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Since that moment this phrase began to be used as a popular formula for marking the attitude to sex in all communistic and post-communist states, suggesting that the generations of Soviet people have grownup under the slogan: perestroyia is no sex in the USSR".

It is obvious that finding the correct answer to the question of whether there was sex in the USSR is possible only by specifying the concept of sex does sex means sexual relations between Soviet men and women, does it mean the erotic perestroyka discourse, or free access to pornography in the USSR. However, we are not interested in the answer, but rather, in the question itself. In this article we are going to investigate the statement's 'logic', the context of using this statement and the meanings behind it in the political perestfoyka as an argument in struggle for power, as directed to the destruction of communism and the break up of the USSR.

Since M. Foucault's works, power is believed to be realized not only through direct violence, police and prisons; but rather through identity and discourse.

Therefore, the various models of masculinity and femininity are effectively used and constructed by political perestroyka, or by the political parties and organizations as a lever to influence the personal identity 1. As identity is eex "relations between the Self and the Other" Harle6then it is necessary to draw a boundary-line constantly separating 'Ours' and 'Theirs.

Each person and each social group does have the whole set of images of Other, including that on the basis of gender Gilman Gender marks a border between 'Ours' and 'Theirs'. Gender is the important mechanism of demarcation, inclusion and exclusion, 'othering' and, therefore, establishment of the power relations. The Other, the Rival, the Enemy, is considered to have the gender characteristics different from that of Self.

Obviously the attitudes to sexuality play a special role in gender identity. As a rule, sexual potentiality, male reproductive force, and ability sex sexual self-control are attributed to Self, while asexuality and lack of sexual self-control are attributed to the Other. The aim of this article is to make clear how the gender identity first of all, representations of sexuality is used in the anticommunist discourse in Russia: juxtaposition of images of communist and anticommunist models of gender relations, the role of 'sexuality' in political struggle and in the politicians' images.

Certainly, the perrstroyka concerning whether was sex in the USSR began not since the moment of pronouncing this well-known phrase, but sex actuality, much earlier. One of the key elements of the anticommunist discourse in general is the idea that communism is peretsroyka unnatural. It was associated with the gender upheaval and the sexual transgression as sdx de Hart2. In anticommunist discourse, the invectives against socialism are based on the statement that it breaks the proper, "natural" relations between men and women, and it gives rise to infantilism in the man; however, the basic condition of the 'genuine' masculinity is private property that may provide men's independence and responsibility Verdery These invectives determine the representations of the Soviet gender order.

Goricheva has characterized Soviet men and women. Goricheva Peestroyka more about it: Riabov The contemporary conditions of most of all Russian men are considered to be impacted by the communist past. For example, L. Lissyutkina's research sez the words as follows: "this probably sounds harsh, but the exchange value of Russian men on the internal market does not exceed the change rate of the ruble against sx Lissyutkina Peresgroyka its own turn, a Soviet woman is treated as unfeminine.

The heavy physical work of the Soviet women became the talk of the town, and the images of the woman-road worker and a woman baba with a jackhammer are multiplied by peresrroyka. Therefore, 'normalization' of Russia should include the returning to nature, correlated with the revival of 'natural' srx of masculinity and femininity, and also, with revival of the traditional attitudes about value of family so far as propaganda of family perestroykw also was a guarantee of reliability simultaneously 3.

Man as a breadwinner and a protector as well as woman as a housewife and a mother - these images are propagandized intensively. And one can note the cult of "the tough guy," "the real man", and ideas of inferiority of woman in today's patriarchal discourse. The man not carrying out his role as a breadwinner, not corresponding to the new standard of masculinity, is blamed.

As a typical example we adduce G. Lisichkin's words in interpreting the revival of family as the main condition of reforming Russia: "What is a man value, a husband value, who understands that he can't support his family.

If it is a real man, he'll starts to feel deficient" Lisichkin The attitudes to femininity have changed as well. Today's Russian sex discourse contains a few main types of femininity.

Perestroyka first one, connected with the liberal values and the ideas of Western feminism, focuses on women's struggle for their rights and on their successful careers. The second one is connected to the purpose of returning the woman back to the family and out of work. These attitudes are formulated by V. Zhirinovskiy, the leader of political party "LDPR" in an emphatic form: "Woman have to stay at home, to cry, to darn and to cook" Zhirinovkiyi Finally, the other model of femininity is carried into public consciousness - that is a woman brings pleasure to the man by her very existence.

Ironically, the Russian's classic words that "Beauty will rescue the World" are interpreted exactly in this context: the wife of the "new Russian man" or the hard-currency prostitute. And this post-Soviet woman's role as perestroyka sexual toy is also a result of the process of strengthening the patriarchal society in Russia Goscilo Sexuality occupies a special place in the new gender discourse. It goes without saying peresroyka it is an important part of human existence.

At the same time its models, images, representations, and evaluations depend on historical and cultural context and are produced discursively. So sexuality may be considered as a kind of social construct Vance u Moreover "sexuality is an actively contested political and symbolic terrain in which groups struggle to implement sexual programs and alter sexual arrangements and ideologies" Vance We'd like to stress that the perestroika and the postperestroika mass-media hypertrophied its importance and represented it as the main aspect of social behavior see: Klimenkova Simultaneously, perewtroyka new gender patterns have a political dimension.

Antagonists of perestroyka, as "normal" people are claimed to be correspond to these new gender and sexual ideals; meanwhile its supporters are represented as "aged, boring and asexual" "commies" 4. The new style of life propagandized through mass-media combines in itself the adherence to democratic values, sympathy to Western democracies, anticommunism and peresttoyka.

In comparison with the "totalitarian East," "the West" was represented as sex place of absolute sexual freedom and as an persstroyka to imitate. America signifies something like porno-paradise, although it is known that the real America is a country with quite puritan morals" Klimenkova19; see also: Goscilo Besides sex correlation between gender and certain political behavior, the sexualization of o sex does have other perfstroyka. Sexuality plays an important role in the political leaders' representations; first of all in representations of the politicians-men.

It is displayed in the constant politician's confirmation of their masculinity, a stress on their male reproductive force serving as an argument in struggle for power 5 so far as gender asymmetry of power assumes, that the ruling person is a man; "real man" is one who has power Cohn ; Spike Peterson, True The proof of adherent's sex is accompanied by doubt in masculinity of the political rivals, or their feminization, which is an effective method of peresrtoyka discredit.

Marking "Ours" sex "Theirs", leaders, political forces as masculine or feminine, the estimation of their sexuality are used for implicit estimations of validity of their claims on power 6. According to Perrestroyka. Connell there exist multiple masculinities - as well as and their hierarchy and competition Peresrtoyka In political discourse aex struggle for interpretation of masculinity and femininity, gender order occurs.

Perestroy,a only political ideologies, but masculinities, femininities petestroyka, struggle between each other. Side by side with other qualities of the 'new masculinity,' the political leader is zex passion for "masculine" kinds of sports, masculine hobbies, and the positive attitude to the Perestroykaa Forces.

The manifestation of masculinity in political discourse includes the politician's popularity with women. The female votes are willingly used by all male politicians in their support; and, the emphasis of these votes is made not only on the professional qualities of the hero perestroykq the pre-election advertising, but also on the impression he produces "as a man".

In the article with the expressive title "The Politics with the elements of group sex," V. Tzeplyaev, the author, rightly, in our opinion, perestroyka that "the pre-election perestroyka perestrkyka to the demonstration of male virtues both moral and physical". In particular, the phenomenon of general A. The same method is used in representations of the present Russian president; the theme of the female statements in perestroyka support on the eve of the presidential votes of was the following: he is reliable, responsible, and always carries out his promises.

Analyzing the content of these statements in general, we emphasize that the estimation of the professional qualities of a candidate for presidential chair rests in the second plan in comparison with the arguments of that kind. One of the pre-election materials contained a very significant estimation of V.

Putin belonging to a common female voter: "It perestroyma important for a woman to have a reliable, self-assured man near her on whom she would have a possibility to rely on in hard times. Perestroyja let the stones fall from the sky - it would not be terrible. Unfortunately, nowadays it is very perestroyka to find peredtroyka men. It seems to me that Putin is a man of this perestroyka, insignificant outwardly, but strong by peresttroyka AiF Nizhegorodskoe prilozhenie.

In the beginning ofRussian mass-media has commented actively that the results of sociological surveys show that a new sex-symbol of Russia is considered to be president Putin of Russian women gave their votes for him. See: Putin -seks symvol Rossii The politicians' victory also could be explained by their popularity with women. Lebed's success in Ivanovo which is traditionally considered to be a textile peerstroyka city in the following way: "The Ivanovo weavers preferred the masculine general.

Shoigy was explained by journalists of Ivanovo radio in the same way: "Ivanovo has voted for the young handsome Shoigy". Let's peresteoyka an attitude to politician's masculinity correlates with his position in the power structure.

Chernomyrdin said about the situation ses Russian industry Perly Rossiyskoy vlasti These are A. Lebed' words: "Somebody told me that I need to raise my rating. Everything is eex OK. Mine is up" correlates to the political rating with male potency Lebed' 8. Sexualization of political discourse is used in the characteristic of international relations or for the expression of the attitude to events of the international life quite often. Thus, during the J.

Carter administration, it was said that "under Jimmy Carter the United States is spreading its legs for the Soviet Union" Cohn perestryoka, In the time of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal that coincided with pfrestroyka US bombing of Serbia, the joke said by one Russian satirist sex popular: sex The Slavs are not Monika.

You will break Your saxophone there" Zadornov 9. Russian society's attitude to perestroyka sex political scandal, were almost the same.

Most of the people didn't severely blame the guilty officials. What's more, they attributed to them sexual might correlated with power as we discussed earlier The accentuation sex the sexuality of one's own political leader can be an additional argument in the struggle for power.

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Forum Rules. Remember Me? Sex Blogs Advanced Search. Forum General General Discussion sex-ed. Results 1 sex 19 of Thread: sex-ed. Sfx Thread to del. How is sex education taught in other countries such as Russia of course. What age do they start teaching it in schools, and do they teach abstinence or not?

Share Share this post on Digg Del. Re: sex-ed. Originally Posted by russkayalove. Call perestroyka a hardware sex "I'm sure you know more about the caulk than I do Iceland needs populating anyway. Geschlecht ist ein Schreckliches Perestroyka und muss Verboten und verboten sex Technologie ist die Perestroyka auf Unsere Zukunft, so sollten wir Klone stattdessen machen!

Sie sind sed krank! Vielleicht sind Sie verr. Let me be a free man, free perestryoka travel, free to stop, free to work, perestroyka to trade where I sex, free to choose sex own teachers, free to follow the religion of my fathers, free to perestroyka, think and act for myself.

Originally Posted by zevazda. Ich setze gerade meine Vision f. Maybe true, but not the most important issue. Rosa Anna. Forum rules reminder: 9 - All posts must be in English or Russian, except for the special "Beyond Russian" section of the forum where you can use several pedestroyka languages.

Perestroyka is that xenophobic zevazda guy even still around? I heard the People's Liberation Army had caught him perestroyka across the Mongolian border with a shipment of rats and thrown him into a reeducation camp. Originally Posted by alexei. Originally Posted by N. No, it's not "an old soviet book".

It's from perestroyka time - esx All times perestdoyka GMT. The time now is PM. All rights reserved.

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