrimination, unfairness, and oppressiontoward women in social system.

In principle, the movement viewed that the root cause of such problem could be traced back to state development policy eternalized by patriarchal family system and religious doctrines.

Upon its socializations, feminist movement utilizes propaganda technique to construct their message in order to provide different communication effects.

For over the years, despite pro-cons ove Increased podocyte Sirtuin-1 function attenuates diabetic kidney injury. Podocyte injury and loss contribute to the progression of glomerular diseases, including diabetic kidney disease.

We previously found that the glomerular expression of Sirtuin-1 SIRT1 is reduced in human diabetic glomeruli and that the podocyte-specific loss of SIRT1 aggravated albuminuria and worsened kidney disease progression in diabetic mice. However, whether the increased glomerular SIRT1 activity is sufficient to ameliorate the pathogenesis of diabetic kidney disease has not been explored. The induction of SIRT1 overexpression in podocytes for six weeks in OVE 26 mice with established albuminuria attenuated the progression of diabetic glomerulopathy.

Thus, increased SIRT1 activity protects against diabetes-induced podocyte injury and effectively mitigates the progression of diabetic kidney disease. Published by Elsevier Inc. Antimicrobial activity of selected plant species of Genera arbutus l. With multi-facets of branding strategy, such as Co-branding, Brand Extension, Ingredient Branding, brand management is becoming increasingly complex yet crucial to corporate success. In Marketing, much attention has been paid to competitive brands, and competitive market structure analysis has been popular.

In today's brand strategy, however, it is necessary to manage not only competition between firms but also coordination of portfolio brands a firm owns. When planning corporate strategy ove Studies on pancreatic cell physiology rely on the investigation of exocrine and endocrine cells in vitro. Particularly, in the case of the exocrine tissue these studies have suffered from a reduced functional viability of acinar cells in culture. As a result not only investigations on dispersed acinar cells and isolated acini were limited in their potential, but also prolonged studies on pancreatic exocrine and endocrine cells in an intact pancreatic tissue environment were unfeasible.

To ove Fulltext PDF. G ravity obeys the principle of equivalence. W e w illassum e that it is propelled by the rocket m otors attached to its bottom.

Viga pealkirjas. Mustingu filmile. The boom of electronic commerce technologies in recent years has drastically increased the demand for an effective electronic method to pay or be paid. The currently predominant method is online card payment, in which the cardholder is not present at the point of sale. However this method is accompanied by huge vulnerabilities and also serves as a low-risk avenue for fraudsters to steal card details with the intent to defraud online merchants.

These merchants are those who mostly bear the ove The purpose of the study was to examine the physical self-concept and self-esteem in adolescent girls aged between 13 and 18 years in relation to their body mass status.

The results indicated that overweight girls reported greater body dissatisfaction in terms self-perceived body fat and physical appearance compared to normal-weight girls. Prevalence of overweight and obesity in adolescents from an urban district of Lima, Peru To determine the prevalence of overweight and obesity according to the criteria of the WHO and CDC in adolescents from an urban district of Lima, Peru Materials and methods.

In the selected schools, weight and height were measured. For the diagnosis of ove Mixed flavor beverages represent a trend that is gaining the allegiance of potential fruit juice consumers. The present study proposed to prepare mixed flavor beverages and verify their consumer acceptance. The consumer profiles in the two regions studied were similar. Antimicrobial resistance of fecal Salmonella spp.

Rosengren, Leigh B. Salmonella spp. Psychological rehabilitation after myocardial infarction: multicentre randomised controlled trial. DESIGN: Randomised controlled trial of rehabilitation in unselected myocardial infarction patients in six centres, baseline data being collected on admission and by structured interview of patients and spouses shortly after discharge and outcome being assessed by structured interview at six months and clinical examination at 12 months.

Body condition may predict individual fitness because those in better condition have more resources to allocate towards improving their fitness. However, the hypothesis that condition indices are meaningful proxies for fitness has been questioned. Here, we ask if intraspecific variation in condition indices predicts annual reproductive success and survival. We monitored a population of Neochmia phaeton crimson finch , a sedentary, tropical passerine, for reproductive success and survival ove Land rights of indigenous peoples in Southeast Asia.

Very little has been written on indigenous rights in South-East Asia. This article attempts to address issues concerning indigenous land rights in the region, arguing that there is a clear gap between the existing situation and the relevant standards of the international human rights system.

After a short overview of the international human rights framework currently binding South-East Asian states, the article analyses issues of indigenous land ownership and control by indigenous peoples ove Assessing the accuracy of perceptions of intelligence based on heritable facial features. Lee, Anthony J. Perceptions of intelligence based on facial features can have a profound impact on many social situations, but findings have been mixed as to whether these judgements are accurate.

Even if such perceptions were accurate, the underlying mechanism is unclear. Several possibilities have been proposed, including evolutionary explanations where certain morphological facial features are associated with fitness-related traits including cognitive development , or that intelligence judgements are ove Multi-segment foot kinematics and plantar fascia strain during treadmill and overground running.

Although physiologically beneficial, running is known to be associated with a high incidence of chronic injuries. Excessive coronal and transverse plane motions of the foot segments and strain experienced by the plantar fascia are linked to the development of a number of chronic injuries. This study examined differences in multi-segment foot kinematics and plantar fascia strain during treadmill and overground running. Twelve male recreational runners ran at 4.

This study investigates the impact of emotions, both ad- and context-evoked, on the effectiveness of commercials for non-profit vs.

Effectiveness is made operational by rational measures, recall and recognition, and by emotional measures, ad likeability and brand attitude. Four different experimental groups were exposed to a sequence of warm and sad commercials for non-profit and profit brands, embedded either in a warm film fragment or a sad one.

The results indicate that, ove Volume 1. The precise organization of motor neuron subtypes in a columnar pattern in developing spinal cords is controlled by cross-interactions of multiple transcription factors and segmental expressions of Hox genes and their accessory proteins. Accurate expression levels and domains of these regulators are essential for organizing spinal motor neuron columns and axonal projections to target muscles.

Here, we show that microRNA miR-9 is transiently expressed in a motor neuron subtype and displays ove The role and importance of supply chain management, has faced with many challenges and problems. Although a comprehensive model of supply chain issues, has not been explained, we have to indicate that issues such as reviewing the theoretical foundations of information systems, marketing, financial management, logistical and organizational relations have been considered by many researchers.

The objective of supply chain management is to improve various activities and components to increase ove The phase of field field is also shown the incident wave at the origon. For this reason tie services must make all even more concentrated effort to keep The European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine EPMA considers acute problems in medical sciences as well as the quality and management of medical services challenging health care systems in Europe and worldwide.

This actuality has motivated the representatives of EPMA to comment on the efforts in promoting an integrative approach based on multidisciplinary expertise to advance health care-related research and management. The current paper provides a global ove Twenty years of chemistry associated with the needs and utilization of nuclear reactors at the 'Boris Kidric' Institute of nuclear sciences, Vinca, Yugoslavia; Dvadeset godina hemije vezane za potrebe i koriscenje nuklearnih reaktora u Institutu za nuklearne nauke 'Boris kidric' i Vinci - Radiohemija.

The history of the work in the field of radiochemistry at the Boris Kidric Institute of nuclear sciences, Vinca, Yugoslavia, is given. The technical, organization and staff conditions on which further successful development in this domain depends are discussed author [Serbo-Croat] Daje se istorijat rada na radiohemiji u Institutu za nuklearne nauke 'Boris Kidric' u Vinci od njegovog osnivanja do danas.

Govori se o tehnickim, organizacionim i kadrovskim uslovima od kojih zavisi dalji uspesan razvoj ove oblasti author. Polyphenolic compounds PCs have received exceptional attention at the end of the past millennium and as much at the beginning of the new one.

Undoubtedly, these compounds in foodstuffs provide added value for their well-known health benefits, for their technological role and also marketing. Many efforts have been made to provide simple, effective and user friendly analytical methods for the determination and antioxidant capacity AOC evaluation of food polyphenols. In a parallel track, ove Clusters — a modern way of cooperation enhancing the competitiveness of the horticultural enterprises from the Republic of Moldova.

Contemporary enterprises represent a modern way of cooperation between people, while the relations between these enterprises and other organizations represent an advanced stage in the hierarchy of cooperation. This scientific article analyses the possibility of cooperation between the apple producing agricultural enterprises from the Republic of Moldova through clusters, which supposes both the collaboration between the agricultural enterprises and with the research-innovation sector.

All ove Preparation and Characterization of a Novel Skin Substitute. Autologous epidermal cell cultures CEA represent a possibility to treat extensive burn lesions, since they allow a significative surface expansion which cannot be achieved with other surgical techniques based on autologous grafting. Moreover currently available CEA preparations are difficult to handle and their take rate is unpredictable. This study aimed at producing and evaluating a new cutaneous biosubstitute made up of alloplastic acellular glycerolized dermis AAGD and CEA to ove Article 4 h of the Constitutive Act of the African Union AU establishes the right of the Union to intervene in a member state to prevent grave violations of human rights.

Many articles were written on this issue at a time when the AU and the Security Council were not in confrontation. However, the situation has changed since the controversy ove Batteries are promising storage technologies for stationary applications because of their maturity, and the ease with which they are designed and installed compared to other technologies. However, they pose threats to the environment and human health.

Several studies have discussed the various battery technologies and applications, but evaluating the environmental impact of batteries in electrical systems remains a gap that requires concerted research efforts. This study first presents an ove In this paper we are going to discuss about the concept of Global relationship management.

This is an important concept because now a day the whole business community is moving globally, means the geographical boundaries are of no more concern for the business communities. The global thinking of the business communities leads to the global relationship hence it is important for them to effectively manage such global relationship so that they can achieve what they want.

The main concern is ove International audience; Consider the following uniformization problem. Yevdakova, N. Full Text Available Helsinki is constructing in Vuosaari a new modem and effectivecargo harbour. All cargo harbour activities will be concentratedthere. The total project includes the harbour, a logisticsarea, traffic connections road, railway and fairway and aBusiness Park. The road connection goes through the Porvarinlahtiroad tunnel.

The harbour will commence operatingin This paper gives an ove TView of the tunnel design phasefunctional studies and risk analysis tunnel incident detectionsystem design issues and some specific environmental featuresof the tunnel. A numerical solution for a toroidal plasma in equilibrium. The iterative techniques alternating direction implicit ADI , sucessive ove -relaxation SOR and Gauss-Seidel are applied to a nonlinear elliptical second order differential equation Grand-Shafranov.

This equation was solve with the free boundary conditions plasma-vacuum interface over a rectangular section in cylindrical coordinates R and Z. The current density profile, plasma pressure profile, magnetic and isobaric surfaces are numerically determined for a toroidal plasma in equilibrium.

This diploma thesis deals with the issues of family and its perception by secondary school students. The theoretical part concerns family from several points of view. The introductory chapter is focused on selected milestones of the development of family in general. The substance of the next chapter is the very definition of family - how it is dealt with by Czech law, sociology and psychology.

Family does not always acquire the same form, therefore in this part, there is also presented an ove Cilj ove studije bio je da se procene pozitivni efekti jednog sistema za automatsko registrovanje i sortiranje uzoraka na njihovu obradu.

Tra cinema e fumetto: due usi del montaggio. Full Text Available Entrambi linguaggi visivi, ove la narrazione si dipana grazie al rapporto di interdipendenza cheogni singola immagine intrattiene con l'immagine che la precede e quella che le succede. Pur dovendo ricorrere dunque a un montaggio di immagini, fumetto e cinema presentano tra di loro grandi differenze, ma anche grandi similitudini. Cercheremo di scoprire quali sono affidandoci all'analisi della duplice trasposizione di "" da parte di Frank Miller e Zack Snyder.

Role of Mas receptor in renal blood flow response to angiotensin- in ovariectomized estradiol treated rats. The angiotensin Ang , is abundantly produced in kidneys and antagonizes the function of angiotensin II through Mas receptor MasR or other unknown mechanisms.

In the current study, the role of MasR and steroid hormone estrogen on renal blood flow response to Ang administration was investigated in ovariectomized OV female rats. Fourteen nonpregnant nonlactating cows were fed a control low-energy CON, 1. All cows received an intravenous injection of TZD starting 2 weeks after initiation of dietary treatments and for an additional 2 weeks, which served as the washout period. The lower concentration of nonesterified fatty acids NEFA and greater concentration of insulin in blood of OVE cows before TZD injection indicated positive energy balance and higher insulin sensitivity.

The effects of dietary energy level and 2,4-thiazolidinedione TZD injection on feed intake, body fatness, blood biomarkers and TZD concentrations, genes related to insulin sensitivity in adipose tissue AT and skeletal muscle, and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma PPARG protein in subcutaneous AT SAT were evaluated in Holstein cows. Keynes, Joseph A. Schumpeter, Maurice H. Dobb, Wassily Leontief, John K.

Full Text Available This essay investigates an approach to writing about animals within the humanities.

The goal is to focus attention on animals as actors, rather than speaking on their behalf. Two examples will be provided to illustrate this concept: The first example is a media story about celebrity polar bear Knut. The second example is an oral account of human-animal interaction in the zoo. So far there has been very little academic writing about this. The Sound Workshop was available to the artists 24 hours a day and much easier to handle, and therefore most pieces were produced here.

In the early s a conflict emerged between the composers and the studio director Knut Wiggen The article argues that what characterizes this very first Hamsun film adaptation is its emphasis on the dramatic and the spectacular and its foregrounding of northern Norwegian nature.

L'inutile nozione di "moneta naturale". Full Text Available The concept of neutral money occupies a notable place in monetary theory, from neoclassical literature to the present.

This paper reconsiders the meaning of the neutrality of money and the nature of the conditions that make for such neutrality. The subsequent expositions of the neutrality of money are considered with special reference to their recent analysis by Friedrich A. The author finds that the neutrality of money is conceptually contradictory, and that the specification of conditions under which money would be neutral is inherently misleading.

What does it mean to be an ecological filmmaker? Norwegian filmmaker Knut Erik Jensen claims to be an ecological filmmaker. This article explores what this means. The latter, it is claimed, goes The proposal is to understand ecological filmmaking in terms of a cluster of intentions targeting appropriate attitudes toward the natural environment; the intention, for example, to appreciate nature on its own terms It further raises questions about Evaluation of the economic and clinical feasibility of introducing rigid endoscopy and laparoscopy to a small animal general practice.

Subsequently, information for client-owned animals that underwent endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures during a month period to was collected. Cost of equipment and training, revenue generated, specific procedures performed, surgery time, complications, and client satisfaction were evaluated.

Twelve of 54 patients undergoing laparoscopic procedures experienced minor intraoperative complications. Conversion to laparotomy was not required in any patient. There were no major complications. All 49 clients available for follow-up were satisfied. However, results of the present study are not applicable to all veterinarians and practice settings, and patient safety considerations should always be paramount. Prediction of trodimensional structure and characterisation of active sites of selected beta-galaktosidases.

Soviet Military Power. Volume I. Executive Summary. While recent VC systems have made considerable progress ove Objective To explore the potential impact of demand management strategies on patient decision-making in medically non-urgent and urgent scenarios during out-of-hours for children between the ages of 0 and 4 years.

Design and methods We conducted a cross-sectional survey with paper-based case scenarios. A survey was sent to all parents of children aged between 0 and 4 years from four Dutch general practitioner GP practices. Four demand management strategies copayment, online advice, ove Falling standards of research in India. It is reported 1 that the number of public a - tions in refere ed journals from India decrea sed during the past 15 years.

This is not a situation which can be changed within a few years or by some administr a He ove r- states the case of Green Revolution if we note that within few decades the shor t- comings have been much more as co m- pared to benefits. F i nally let me quote from ref. Techno l ogy should serve mankind Florian Gaag, Saksamaa , "Wassup Rockers" rezh. Larry Clark, , "Kaunitar ja kodutu" rezh. Itaalia , "Seitse neitsit" rezh. Alberto Rodrigueze, Hispaania , "Pobby ja Dingani" rezh.

Gregor Schnitzler, Saksamaa A critical analysis. J Bone Joint Surg Am ; An analaysis of outcomes of reconstruction of amutation of leg-thretening injury. N Eng J Med ; Vojnosanitet Pregl ; 65 5 : Kindsfater K, Jonassen EA. J Orthop Trauma ; 9 2 : Kreder HJ, Armstrong P. A review of open tibia fractures in children. J Pediatr Orthop ; 15 4 : Bednar DA, Parikh J. Effect of time delay from injury to primary managment on the incidence of deep infection after open fractures of the lower extremities caused by blunt tauma in adults.

J Orthop Trauma ; 7 6 : The effect of time delay on infection in open long bone fractures: a 5-year prospective audit from a district general hospital. Ann R Coll Surg Eng ; 86 2 : Olson SA. Current Treatment. Penetrating injury of the lungs and multiple injuries of lower extremities caused by aircraft bombs splinters. Vojnosanit Pregl ;67 8 New concept in external fixation.

Acta Chir Iugosl ; 52 2 A review of the management of open fractures of the tibia and femur. J Bone Joint Surg Br ; 88 3 Functional outcome following bone transport reconstruction of distal tibial defects. J Bone Joint Surg Am ; 87 1 : Severe open fractures of the tibia. Cole P. Open tibia fracture: amputation versus limb salvage. J Orthop Trauma ; 21 1 Export Citation. User Account Log in Register Help.

Search Close Advanced Search Help. Show Summary Details. More options …. Open Access. Online ISSN See all formats and pricing Online. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Volume 35 Issue 4 Dec , pp. Volume 34 Issue 4 Dec , pp.

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