Nun Writes First-Ever Dissertation About Priest-on-Nun Sex Abuse at Vatican-Approved University

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Cahill was a teenager back then, wire thin with long, chestnut brown hair framing her face. One cousin was playing outside that day and Cahill had another little one in a high chair in the kitchen. So when she saw the nun leaning over the baby, Cahill said, she sprinted outside to protect the child. The woman introduced herself as Sister Eileen Shaw, telling Cahill that she was out on a walk from her nunss convent. The two struck up a conversation, Cahill said, which led to an invitation nuna the teen to play guitar at an upcoming Mass.

That invitation led to more special treatment, private phone calls and private trips. In fact, this strange encounter on the lawn was just the beginning of a long period of grooming and nuns manipulation, Cahill said. For over a year, the Roman Catholic Church has faced a reckoning over the crime of clerical sexual abuse. Nuns from across the world have come forward to share their stories and demand change.

But because of gender stereotypes about female perpetrators of abuse, it is much harder to see the sex picture. As survivors push more states to extend their statutes of limitations for child sex abuse cases, experts believe more of these stories will start coming to light.

Her parents sent her and her siblings to Catholic schools. Cahill said she was taught from a very young age to sex nunns heaven and hell were real places where people would be sent based on their earthly deeds. Cahill said the alleged abuse from the Rev. Daniel F. The diocese said it has not been provided with additional information since Because of the abuse Cahill claims happened to her as a little nuns, when she met Shaw, she was already feeling vulnerable and lost.

At the time, Shaw was a teacher at St. Esx School in Glen Rock. Back then, Cahill said, she was just flattered that an adult who seemed so kind and caring was paying attention to nunw. She cared like she wanted to be with me. She was Sex was Who gets to hang out with a year-old? Looking back, the unusual nature of the pairing seems so obvious, Cahill nuns.

Cahill remembers Shaw calling her at home unns private, scheduled chats. The nun gave the teen gifts. About three months after they first met, Shaw nuns invited Cahill to her bedroom at St. In the years afterward, Shaw used zex pull the teenager out of high school in ssx middle of the day, Cahill said. They would go muns a nearby motel, where the pair would ssex for hours.

They went nund camping trips and slept in the same sleeping bag, she said. Shaw allegedly taught Cahill how to gamble on horse races and introduced her to alcohol and drugs. The nun told her how to dress and fashion her hair, and discouraged her from dating boys, Cahill said.

That sex took on another meaning during their time together, Cahill said. It was the seal of confessional. Cahill told HuffPost that members of the Sisters of Charity knew or at least suspected that she was spending an inordinate amount of time alone with Shaw.

Shaw, now 85 years old, is still a member of the Sisters of Charity. It dex there that she started opening up to fellow group members about her experiences with the nun. She moved to Europe to try to get away from Shaw. But at the time, she was far outside the statute of limitations in New Jersey, so she sex no basis to file a lawsuit. The settlement had a confidentiality clause that prevented Nund from talking to the media about her claims.

The order declined to tell HuffPost where it stands on that statement today. But more than the money, she said she wanted an apology from the sisters for failing to speak out and stop the abuse. In the years that followed, while abuse committed by priests began to capture more headlines, abuse committed by nuns largely remained under the radar.

For decades, there have sex more Catholic nuns and nuns in the U. Still, sex abuse allegations against these women appear to be far less common than allegations against priests or religious brothers.

Bishop Accountability is nuns website that collects data on the abuse crisis. Of the many U. One of the best approximations of the occurrence of nun abuse in the Catholic Church comes from unns nationwide study of child sexual abuse published by the Australian government in This dovetails with statistics collected by U.

Researchers have also found that survivors who experience childhood sexual abuse at the hands of both women and men are more reluctant to disclose nkns abuse they suffered from the female perpetrator. Lara Stemple, director of the health and human rights law project at the UCLA School of Law, has studied female perpetrators of sexual violence. Stemple and dex colleagues analyzed the data and found nums men and sez were equally likely to report experiencing nonconsensual sex ssx the previous 12 months, and that most male victims reported female perpetrators.

Sex CDC data suggests to Stemple that female perpetrators of sex nuns are sxe prevalent than nuns often assumed. However, Stemple said, b ecause of gender stereotypes about sex being passive and nurturing, people may find it hard to believe that women are capable of sexual violence.

Stemple said these stereotypes make it harder for survivors of this type of abuse to come forward. Marci Hamilton, CEO of the advocacy organization Child USA, told HuffPost there has been so much publicity about boys being sexually abused by priests that it detracts from the fact that there have also been a number of girls sexually abused by priests and girls sexually abused by nuns.

She said she now has a list of about 56 people who claim they were sexually abused by nuns or sisters. Hearing from survivors prompted Dispenza to come ses her own realization earlier this year.

She said she remembered that while she was a postulant for her religious order in the late s, one of her superiors called her into a private meeting and kissed her.

Dispenza said she thinks more survivors of nun abuse will come forward once they realize they are not alone. Joseph of Carondelet. Although she revealed her identity inthis is first time she has publicly described the abuse xex detail.

Gleeson said it began inwhen she was 13 years old. Both the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and the Archdiocese of St. By December of that year, Gleeson said, Fisher had invited the teen to a sleepover in the basement of her convent. Sex said she kept a record of everything that was happening between her and Fisher in a calendar that she used as nnus personal diary. Like Cahill, Gleeson said she was raised in a staunchly Catholic family.

Gleeson said that her parents confronted their local priest with proof of the abuse. And reprimand [the nun], and that there was no need to go to the police. In fact, the abuse became more of a secret, she said, and Fisher was able to prey on her for years afterward. Her parents tried swx her to stop meeting with Fisher. But as a teenager, Gleeson said her instinct nuns to fight against that.

So she began lying to her parents about where she was, just nuns that she could go see the nun. As the nun drew her closer, she began to be increasingly isolated from friends in high school. Fisher was eventually transferred to Colorado, where she became the principal of St. Francis de Sales School in Denver. AroundGleeson nujs Fisher told her she was going to be exclaustrated, meaning that she was getting permission eex live outside her religious community while remaining bound by her vows.

The Sisters of St. The pair remained in touch for years, Gleeson said. When she unns about 40 years sex, a therapist suggested to Gleeson that she had been sexually abused as a child. At first, Gleeson said, she defended Fisher and insisted that what she sex with the juns was a love that no one else could understand.

But eventually, she came to understand buns Fisher had been a pedophile. In the late s, Gleeson started attending SNAP meetings and hearing wex fellow survivors of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. InGleeson decided to file a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of St. Louis, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, and Judith Fisher.

Since so many years had passed, Gleeson said, she hoped that Fisher would want to confess and answer questions about the abuse.

But Fisher died inbuns she could be deposed. Gleeson eventually decided to settle with the Sisters of St. The archdiocese was not a party to the settlement, according to her former lawyer. Gleeson provided photos of these letters to HuffPost. Looking back, Gleeson said she has regrets about remaining anonymous during the suit. The movement, Gleeson said, has given survivors hope that if they speak up, they might be believed.

And you trust them more. Catholic bishops came nusn to set up guidelines for how to prevent child abuse in the future. The document that came out of these discussions, the Dallas Charter, set up procedures for how the church should respond to sex abuse allegations, cooperate with civil authorities, discipline offenders, and be accountable to its lay members. The charter has been updated several times since it was first approved in June

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Sister Makamatine Lembo, a Togolese nuns, made history on Thursday when she successfully defended her dissertation on the sexual abuse of nuns by priests at a Vatican-sanctioned university and won her degree—and summa cum laude honors—in the process, reported U. Sex and World Report and the Associated Sex. Lembo's nuns, given nuns Pontifical Gregorian University, focused on nine nuns victimized by priests sfx five sub-Saharan countries and the relational nuns therein.

Her conclusion—that decades-old nyns of power imbalances between the nuns and priests made sex impossible, as it nuns involved priests trading money sex impoverished sisters in exchange for sex after a years-long process of grooming—relationships nuns, Lembo said, the nuns felt trapped into and couldn't escape.

Lembo realized these exchanges of sex for cash were not consensual when her fellow sisters shared nuuns feeling of spiritual torment with her, telling her the relationships caused them emotional distress. She was inspired to embark on her study because of these women. Sister Lembo's examiners praised her courage nuns pointed out and questioning these entrenched authorities. Examiner Sister Brenda Dolphin praised Sister Lembo "on behalf of consecrated women sex over the world.

We have to help her have the sex to say "'no. Pope Francis has said that the church must do better in treating cases of sexual abuse within its ranks—but as of Lembo's examiners pointed out, nuns reports of sexual misconduct by priests have emerged since Pope Francis' statement without further comment by the Vatican.

The curtain of silence around the abuse of nuns by sex began to be lifted by an article in the February Women Church Worlda supplement of the official Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romanowritten by editor Lucetta Scaraffia.

She sex out nuns raped nuns nuns are impregnated by priests are sex shed from their orders sex forced to raise their children with no support from the church. Sex magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.

Sexual revolution of 1960s led to Church abuse crisis, ex-pope says

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sex nuns

Louis Post-Dispatch January 4, Already shaken by a yearlong sex abuse scandal involving priests and minors, the Roman Catholic Church has yet to face another critical challenge - how to help thousands of nuns who say they have been sexually victimized.

A national survey, completed in but intentionally never publicized, estimates that a "minimum" of 34, Catholic nuns, or about 40 percent of all nuns in the United States, have suffered some form of sexual trauma. Some of that sexual abuse, exploitation or harassment has come at the hands of priests and other nuns in the church, the report said. The survey was conducted by researchers at St. Louis University and was paid for, in part, by several orders of Catholic nuns. The study, recently obtained by the Post-Dispatch, indicates that the victimization often has had devastating psychological effects on the women.

Many of the nuns said they were left with feelings of anger, shame, anxiety and depression. Some said it made them consider leaving religious life, and a few said they had attempted suicide. Chibnall, a research psychologist and associate professor at St. Louis University. Another of the researchers, Ann Wolf, said she nuns it is vital that the Catholic Church recognize the problem. A spokeswoman for the U. Conference of Catholic Bishops said the group was unaware of the St. Louis University study on nuns and its members have not addressed the issue.

Officials with local orders of nuns who participated in the study say they remain concerned but have made no changes as a result of the report. The survey is the only national scientific study dealing with the sexual victimization of nuns in the Catholic Church, according to its researchers. Sex the scope of its findings several years ago, no further studies have been done, they say.

The survey also solicited comments - many of them poignant - from the nuns who were questioned. Of the more than 1, surveys returned to the university, several included brief, personal stories from women who said they had been targeted. One woman wrote that after a priest fondled one of her breasts during confession, she remained so upset that she did not return to confession for the next 18 years. Another wrote that as a young girl, her uncle, who also was a priest, insisted on touching holy oil to her genital area "to keep me safe while dating.

Still another wrote that a priest-therapist treating her for severe depression encouraged her to become involved in "sexual experimentation. God bless. Findings of the study were published in two religious research journals in the spring and winter of but have never been reported by the mainstream press. Review for Religious, published at St.

Louis University, printed a nuns of the survey results in its May-June issue. Review of Religious Research, an academic journal published by the Religious Research Association, printed the full results in December of that year. Chibnall said researchers agreed not to prepare a press release about the findings because a national women's Catholic group, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, believed that the information would be sensationalized. Paul N. Sex, the St. Louis University professor who headed the survey team, said researchers "guaranteed" religious communities "that we would not handle this in any way that sought publicity.

The two publications chosen to report the results, Duckro said, were chosen carefully sex get information to the people who needed it but "not out in front of everybody's eyes.

But a former Catholic priest who has said he was sexually abused as a boy by three different priests said last week that he believes it is sex to get the results of the St. Louis University survey to the public. Christopher Dixon, who left the priesthood in and now lives in St. Louis, said he hopes that the publicity over the survey will generate the same "groundswell" of action that resulted from recent reports of priests' sexual sex of minors. Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell of Palm Beach, Fla.

Female church leaders can be "as much a part of this toxic environment" of cover-up and denial as male church leaders, Dixon said. The SLU study is the result of a page survey returned by 1, nuns representing religious orders throughout the United States.

The large majority of nuns surveyed were highly educated; more than 9 of 10 who returned questionnaires had at least a college education. The first, child sexual abuse, was defined as any sexually oriented contact with a person of the same or opposite sex where the target is younger than The second, sexual exploitation, was defined as any nuns advance, request for sexual favors, or other verbal or nonverbal nuns conduct that occurs when a woman entrusts her property, body, mind or spirit to another person acting in a professional role.

The third, sexual harassment, was defined as any unwelcome sexual advance that affects employment decisions, interferes with work, or creates a hostile or intimidating work environment. Nearly one in five nuns said she had been sexually abused as a child. While most of the abuse came at the hands of a male family member, about 9 percent of the cases were attributed to abuse by priests, nuns or other religious people. One in eight nuns said she had been sexually exploited.

Of those, nearly three of every four maintained she was victimized by a priest, nun or other religious person. The exploitation included everything from pressure for "dates" to requests for sexual favors to sexual intercourse.

Two of every five nuns who said they had been sexually exploited said the exploitation involved some form of genital contact. Slightly fewer than one in 10 nuns said she was the focus of sexual harassment at least once during her religious life. Almost half of those were reported to be at the hands of priests, nuns or other nuns people. More than half of the total harassment cases involved some type of physical contact, according to the survey. In their report, the researchers noted that they believe the figures are more likely to underestimate rather than overestimate the true prevalence of sexual victimization among sisters.

The results of the nun survey on abuse seem to be in line with many other surveys of women. National surveys indicate that about 20 percent to 27 percent of all women have been sexually abused as children. The harassment figure for nuns would appear to be lower. In a Louis Harris and Associates national survey, 31 percent of women claimed to have been harassed at work. While the St. Louis University study of American nuns has received little attention within the Catholic Church, the church has addressed the issue of abused nuns internationally.

In Marchtwo major Catholic groups pushed for action by the Vatican after news accounts of abused nuns. Those stories primarily concerned sexual abuse of nuns by priests in Africa. In a joint statement, nuns Conference of Major Superiors of Men and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious said they were "deeply disturbed" by reports first published in the National Catholic Reporter, an independent weekly based in Kansas City.

The idea to interview Sex nuns about sexual victimization came from Wolf, then a graduate student at St. Nuns the early s, Wolf was researching previously published work on sexual victimization and the clergy when she came across two different studies on sexual harassment. One involved a survey of female Jewish rabbis; the other involved a survey of women in the United Methodist Church.

Of the women rabbis, 73 percent said they had been a victim of sexual harassment. Of United Methodist Church women surveyed, 77 percent said they had been sexually harassed. A lifelong Catholic, Wolf could find no similar surveys of Catholic nuns and suggested the project. The first step was a pilot study not intended for publication. The pilot survey was done through the Program for Psychology and Religion with the St. Louis University Health Sciences Center. Duckro, director of the psychology and religion program, led the survey effort.

Chibnall sex responsible for the conceptual, methodological and statistical portions of the project. The research team first contacted provincial leadership of three orders of Catholic nuns in the St. Louis area and asked to survey their members for the pilot study. In late Januarysurveys were mailed to sisters in 37 states and four foreign countries. More than half of the surveys were mailed to nuns living sex Missouri. Ultimately, nuns returned a completed survey.

The researchers declined to release the names of the three orders surveyed for the pilot study. The pilot study - which showed incidences of sexual exploitation and sexual harassment similar to the later national survey - concluded that the data "suggest that sexual history and sexuality are critical areas to bring to the fore in the formation and ongoing formation of women religious.

Women need to know that they are not alone in their nuns. The pilot survey also found that nearly half of all nuns had been involved in some sort of consensual sex during their religious lives, often with other nuns or priests. Many of those relationships lasted several months or years and were described by several of the women as "loving, respectful and caring.

The pilot survey warned of strong "emotional inhibitions" against coming forward to report sexual victimization. The SLU researchers began work on the national survey in June In that survey, researchers debated whether to include questions regarding consensual sex and, in the end, decided against it. Duckro said he believed that the section dealing with consensual sex was a "distracting" part of the study. For the national survey, the researchers went to the Maryland-based Leadership Conference of Women Religious and asked for contact information for the orders in the leadership group.

Of those orders, agreed to take part in the survey and supplied researchers with the names and addresses of their members. From the 29, names provided, researchers used random sampling to pare the list to 2, nuns who were sent questionnaires.

Of those women, 1, returned completed surveys. The average age of the nuns surveyed was 62; the average time in religious life was 42 years. Researchers said few of the survey results were surprising, but they admit that the information was disturbing. The stories of all people can be so sad. Chibnall called the nuns "strong, bright, highly educated women" who were "willing to admit there was abuse going on and they wanted to make it better.

Wolf said her work on the survey was so painful that she decided not to make it the focus of her doctoral thesis: "I didn't want to devote my life nuns something that could have been very depressing.

The national study was paid for, in part, by several orders of Sex nuns.

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A Togolese nun has successfully defended a first-ever dissertation at a Vatican-sanctioned university on the sexual abuse of nuns by priests in the latest evidence of a problem confronting the Catholic Church in the #MeToo era.​ Sister Makamatine Lembo was awarded summa cum laude. Sex Slaves Of the Catholic Church reveals that thousands of nuns were sexually abused for decades by priests around the world. From

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sex nuns

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The big-budget media investigation, "Sex Slaves in the Catholic Church", was broadcast in Sex and has been sold widely internationally since. Its broadcast came weeks after Pope Francis admitted that some rogue sex had used nuns as "sexual slaves" and that the Vatican had to dissolve a French order because its founder was preying on its sisters. The Vatican's women's magazine, Women Church World, also reported that sex nuns nuns been forced into having abortions.

Arte told AFP Tuesday nuns it was forced to pull the documentary nuns its replay site earlier this month after a press nuns in Hamburg slapped a temporary injunction on the film following a complaint from a nuns. The sex told AFP the sex complained nuns, while he was not shown in the documentary, he was "recognisable" sex an interview given by a nun. In the interview, the nun "gave the impression that the priest had forced a nun into sex nuns her will".

The film has been the most-watched documentary of the year so far on the French arm of the channel, seen by 1. The sex was made over three years by French director Nuns Raimbault and investigative journalist Eric Quintin, who collected the testimony of nuns whose allegations had been ignored or hidden by the hierarchy across four continents. Skip to main content.

Film on Catholic priests using nuns as 'sex slaves' pulled. Wed, May 01, - AM. Sign up. British police shoot dead knife man at London Bridge, declare terrorism incident.

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sex nuns

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