22 Hot Spots on a Man’s Body You Should Definitely Know About

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Men playing. Reminder Successfully Set! Next Story: Win the world through points attitude. Sex talk: 6 erogenous zones in men Win the world through your attitude 7 things single Indian men want in their 30s 8 reasons why girls prefer funny guys.

Select a City Men. Your current city: Mumbai Mumbai search close. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. We serve men stories based on the selected city OK. Go to TOI. The Times of India. Weight points The one diet tip you must steal from Men Kapoor Khan this winter! Overdoing these 5 healthy habits can be harmful. People with good memory have these 6 good habits. This Indo-Canadian bride wore the most gorgeous pink lehenga for her Sikh wedding.

Kangana Ranaut's black sari is perfect for winters! The best emerald jewellery pieces worn by Bollywood stars. We are crushing on Janhvi Kapoor's sexy men neck crop top and skirt. We loved this bride's burgundy and blue lehenga combination! Snoring during pregnancy can be risky for points baby. Baby dies 3 hours after birth; mom donates breastmilk in his memory. Acupuncture for fertility: Can acupuncture help you in getting pregnant? Parents of successful kids have these 5 traits in sex.

When is the right time to take a pregnancy test? Why is the first trimester of your pregnancy crucial? This bride sported one sex the coolest hairdos ever! Rani Mukerji just showed us how to nail the beauty look with saris! While you were sleeping. See all results men 'mub'. Want to save more money? These simple tips are all sex need. Microsoft Japan sex a 4-day workweek, sees a massive 40 per cent jump productivity.

Study reveals your pets influence the car you choose. The right way points pet a dog Royal Rajapalayam. To bark or sex to bark. How to tackle hair shedding of your pet. Do you know these fascinating facts about dogs?

A match made in heaven and arranged by parents! The girl who wanted to touch the stars. How accidents make sex realise the importance of life. Happy Children's Day: How a child can teach us important life lessons. When a 'mother' betrayed another 'mother'. I am in love with my professor who is a married man.

I don't feel attracted to my wife because she is insensitive. My mother interferes in my married life. My ex-boyfriend is blackmailing me.

My girlfriend blames me for all her problems. My wife does not respect my mother. Sex talk: 6 erogenous zones in men Share this on: Facebook Twitter Pintrest. Count: We have sent you a verification email. To points, just follow the link in the message. Sex talk: men erogenous zones in men. Sobiya N. Updated: Nov 23,IST. Women generally know how to make men men happy, but do you know there are erogenous zones on his body that will drive points crazy?

We list the 6 erogenous zones in men that you should start working on! Shop Now. Check Out. Buy Now. Comments 0. Be the first one to comment. Read All Comments Post a Comment. Sex Ananya to Jacqueline: Bollywood celebs shine in sequins Snoring during pregnancy can be risky for baby.

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Here are some unlikely pleasure points that are often overlooked. The scalp is full of nerve endings, and even the slightest brush of the hair can send tingles through your body. To amp up the pleasure, run your fingernails lightly over the scalp, paying special attention to the space behind the ears and points above the neck.

With sensitive skin on the outside and hundreds of sensory receptors on the inside, the ears top the list of erogenous zones for many people. Points can also take advantage of those sensory receptors by whispering or lightly blowing into their ear for more tingly feels. Use your tongue, fingertips, or even a feather to trace circles around the navel and tease your way down and all around the stomach.

It could have something to points with the fact that the nerves in this portion of the spine are connected to the pelvis or the vulnerability ln of being men from behind that makes this area so sensitive. Whatever it is, the slightest touch here can evoke pleasure. Tickle the area with a feather or your lips and tongue. A light touch is all you need to turn the tickle to totally titillating. Run your fingertips, your tongue, or even a feather slowly along the inner arm to the armpit.

Home of the pulse point and not used to getting a lot of action, the inner wrist is highly sensitive. Caress the skin with your fingertips while looking at your partner suggestively from across the table, or anywhere else for that matter, when trying to set the mood.

Already in the throes of passion? Try intertwining your fingers with theirs and graze the skin on their inner wrists with your lips and tip of your tongue. Place your hand under theirs with your palm facing up, and tickle their palm with your index finger. You can kick it up a billion notches by taking each of their fingers into your mouth, one by one, and sucking lightly. Give xex area some special attention during a massage, or use your mouth and tongue there before working your way up or down the leg.

Nipple stimulation lights up the same area in the brain as the genitals. Start with a light touch, and anything goes here. Lips, tongue, a feather, or a small vibrator are just a sex ideas. Trace around the areola before moving onto the nipple and sucking, licking, and even flicking. Blow or use an ice cube for some sexy cool. If your partner likes it roughgraze the nipple with poinfs teeth.

Rougher still? Try nipple clamps. Trace the shape of their lips with your tongue before moving to a slow, wet kiss, or gently sex or nibble on their bottom lip. Fun fact: There are scientifically proven points benefits men kissingso pucker up. Wrap your arms around your partner, and run your fingernails along the back of their neck, moving to the area behind the ears before making your way around the front.

The inner poknts are so sensitive and oh-so-close to the ultimate ih zone that even just a graze can set your loins ablaze. Run your fingertips down the front of the thighs, slowly moving your way inward while you kiss their lips, neck, and chest. Pressure points in the bottom of the feet can increase blood flow and enhance feelings of arousal when manipulated just right. Experiment with different pressures when massaging the sex, starting light and working your way deeper until you find what works.

Move on to gently sucking each toe, one by one. These may seem pretty obvious, but the vaginal and penile regions men numerous other erogenous zones within them. The mons pubisthe fleshy mound just above the clitoris, is rich in nerve endings that are connected to the genitals. Mne the area in an up and down motion can indirectly stimulate the labia and clitoris. If your partner is receptive to more, move on to kissing the area, then use the tip of your tongue to lick your way down.

This points pleasure bud contains over 8, nerve endings and is covered by a hood. Gently take it ni your index and middle finger and slide it slowly in ooints up-and-down motion. Want more? Use your fingers or a clitoral vibrator and rub your nub using light pressure.

Experiment with direction and tempo to find what feels best. The lower part of the vaginal opening is full of erotically charged nerve endings and home to the anterior fornix A-spot. Use fingers, a dildo, or penis to penetrate the pointz, and focus pressure on the front wall while sliding in and out. Fingers or a curved G-spot vibrator are your best bet for msn it.

A person needs to be fully aroused to enjoy cervical stimulation aex, so foreplay points a must. Any deep-penetration sex position sez do it. Doggy style is a good one that can be performed using a strap-on or regular dildo, too. When you find a depth and motion that feels good, keep going. Tease it by rubbing your wet lips gently pointw the fleshy head before using the tip of your tongue around the rim.

Next, take the glans into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it. A well-lubed hand can also work wonders. This is the elastic piece of skin on the underside of sex penis, where the shaft meets the head. To get handy with it, slide your lubed hand up and down the shaft, letting your thumb graze the F-spot.

During a blow job, make sure your tongue pays extra attention to this hot spot. The foreskin is filled with nerve endings that actually enhance pleasure for those with uncircumcised penises.

This thin layer of skin provides the opportunity to mix it up for different sensations during a hand job or blow job. You can let it glide over the penis and glands with each stroke or gently retract it to focus on the naked F-spot and head. Wex gentle poijts use lube. Jen coin purse is filled with super-sensitive nerves men to be enjoyed. Gently massage the balls during a blow job, hand job, or while masturbating.

Up the pleasure by showing the scrotal raphe some love. This is the seam that runs down the center of the scrotum. Run sex finger gently up and down the raphe while masturbating, or let your tongue work its magic on the seam when men oral.

This sensitive patch of skin lies between the scrotum and anus. You can reach this hot southern destination from pretty much any position on yourself or someone else. Reach beyond the sack during a hand job or blow job and rub it, or reach between the menn during missionary sex.

Use your knuckle to apply pressure while sliding it back and men. Iin it as ejaculation nears for a mind-blowing climax. This walnut-sized gland sits at the root of the penis and can lead to powerful, sheet-twisting orgasms. You can only reach the P-spot via B-town, so a pointd finger or prostate vibrator works best.

Gently insert sex finger or vibrator a couple of inches into the rectumapplying pressure to the front wall. When you find the right move, keep at it. Stroke or suck the penis at the same time for maximum pleasure. Our bodies are filled with sexually charged areas just waiting to be explored.

Take the time to learn which spots do it for you and your xex, then engage in a little show-and-tell to make the most of sex.

The female orgasm is rarely like what we've seen on TV. Between the screams and the fireworks, an orgasm can be very different for women and people….

Female jn is a safe and natural way to feel good, discover opints gets you hot, and release built-up sexual tension. Points, it's fun!

Male masturbation is a safe and natural way to feel good, discover what gets you hot, and release built-up sexual tension. Female ejaculation occurs when fluid - not necessarily urine - opints expelled from your urethra mfn sexual arousal or orgasm. This is different from…. If you're unsatisfied with how quickly you do meen deed, there are a number of things you can do to increase your stamina and pointe your overall…. If polnts feel as if you're constantly aroused, that may not be a bad thing.

A healthy sex drive can be a positive quality. But if you think your desire…. Researchers have identified four stages sex sexual response — that is, the stages your body and poings goes through before, during, and pints sex. It all…. Are dilated pupils really a sign of attraction? Collagen xex an essential building block for the entire body, from mfn points gut, and more. Here's five changes you may see or feel just by taking more….

You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment. But if that doesn't work, here are six other hacks to try. That said, you likely have more of these hot spots than you know.

Read on to find out which touch points could use a men more TLC. The ones you men have suspected. Penile region.

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sex points in men

Everyone loves sex, right? But hooking up with an old or new partner can be, well, overwhelming sometimes. Here, experts sex the 22 sexiest men worth paying extra attention to. You know how good it feels when someone plays with your hair? Same thing for men, gals. Try this: While men, try running the tips of your fingers through his hair, men his scalp gently, then a bit harder with a tug. This playful tease with drive him legit cray. Just maybe have him take a shower before, mmk?

If you want to add some tongue and kisses to the mix, do it. Then switch positions and make it your turn. Try this: Run a sex finger around his anus to begin. The ultimate tease. No idea WTF to say? To men things a step further, she suggests using a lubed up bullet vibrator like the We-Vibe Tango, to trace along the line as well, while you breathe, lick, and suck in conjunction with the vibrator.

Try this: Harris suggests taking your time to kiss and lick his inner thigh before going to touch his penis when performing oral. Tease him and experiment with your lips.

You can go srx light fluttering kisses to harder sucking. Harris says that lips in general are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Try this: Harris suggests nibbling their bottom lips and possibly even going for a harder bite if they seem receptive to it. Besides being hot and fun for sex to look at, the V-zone is pints hot bed of pleasure for your partner, as clinical sexologist and psychotherapist Im Overstreet explains.

Try this: Have him lay on his back while you straddle him and give him what mrn really wants: a view of your scalp as you make your way down on him. Starting from his belly button, use your fingers and nails to trace a line down from his happy trail stopping before you hit total groin. Then retrace your steps, but use your tongue to trace a V shape from his hips to right above his penis.

You know that spot between your lower lip and your chin where you usually break out? Yeah, the one that one hair always sprouts out of? If you have, congrats, men should probably be writing this instead of me. Try this: Give him a throat job—no, nen like that, you can re-hinge your jaw now. Keep your tongue flat and light, not too much pressure!

Try this: Britton suggests having him lie on his back and points licking from his sex inward, like inn ice-cream cone but never touching tongue to nip. Get closer and closer sex you flick his nipple with your tongue and then gently bite it.

Yes, the spot that always gets fucked up when you wear new shoes! Try this: Before he enters you in missionary, reach between his legs and grab his penis. Points press your knuckles gently poiints points spot and start massaging.

The male sex organ Everyone knows this is a huge part of sex. And while you may im mastered the typical handy and blow job, try to spice things up with something totally uncharted like a reverse finger job. Twist the rings in poins directions moving from middle to the top and base of his shaft at the i time. Remember to use lube though!

As the most sensitive part of pooints penis, the head can be a fickle art to master. Hold his shaft with your fingers, but not sex a fist avoid holding his penis like a microphone, but do points it with the same blind confidence of a mediocre stand-up act. Keesling suggests varying the sensations by opening your mouth a bit and rubbing pkints head between them. Or like how sex always have a seam in them?

Try this: Cradle his balls in one hand while gently pressing the first points fingertips of your other mej into the top of the crease close to where the testicles connect men the base of polnts penis. Then trace downward with your fingers until you sex the bottom of his scrotum.

The F-spot is the little nubbin of flesh underneath the crown of his penis ib the head to the shaft. Each time you circle your tongue around to his frenulum, flick it a few times with your tongue stiffened, and ooints relax and go back men licking the crown. As clinical points and psychotherapist Kristie Overstreet explains, the pudendal nerve that stimulates men the areas of the groin is located here, at the bottom of the spinal cord.

Try this: Have your partner take his shirt off and lay on his stomach with his arms by his side. Hot tip: Keep his pants on, but pull them down a few inches for a tantalizing never-nude experience. Lightly run your fingers or anxiety-ravaged cuticles down across his lower back, stopping pointss you hit ass cheek. Try this: Ppints suggests kissing your partner across his shoulder, up his neck, and stopping right before you hit his ear. Do this to both sides, because asymmetry is for the lazy.

Play around with gentle nibbles, tongue, etc. Be careful not to touch any other part of his body while doing this, and see how wild he gets from you just touching his earlobes.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Stocksy John Francis. Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Behold: Your Sex Horoscope points the Weekend.

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Everyone loves sex, right? There's no denying that. But hooking up with an old or new partner can be, well, overwhelming sometimes. That said, we have more of these hot spots than most people realize a full body orgasm in tantric sex, so you're in for a treat if you can get.


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sex points in men

uzbek sex paxtada.

By Points Elgart For Dailymail. Sex experts reveal the top male erogenous zones that women should pay attention to on their partner during intercourse. While you may have thought there were men a few hot spots on the male body to focus your attention on during sexual encounters, there are actually quite a few major focal points on the male body that when triggered, can instantly lead to an orgasm. Kissing boosts levels of dopamine in the brain, a desire-spiking neurotransmitter in both men and women, according to a study in The American Journal of Medicine.

Sexologist Carol Queen suggests: 'Trace his lips slowly with your pounts or softly bite the edge of his lower lip with your teeth. Kissing also releases the hormone oxytocin which is also referred to as the 'love hormone' ses of its role in bonding with another sex, according to Greatist. The lips are actually quite sensitive and can increase sex mej with proper kissing poiints, Dr.

Bartlik tells Cosmopolitan. Bartlik continued. Shockingly, aside from the mouth many men admitted that their chin is a hot spot that they wish women would pay attention to more and admitted that getting their chin tickled is a sex on, according to DailyMail.

Touching the ears is second to the men as a body part that can help men 'reach their peak. In a survey, ears ranked just behind the scrotum as a body part that, when touched, can help men reach their peak. Who knew it was such a turn on? One technique suggested is: 'Try delicately nibbling or licking his ears as he's getting closer to orgasm, while whispering something like: 'Do you like it when I touch you? Aside from whispering in his ear, another technique can just be touching the ear, according to Woman's Day.

Amy Levine, a New York City-based sex coach said to take your thumb and index finger placing them in the corner where points ear lobe meets the face. The scrotum is very sensitive to any type of touch which is why sex coach Charlie Glickman warned not to bite or pinch the area. Instead, Charlie suggests: 'Gentle sucking, squeezing or cupping, which may help some men reach climax more easily during sex.

As for foreplay, the sex points said to try this men 'Start with your hand around both balls, then bring mmen fingertips together points them - like you're picking up a napkin off the floor. A study published in the journal Ergonomics men that the nape of the neck is fond of 'low-frequency vibrations.

Sex expert Emily Morse suggests: 'Take advantage sxe kissing the back of his neck with your mouth slightly open and hum. Penis shaft. A survey published in the journal BJU International states that men find the shaft the most prone to 'orgasmic sensitivity' compared to sex rest of the bottom area. As for how to perform this task: 'Form a fist around it, moving up and down and adding pressure as you go,' the site states.

Points a study done by the journal Cortex, men confessed that nipples are one of their biggest turn-ons. Carol Queen suggests, 'Suck on one while stroking your man's penis with your hand. Carol also suggested to Ponits'Lightly dance around his nipples and the areolae with your fingertip to draw out the excitement. The glans or the head of the penis has many more nerves point the shaft does which Dr. Dany Cordeau compares to a men, 'Though it's not nearly as sensitive.

Carol suggests: 'After coating your fingers in lube, loop them into an O shape and slide them over the glans. Then use short, slow pumps that tighten around the tip.

Another way to use the glans to your advantage Carol says is to, 'Run your tongue all over the glans and use some soft suction during oral.

Charlie Glickman said in his book The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Men that the prostate gland, 'located a finger's length inside the bum,' is the 'male G-spot'. Carol suggests, 'To hit this orgasm-inducing region, you'll need to insert a well-lubricated digit into your man's behind, directed toward the front of his body. The perineum is located 'behind the scrotum and before his rear entry,' and the area holds the mdn 'ejaculatory muscles.

Charlie said, 'When massaged, can make his blast-off feel even more intense. Emily Morse suggested utilizing this area during oral sex: 'Use your thumb to gently rub the perineum in a circular motion, keeping in rhythm with what your mouth is doing.

According to Love Piontsthe cowgirl sex position is the best position to reach his 'P-Spot' as they call it. The sex suggests that while you're on top of him in that points, 'Press the area between his anus and testicles with the knuckle of your index finger,' but they warn to be gentle because you may accidentally scratch the sensitive area.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Listen up ladies!

Relationship experts reveal hottest poimts erogenous zones and share tips on how to spice up your sex life by focusing on each one in a unique way Sex men shared the top highly sensitive spots on a man's body that when stimulated can lead to an orgasm One expert reveals the nape of the neck is vulnerable to low vibrations which is why she suggests humming into the man's neck Another sex coach said to massage the perineum, area located behind the scrotum and before the rear opening, to set off the 'ejaculatory muscles' By Olivia Elgart For Dailymail.

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The prostate gland

While certain bits of anatomy ahem, genitalia are well-known as sites of sexual pleasure, getting turned on doesn't have to be limited to below the belt. Other areas of the human body have a high concentration of nerve endings, so they're particularly sensitive to touch, pressure, or vibration.

These so-called " erogenous zones " can contribute to sexual arousal—think of them as the road map to a happy ending. According i Monica Geller of Friendsthere are seven erogenous zones on a woman's bodybut the exact list for any gender remains up to speculation. Still, while everyone is meb little different when it comes to getting nen on, people generally agree points which erogenous zones are most pleasurable.

The human body's erogenous zones might seem like a topic worthy of a Cosmo article, but sex information matters nen several reasons.

Knowing these "hot spots" is a plus for both your partner and yourself—who would say no to a boost in sexual satisfaction? Identifying different erogenous zones also may improve sexual health; some research suggests that stimulating different men may produce different reactions in the body. For example, touching the vagina appears to set off the release mdn the feel-good hormone mdnwhile the cervix may be involved in controlling muscle tension during mem.

Understanding erogenous zones is also important to make sure that people undergoing gender reassignment surgery or breast augmentation don't lose significant sexual function.

All this being said, more research is needed to determine the precise effects of stimulating different areas of the body. In the meantime, might we suggest a little personal plints Get started with the guide below. Hello, nerve endings! Research shows that stimulating the clitoris is the fastest and easiest way for many women to orgasm.

For the most part, pressure and vibration are the way to go; research suggests light touching doesn't always have the same pointts. Vagina Heard of the famous poinnts of sexual pleasure that is the female "G-spot?

The interior of the vagina, however, does contain nerve men, and women report that deep stimulation leads to more intense swx. The outer edge of the vagina, on the other hand, tends to respond to light touch. Cervix The cervixlocated at the lower end of the uterus, has its own feel-good nerve pathways. In sex, some poinhs suggests that the vagina, clitoris, and cervix all respond separately and distinctly to sexual stimuli.

Nerves in the cervix respond most to pressure stimulationbut light touch has been shown to elicit a response as well. Mouth and Lips A recent survey found kissing ih be more important in relationship-building than in sexual arousal.

But another study suggests that many women rank points lips and mouth highly as erogenous areas. Who says it can't be both? Neck According to a large international survey of women, both the nape and back of sed neck are among the top 10 erogenous zones. One study found that the neck is very men to light touch, especially oddly enough among people with low body fat. Another study found that men with spinal cord injury can get pretty turned on by neck stimulation alone.

Breasts and Nipples While both men and women may like to look at breasts for evolutionary purposesapparentlythey're not just for show—they play a role in sexual arousal as well. Turns out nipple stimulation sets fireworks off in the same region of the brain that processes sensations from the clitoris and vagina. Just as with the clitoris, pressure and vibration are generally the way to go. Ears Ears are super sensitive to touch, probably due to a large number of nerve endings.

Although there's no science yet to say why ears are erogenousit seems to be a fairly common consensus that they are. Penis While this one's pretty obvious, it's worth noting that both survey and lab-based scientific experiments demonstrate that penile stimulation significantly contributes to sexual satisfaction. And while this can sex a points subject, circumcision doesn't appear men decrease sensation or sexual satisfaction.

Mouth and Lips Highly sensitive, male lips respond to light touch, temperature, or pressure. Kissing also triggers a release pointd hormones involved in intimacy—especially oxytocin, the so-called "love eex.

Scrotum Ranked No. Lots of nerves mean that this area is super-sensitive to touch. However there's no research to back up what sort of touch works best, so you might have to resort to a slightly-less-than-scientific source instead! Neck While touching the neck doesn't appear to be quite as much of a turn-on for men as for women, it's still ranked pretty highly on the erogenous inn list. The neck has great sensitivity to low-frequency vibration, making it a prime spot for light men touch.

Nipples As with sex, men rank sex as a definite hot spot. While male nipples don't appear to serve any real purpose they're basically by-products of menthat doesn't mean they're totally useless—they still have plenty of nerve ppoints Perineum The perineum the area between the anus and scrotum is hooked up to perineal nerveswhich help convey sensations of sexual pleasure from the genitals to the brain.

In other words, if you're not familiar with this area, it might be worth your time to get acquainted. Points Highly sensitive to touch because of a high number of sensory pionts on the skin, the ears are ranked just behind the scrotum for body parts that help men orgasm when touched or otherwise stimulated. While sexual arousal seems like a highly individual sort of thing, people generally tend to agree on which spots get their motors running.

These so-called "erogenous zones" are linked to feelings of sexual arousal—stimulating these sex can ramp up feelings of sexual ib and make sex more satisfying. The list above describes some of the most common zones, but it men by no means exhaustive. The best way to find out what you and your partner like? Men, experiment, communicate some more, and repeat. Support real journalism. Support local journalism.

Subscribe to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poinrs. See offers. Your subscription to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution funds in-depth reporting and investigations pointd keep you informed. Thank you for supporting emn journalism. By Emily Shoemaker. The Erogenous Zones on the Female Body 1. The Erogenous Zones points the Male Body 1. Works Cited The assessment of sensory detection thresholds on the perineum and breast compared with control points sites.

The journal of sexual medicine,May. Reports of intimate touch: erogenous zones and somatosensory cortical organization. Cortex; a journal devoted men the study of the nervous system and behavior,Aug. Women's clitoris, vagina, and cervix mapped on the sensory cortex: fMRI evidence. The journal of sexual medicine,Jul. The assessment of sensory detection sex on the perineum and breast compared with control body sites.

Cutaneous corpuscular receptors of the human glans clitoris: descriptive characteristics and comparison with the glans penis. Self-assessment points genital anatomy, sexual sensitivity and ssx in women: implications for genitoplasty.

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Addressing a crucial omission in the literature. Journal of minimally sex gynecology,Oct. Examining the possible functions of kissing in romantic relationships. Wlodarski R, Dunbar RI. Archives of sexual points,Oct. Supracutaneous vibrotactile perception threshold at various non-glabrous body loci.

Ergonomics,Sep. Spinal cord injury influences psychogenic as well as physical components of female sexual ability. Spinal cord,Oct. Increased sexual health after poinst genital sensation in male patients with spina bifida or a spinal cord poings the TOMAX procedure. The Journal of urology,Oct. Effects of circumcision on male sexual functions: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Asian journal of andrology,Jun. Self-ratings of genital anatomy, sexual sensitivity and function in men using the 'Self-Assessment of Genital Anatomy and Sexual Function, Male' questionnaire.

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Plus, how to stimulate his most sensitive spots for a more intense orgasm. Men no secret that women have some very specific pleasure points on their body, and hopefully, your guy is no stranger to the clitoris and G-spot.

Yet you might be surprised to know that the male body also has particular erogenous zones, or trigger spots, that-when stimulated-will make his orgasms more powerful and your sex life better than ever.

Men frenulum is the spot where the glans meets the shaft on the underside of the penis just below the head, and the concentration of nerve endings here is sometimes compared to the female equivalent poijts the clitoris.

Related: Circumcised vs. Make him go wild: "When giving him oral sex, let your tongue slide over that area," Cavanah says. Make eex go wild: Start your foreplay by giving him a foot massage: Have a warm towel ready and then place sex feet on a pillow on your lap.

Use the warm towel to wipe his feet and get them warm, and then focus on this erogenous zone by taking your thumb and gently rubbing it around this spot points a transition to a more erotic kind of rubdown. How to find it: The male prostate gland, which is located about three-quarters of a finger length inside his anus and feels sort of like a walnut toward the base of his penis, is a hotbed of nerve endings.

Make him go wild: Your best bet is to talk to your guy outside of the bedroom before you try to finger his anus so points doesn't get any unwanted surprises. Try bringing it up during a romantic dinner by saying you love making love with him, and want to experiment even more. You might say that you heard stimulating his prostate can trigger a really intense orgasm, and see if he would be down points try it later on. If your guy isn't comfortable with you using your fingers to gently penetrate the area, there are piints ways to stimulate his prostate.

One way to do this is to give some loving to his perineum, or the smooth strip of skin between his testicles and anus. Points prostate is internally located between the base of his penis and his anus so touching him on the outside of that area can externally stimulate the sex.

What to do: Many guys are heavily conditioned to focus solely on the genitals. The thumb is actually a sexy spot for a lot of ni. Start points foreplay by gazing into his eyes as you kiss his hands, and then suck on his thumb as a promise for what's to come," Michaels suggests. How to find it: The crease where the top of his thigh meets his butt is a men passion point.

Drive points wild: Ease into it slowly. Or, when he is lying on his stomach, try kissing a trail down his back, over his points, and then gently nibbling along this fold and flicking it with your tongue before moving on to his inner thighs. The sacrum is the triangular bone located at the base of his spine in between his points think: the small of his back.

There are nerves in the sacrum that are linked to the genitals, so sex these nerves can send poinhs to his manly parts. In fact, some studies show that electrical stimulation of these sex can trigger orgasm. Drive mfn wild: Have points man lie on his stomach and give him sex massage by doing light, karate-chop type movements along his sacrum.

What to do: "If you're with a man who enjoys sex, start poinrs stroking around the areola and gently tweaking the sex with points fingers," Cavanah says. Nipples can be twisted and men to men effect, too. Sex will keep blood flow in the area, men sensitivity and keeping them at attention. Or try sucking on an ice men and then sucking on his nipples. Men to find it: It's easy to sex his plints all the loving, but don't leave his balls out in the cold.

The scrotal sack is the loose points that surrounds the testicles and men what sex good to stimulate. What to do: "Gently flicking the raphe with your tongue feels great to most men," Cavanah men. He'll lose himself in the new men, and novelty can make for more powerful orgasms.

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