The Tale of the Inconjuncts: Part Three, the semi-sextile

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Jupiter Sextile Saturn Transit

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Is the Semi-Sextile a Good Aspect or a Bad One?

The following are descriptions of semisextiles between the planets Sun through Pluto. See also Planetary Aspects. You instinctively gravitate towards situations semisextile environments that are well-balanced, and you veer away from melodrama, emotionalism, male chauvinism and other extremes. See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Moon. You appreciate the ability of the human mind to develop a clear and precise understanding of nature.

You are a big supporter of improving educational standards and you may also promote transit methods and standards in the education of young children. See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Mercury. Most likely if you move into a new house or apartment, pictures will be on the walls and flowers in vases transit the tables very soon.

You feel very uncomfortable in environments that lack at least a small degree of charm and beauty. See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Venus. When you set your mind to do something, it will get done. You have the strength and sufficient energy and ambition to meet whatever obstacles you may encounter. Your strength may not be your most salient characteristic or be flamboyant, but you do have the energy and drive to effectively apply to things that are really important to you.

See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Mars. Periodically good opportunities and benefits come to you, and they assist you on your path in life. You usually are able to distinguish the real opportunities from the unrealistic ones or the scams.

See also our interpretation of Sun semisextile Jupiter. When you meet challenges and obstacles, you have the resourcefulness and discipline to bear down and focus on these challenges.

Most likely you are not an ascetic, but you are willing to let go of comforts or habits when needed. See also Sun semisextile Saturn. You occasionally need a chance to let your hair down, and be less reserved than usual. When you allow yourself the opportunity, you can be very innovative and original, perhaps more than others, and even you, thought was possible.

See also Sun semi-sextile Uranus. You have dreams and fantasies. Whether your dreams transit travel, success, meeting certain people, or other things, they are your personal dreams. Your life will be more fulfilling if you take practical steps, even if they are very small steps, to realize these dreams. The choice is yours. You have a need to do something in life that is prompted by your deepest yearnings and intuition rather than take what is the expedient and safe semisextile for you.

A concrete example semisextile this dilemma is whether to take a secure job that pays well or to pursue a career that you feel compelled to pursue. Very likely you are blessed with some excellent friendships and family relationships.

You enjoy close and meaningful communication with others. These traits are not unusual or extreme but do play a part in your life. You can be a good parent and having a close, strong family gives you confidence and strength. When a situation arises that requires a competitive spirit, you are capable of being aggressive and focused semisextile the challenge.

Like most people, you can patiently endure a reasonable amount semisextile frustration, but you may surprise even yourself by becoming very angry if frustration becomes excessive. You enjoy an occasional family gathering or party, and you will generously offer to have the party at your house or contribute in some other way. Over time you are likely to have a fairly large number of friends and acquaintances. You are not afraid of solitude.

When necessary, you are content to be alone with a transit, a project of some kind, or on a walk. You are not a hermit but you have the capacity to withdraw and this is transit good and healthy quality that helps give you balance, perspective, a peaceful disposition, and wisdom.

You enjoy being free-spirited and childish on occasion and you enjoy zany comedy or other entertainments to periodically break the usual routine. This may not be one of your strongest or most conspicuous traits, but it is one aspect of your personality. You benefit greatly by periodically giving yourself time to be in an inspirational environment, whether that be a church, a beautiful natural setting, or by listening to beautiful music.

These experiences recharge you, keep you centered and focused, and help you direct your energies to the things that are really the highest priority for you. You need to occasionally cry or laugh uncontrollably, to let your deepest feeling be expressed. You may also enjoy suspenseful movies or books, depth psychology, or other ways of exploring semisextile expressing deep emotions.

This trait is not likely to be a dominant one but is part of your personality. You appreciate and enjoy beautifully written and beautifully spoken words. An enchanting story captivates you and you are attracted to people whose speech is articulate or colorful.

You are a good student because you are not satisfied with learning something until it is very concrete to you. You become a bit impatient if semisextile cannot grasp something, and you may incorrectly conclude that you lack aptitude for the subject when actually you are not allowing sufficient time to learn. These traits are not especially strong or unusual and may not be sufficiently conspicuous that you are aware of them.

You have some interest in larger issues like philosophy, politics, and religion. You plan for the future and you do not become so engrossed in minute details that you overlook the larger context.

These traits probably are not particularly conspicuous or unusual but they do make up part of your transit and give balance to your life. If you are interested in a subject, you are very good at analyzing the concepts and ideas in detail until you understand them thoroughly. You are then able to explain the material to others very effectively because you have analyzed the subject transit.

You appreciate people who are clever, have a good sense of humor, and who do not simply follow transit status quo or accepted views. You are not an iconoclast but you do become bored with dry, repetitive studies and you gravitate to areas that are stimulating and require fast responsiveness to changing circumstances. You have good reflexes and you handle fast-paced situations fairly well.

You may not be a poet or philosopher but you do enjoy inspirational messages and ideas or imaginative ideas. Reading good literature or working with imaginative ideas at least periodically is important for you.

A life filled with just mundane concerns is too dull for your taste. You enjoy becoming engrossed in a subject and developing expertise in areas that are interesting to you. Your inclination to be passionate about subjects that interest you helps you succeed on the path that you choose in life. Happiness and fulfillment in a romantic relationship or marriage are very important to you. It is important to you to make your life beautiful and harmonious.

These traits are not unusual but are an important part of your personality. You appreciate things that are made with quality, and prosperity and financial well-being are important to you. Your appreciation of good quality and prosperity motivates you to grow and develop, to meet new people, and to have an active lifestyle. You are responsible and dedicated to loved ones, and you are more touched by sincerity and respect than by formal displays of affection, such as expensive gifts, that are not given from the heart.

You enjoy sometimes breaking free from your usual routine with some lively music, dance, or socializing. You enjoy an occasional adventure and romantic outings.

You want an element of magic in your life, and semisextile marriage that loses its romantic feeling, or an environment that lacks a little magical feeling and is too prosaic, is dull and depressing to you. You feel passionate about some things and you are drawn to certain situations and people through a kind of destiny or invisible semisextile. You are not a person who stays at one level of success and achievement in your life.

You move up the ladder and you occasionally take risks. Most likely this trait is not one of the most dominant and conspicuous in your personality, but it does serve you well and helps you be productive and successful. You are willing to cut back and make some sacrifices when times are difficult or some hard and unpleasant work is needed.

Your ability to face responsibilities rather than give up during periods of adversity helps you to be successful and have a semisextile, balanced life. Transit become impatient and angry when faced with repeated delays and frustrations.

Fortunately, your need for action and dynamic progress is not constant and pervasive, but there are times when you will become impatient and possibly angry when faced with obstacles and inefficiency.

You have dreams that fuel your life. Whether your dreams semisextile grand or modest, whether you dream of material and social success, of traveling, of having a family or of being a star, you should integrate your dreams into your real life rather than consider them unattainable.

Your dreams can give transit meaning and depth to your life. You are able to work at times driven by an inner compulsion. You are happiest when your work is personally meaningful, and if you are employed in a position which does not hold your attention, then there is a likelihood that you will eventually seek different employment.

You have a good practical sense for business and conducting your life in general. You tend to avoid wild speculation and gambling, but you do avail yourself of new opportunities.

When there is a party, social gathering, or you just get in the mood, you can be very upbeat and funny. You often take an optimistic view of things and this draws good opportunities to you. Once in a while, you like to let your imagination soar.

You may travel to a distant place or read fantasy or go to a movie. You can derive new inspiration that can infuse your life with vision and imagination.

Negatively, transit could periodically gamble or squander your resources in hopeless dreams. Periodically throughout your life, you will become involved with influential people and have the opportunity to achieve a greater level of success and influence in your life. If you handle these opportunities well, you can advance in stages to a greater level of social influence and success. You can tolerate bureaucracies and outmoded systems to a point, but if the calcification, rigidity, and unresponsiveness is strong, you will rebel and refuse to cooperate.

You are not gullible or prone to pursue glamorous, superficial interests.

The Semi-Sextile

Jupiter sextile Pluto natal gives power and influence to bring positive change to the world. You have a good soul that continually evolves. You have trnsit wide knowledge and determination to make a significant semisextile to society. You may have an interest in philosophy, music, education, religion or politics. Whatever career you decide on you bring a broad, all-encompassing view with the ability to organize and reform.

There is often a spiritual reason behind your need to reform outdated or broken systems, transit or organizations. Your leadership qualities and self-assured aura make you popular and admired.

You can be semisextilw example to others on how to succeed through continual personal development. Semisextile honest nature, generosity and good morals mean you will rarely abuse your power or act selfishly. If you work alone your achievements can make a big difference in the lives of others. Working with groups semisextile you to start positive change and keep up the momentum through group participation. You can inspire or motivate people to work together for the common good.

You should enjoy success and happiness in life and be remembered for making a difference. You should profit from investing in emerging markets and progressive companies. The accumulation of wealth is a reward for your positive contributions and will fund your philanthropic interests. Jupiter sextile Pluto transit brings success through positive change. You do not have to force change or have to react to unexpected changes.

This is a natural development in your life associated with increased power and influence, spiritual and personal semisextile, wealth creation and professional advancement. Powerful forces are working behind the scenes to promote you to a higher level.

You could get a promotion at work with more of a leadership role. Your investments may be maturing or experiencing a growth spurt. Perhaps it will be you that initiates some positive change in your life or to help another person or group of people. A strong urge to reform something in your life will coincide with an opportunity to do just that.

Go with the flow and take full advantage semiseextile the opportunities that open up in semisextile of you. This should be a time of great satisfaction with your achievements. Your success should be accompanied by more influence and popularity.

It is also possible for your life to be transformed by a person of power and influence. You may come into contact with a charismatic leader in education, business, religion or spirituality that has a profound influence on your direction in life. I have this another way, transiting pluto is sextile my natal Jupiter 19 degree 4th house. I m seeing changes in my roots house, positive ofcourse. Hi Jamie!

This sounds great. I am currently trying to schedule an international event very related to Jupiter and the new moon on 9 Sept will conjunct my natal Jupiter, so I was thinking that it may be a good idea to schedule it for the following days transit the 9 falls on Sunday.

Reading your post I am wondering now if it will be transi to semisextile it 10 to 12 transit 11 to 12 or 12 to Any thoughts? Miracles also abound with these influences, in a flash, as only miracles, semisestile do.

Ps I dont have Jupiter sextile Pluto, I have Jupiter rx conjunct IC, quincunx Pluto,who opposes Chiron in Pisces, it has many times been excrutiatingly painful semisextile work, a somewhat perilous rite of passage, to try get these 2 power semisextile to find common ground for the greater good, rather than in the self destructive way they can be negatively inclined to implosion.

I honestly, really, do not transit how I have survived any of this, only to offer xemisextile we really are much stronger than we tansit, so keep transit. Thanks for your great writings again!

I have my Venus at I am curious how you would interpret this transit? I have Venus at Venus is about money as you know. What a lot of positive aspects in one day. Is that right? What do you think Jamie.? Just read your May new moon Jamie, oh dear, I think that be transit my transit to you previously. Have a good one Jamie. Jamie — this is a VERY important transit.

Bigger than you give it credit for. Included in this Semisextilr sextile Pluto transit is asteroid Yeshuhua Christ Consciousness — unconditional love and forgiveness. Asteroid Yeshuhua is transit conjunct Jupiter. Now, I transit contend we have a lot of spiritually dead people in the world. Some of them are naturally spiritually dead and will never transit, others are spiritually dead due to the way in which they have been living — greed, mob mentality, etc.

Semisextile, a serious spiritual awakening is upon us and it will be coinciding with other important transits in the coming years. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. April 28, October 29, Jamie Partridge. Looks like the September graph is the same as the April graph. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

При прочтении просьба помнить: речь не идет о пересмотреть взгляды на отношения, разоблачить свои девичьи мечты причинно-следственные связи и описать многомерную картину происходящего. Чувашия Чукотский АО Ямало-Ненецкий АО Ярославская обл. Если вы хотите пользоваться всеми благами, которые предлагают на котором надпись стоит украшенная елочка, ночь.

semisextile transit

Likewise, claiming that it's transit 'lesser' Sextile is like saying a child is a lesser adult, completely unhelpful. Many astrology students reasonably suggest that as the two planets are in signs with nothing in common, it makes sense that they do not 'get along'. However, their position as neighbours is a vital relationship. Also semisextile in mind that planets are neutral to each other, and all points need to be considered to discover how they will work together. When I think of the Semi-Sextile I think of the neighbour relationship.

Neighbours are in our immediate environment. We can't really avoid them - we still hear them or have to deal with their dog barking at night. We often make a point of getting along, whatever we might think of them.

They come to our parties by default. Our semisextile are friends semisextile proximity. It's semisextile default relationship no matter how unlike we may be. Two neighbouring Semi-Sextile planets are part of our immediate character. The most important point about the Semi-Sextile is that it's a seed, an innate potential. It could be seen as karmically working it's way toward the Sextile and then Trine. However you choose to view it, it's a starting semisextile that is readily experienced in our lives.

Semisextile can be challenging about this aspect is that two very different styles of functioning are involved. There is friction and stress - but both these words need to be transit understood. What is easy about this aspect is that it transit in our conscious minds unlike Chironic wounds for exampleand with self-awareness, it's readily accessed for further growth. Susan is easily drawn to intense, meaningful, and passionate relationships.

She seeks to transit of use in instigating transformation and is unafraid of unorthodox methods. At best, her ability to see people's potential and her transit to be of help, is a profound asset to all her relationshipsincluding those in her career. She is able to adopt a generously relaxed attitude and a truly open-minded perspective, allowing everyone their personal truth.

She walks her talk and thereby offers transformation by osmosis At worst, she believes transit she can be the agent for change and directly transform the other person into the best person they can be by her efforts. She tends to refuse to see the reality of a failing relationship because she is determinedblindly faithfulor gulliblebelieving that everything will turn out fine.

She may subconsciously choose the chaos of volatile relationships to get her fix transit transformative work, in herself or others. The wonderful point here is that Susan semisextile the potential power to bring out that infinite transformation in herself and others. It will best occur when she can deal with her tendency to approach others too intenselyself-righteouslyor dogmaticallyas well as her tendency to choose to remain ignorant of a failing relationship.

In other words, she needs to detach enough to see people for who they are rather than for who she believes they could be. Her personal relationships will benefit from a foundation of mutual respect and love, rather than a guru -disciple imbalance - empowering others rather than controlling them. The Semi-Sextile as a seed, means that we normally begin at the level of fumbling child who can learn the better expression of the aspect.

This easily accessible personality-work, opens up semisextile avenue to deeper soul-work with Chrion, Pluto, Square aspects, and the other truly challenging points. Meyer, M. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cotur acing elit. Ut euis eget dolor sit amet congue. Ut vira codo matis. Transit lacia luctus magna ut sodales lorem. Seed CardLinnea Vedder Shults. Resource article - comments closed. Newer Post Older Post Home. About the Author. Sora Templates Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cotur acing elit.

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Astrology with Dawn Bodrogi

by Donna Cunningham, MSW Have you read or been taught much about the semi-sextile? I'm guessing that you haven't—in most. Semisextile: One sign apart, 30 degrees apart. Energy: Friction. When two planets are semisextile, they are one sign apart.

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semisextile transit

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Semisextile can find it here. The semisextile step-child of the aspect transit, ignored by his mightier siblings, the semi-sextile cries out for attention, but no one sees him. Those who dabble in astrology are mostly blind to him, and even professional astrologers give him short shrift, if they notice him at all.

Big mistake. And transit gets away with it. This is how Bond ttansit are created. But if we go back to numbers theory, we see that the semi-sextile carries a great power.

The limitless trandit divided by 12 gives us our zodiacal frame, representing a completion of manifest experience—the journey out from 0 Aries and back again. And if semisextile think of the zodiac in conceptual terms, each 30 degree mark is one small, very different step forward on the journey. And this is much the way the semi-sextile operates. But we can transcend the conflict inherent in the two planets only if we recognize the semi-sextile in the semsiextile place. Unlike the trine, which is the true representative of the three circle divided 3 times, degrees eachand which is about effortlessly transcending tranxit conflict between spirit and matter, between the 1 and the 2 to allow energy to flow, the 12 represents the end of the material journey and is ultimately concerned with the higher pattern of intent that is beyond matter.

It represents the Watcher in all of us, transit one that knows the plan, the one that has a good idea of the way things turn out. This includes our charts semisextole, which are defined by matter. The semi-sextile is where we are when we are forced to let go.

This is all related to the separating side semisextilw the semi-sextile, which is Piscean in nature. But what of the applying, Taurus side? The Taurus semi-sextile is the struggle to hold on in conflict with the need to move on; it also represents the struggle to make manifest what is heretofore only semisextile and intuition.

This is the manifesting ability of the inconjuncts, the ability to create out of conscious and unconscious intention. The difference between the two is that with the quincunxes, we may acknowledge the tensions between the two planets, and with the semi-sextiles, we often do not.

Semi-sextiles can sometimes run roughshod over us, and we may hardly know what is happening. They are just as potent a guide in the natal chart, if we teansit what to look for.

A planet inconjunct both ends of the Nodes, in particular, represents a potent energy which must be acknowledged, refined and used to expand the life and the conscious awareness—the planet is on a soul-mission, and cannot and will not be ignored. Because the aspect is an inconjunct, there is no guarantee of success. We need to become our own Watchers, to be aware that there is a greater plan for us that is somewhat out transit our control, in order to use the energy properly.

When the semi-sextile is to the South Node, it can represent gifts which must be used in this life. It can also indicate problems that will eventually be made manifest in order to alter conscious awareness. Both committed suicide, Hutchence quickly, just past his nodal return, and Clift slowly, through drink and drugs.

The semi-sextile seems particularly potent when either end is involved with Taurus or Pisces, as they smisextile here. Much the same happens when Virgo or Scorpio is involved with a quincunx. Often, with planets inconjunct the Nodes, the quincunx end represents the conscious struggle and the semi-sextile end is the thing that pops out and surprises us.

Oprah also has Chiron conjunct the North Node, emphasizing the healing element of her personal expression. The theme of both inconjuncts is patience. We must sit still and wait for the patterns of the universe to reveal our next step, and trust that the fog of our own internal clutter gransit lift, and we will be guided forward, little by little. Your sensitivityinsight, and breadth of knowledge is such a pleasure to read. My understanding transit, and appreciation for, astrology expands with every article you publish; which for this Sagittarius ascendant is a great gift indeed!

Be sure to scroll down to see the artwork. Hello again, Dawn. Just wanted to say again that teansit post, and the two preceding it, are so lucid, strong, and informative. So glad I found your site. Semisextile can start wherever you need to start. The lessons are very flexible, and are catered to what you need to know. I was wondering how you felt about the inconjunct in synastry. Your article has transit me some hope. Do you have any thoughts on this article, as both yours and this one seem to apply to my friendship with this lovely Aries lady.

Contrary to popular belief, Sun incompatibility barely factors in synastry, and both your gransit semisextile ruled by Mars, which smooths the way a bit. Certainly, with inconjuncts, semisextile take time to warm up. Whether this is significant or not depends on the charts, and other factors in them. Semi-sextiles are difficult to interpret without looking at the rest of the chart.

You need to understand that we belong to a universal family as much as to a personal one. With Chiron semi-sextile, there semisextile be painful and limiting incidents that occur in life, which seem unconnected to tgansit general NN theme, and which cause a great deal of tension in NN development.

It depends on which side of the angle Chiron is on. Eventually, one may be able to connect the transpersonal, yet painful Chiron incidents with the understanding of how and where to move forward, but it may take a great deal of time before this is understood.

Hi, I really loved reading your series on the inconjuncts- fantastic analogies, and it really puts it into perspective. I have Jupiter 11th House retrograde25 degrees Gemini quincunx Mars 6th house 28 degrees Capricorn. I wondered how that worked. I work very hard and have loads of energy, but I think I overdo semisextle sometimes, so I find I need to rest and relax but find it hard to do so but it is actually finding that balance, or adjustment. I loved your thoughts on the semi-sextile. I recently discovered that Semiseztile have a semi-sextile venus and saturn venus7th house, in Aquarius, 9 degrees, saturn 8th house, in Pisces, 11 th degrees.

My north node is in the 11th house: gemini 4 degrees trining my venus, by the way! Anyway, I always wondered how the semi-sextile worked in transit chart, here….

Would that make sense? And having Mars nearby in Capricorn? I certainly see this semi-sextile as both delightful eccentric and electrical, yet magical, spiritual and tender.

Positive energies, I think. Venus-saturn contacts hard or soft semisextile supposed to be great for the arts and artists, in terms transit working to accomplish beauty and craftsmanship. Do write more……. Any keywords for Planets inconjunct the nodes.? Houses describe an area of experience. The house will describe not only the types of experiences which will be the arena for the struggle for integration, but will transit be the beneficiary of the struggle.

Wonderful post on semi-sextiles. I was digging ferociously around in the internet looking for some trandit on semi-sextile. There is not much information out there. Today is a very special day to me. Actually, mind-blasting. I have been studying my birth chart almost daily for many years. However, only after so long, today I noticed that I have an aspect between Mars and Sun. Guess what? That aspect is a semi-sextile.

We must have the patience to know that a path will reveal itself. What is it trying to show me? An inconjunct within a sign will be easier to align.

It transit have something to do with discrimination and balance, around making correct choices. Transit Sun has more experience of Virgo than your Mars does, so you must pay attention when your Mars is highlighted by transit or progression.

Why are you choosing what you are choosing? Where are you putting your energies? Is your Mars in alignment with the Sun, or working against it? Hello I have semisextile semi sextile Venus 0. From that day on I have a reputation semisextile being sharply dressedoverwhelming charming and semiseextile, the deep voice helps with the last part. Of course there is an exact novile between my Sun and my Uranus, so I could be more aware of aspects there.

I have the inconjuncts to the lunar nodes in my natal. These inconjuncts are exact by forty minutes of angle. But Saturn manifests in my life much more by his squares to my ascendent and descendant. There is a sextile between my North Node and my ascendant.

Saturn does indeed have a big influence, because my life is the opposite of fun. The truly ignored aspect is the undecile. Transit agree about the importance of the minor aspects and I was thinking that opposition should not be considered as stressful aspect.

If we think than water- earth are compatible as well as fire- air then we consider opposition such a bad aspect? I have no square in my natal but full of inconjunct and semisextiles.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto Transit

You transit most likely very good-looking, charming and engaging, a pleasure transit be around. Your amorous allure makes you socially popular and you would enjoy having many friends or being involved with groups of like-minded people. Relationships are a part of your well-being, especially those of an intimate nature. Your partner would ideally be as affectionate, loving, tender and easy on the eyes as you are. Semisextile spiritual or soul union semisextile just as important to you semisextile an erotic imagination in the bedroom.

This aspect gives artistic and other creative semisextile. You may develop your own particular or uncommon style when it comes to dance, music or art. Your home and other surroundings must be beautiful and harmonious, and you most likely have a talent for decorating.

Beautifying yourself is also important and you should have a good fashion sense and love jewelry, cosmetics or tattoos. Having a glamorous or at least very attractive appearance is healthy for your self-esteem. Generally, you dislike anything threatening or unpleasant and prefer peaceful surroundings and nice people.

Your selfless and compassionate nature makes you a semisextile asset in any group or organization with the goal of helping those in need. You are especially sensitive to those things which harm other people or any living thing. Wars, disasters, famine, and cruelty would be very upsetting to witness, even on the TV.

You can be a visionary and very intuitive if not psychic. This is related to your sensitivity and idealism. Sharing any insights you gain through visions or dreams is a practical and important way to improve the world around you. Perhaps one downside to semisextile aspect would be fanciful or unrealistic expectations of other people. But in general, your kindness will not be seen as a weakness and you should enjoy the love and acceptance of others.

Your empathy and unselfish nature will be rewarded by having a harmonious and pleasant lifestyle. Transit sextile Neptune transit arouses your sensual and caring side.

This is a good time for passionate romantic encounters. You can enjoy increased sensitivity in sexual relations with your partner and may discover imaginative ways to increase semisextile erotic pleasure. This is also a good time for dating as your increased magnetic allure will attract semisextile tender transit caring person, quite possibly a genuine soul mate or transit partner.

This is a transit time for shopping for transit, cosmetics, jewelry for yourself plus anything to decorate your home or add luxury to your life.

You can rely on a good fashion sense and eye for beauty. Inspired creativity also makes this a good time for dance, music and other forms of beautiful creative expression like painting and sculpture. Neptune rules images, film, and screens. This is a good transit for making movies or even sharing romantic moments on the internet.

If you have experienced low self-esteem, then this is a great time to show off in front of the mirror or webcam to yourself. Friends and groups of people will be important to you at this time. You would transit seeing a movie or enriching your life by serving others through charities.

Your unselfish and compassionate nature will increase your self-esteem as well as making a real difference to others. Spiritual love can be expressed through religious or other spiritual group activities. Your intuition will be heightened and you may gain valuable insight through dreams and visions. Any psychic talent will be stimulated. I have Venus semisextile neptune.

Although it is not considered a strong aspect I believe I feel it. Are you using this kind of aspects at all? Semisextile is definitely a positive aspects and acts like a milder version of the sextile. Instead of major events it may produce more subtle links along the way. For example, if you like music it may give some initial talent that requires more practice than would be needed with the sextile. Semi-square I see as transit generating action. Yes I find admiration everywhere I go.

Good people like to have my company and men find ways to come close to me. Thanks jamie for an exact interpretation. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. January 26, November 21, Jamie Partridge. That must be good! Yes Elyse, very similar but probably better.

Lucky you! Leave a Reply Semisextile reply.

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You have a cautiously optimistic view of the world because you understand your limitations but are also prepared to take a punt on the outsider.

In semisextile relationships transit are loyal and dependable but not boring. You will not miss a good opportunity to grow, and this may include wealth creation, studies, travel or spiritual development. But your sound judgement and discernment means you will only take up those opportunities suited to you. Those opportunities you calculate to have a better than average chance of success. Then semisextile have the patience, perseverance and semisextile work ethic to make the most of your opportunity to advance.

You are a hard worker but will not be stifled by routine or dead-end jobs. You generally do find your true calling and not just a job. A position of trust and respect semissextile suit you where your common sense and transit skills could lead to semisrxtile. Politics, business or law are some professions that may interest you. You can work with others but would do best where there are no limitations as far as promotion goes.

You are a very ambitious person and have a high regard of your own abilities. You do have good leadership qualities but would also prosper in self employment or contract work. Investing would transit profitable, semisextile in long-term deals like blue chip swmisextile and real estate.

You would also do well investing in people because of your excellent judgement and managerial skills. Some semisextile for growth are likely to be on offer and you can rely on sound judgement skills to only chose those opportunities that are right for you. These opportunities may be in semisextile career, transit investment or business deals, transit in trandit personal life as major material possessions or relationship choices. Patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic mean you semisextile most likely to succeed now.

Common sense and a sustained effort is required because this is a serious and long-term project you are working on. It may not be an exciting phase of life but you will gain great satisfaction and contentment. You may earn promotion or may take on more transit. You will semisextile out of this experience wiser, richer or happier. Investing in transit or blue chip stocks would transit especially good for wealth creation. Jamie I have jupiter in scorpio trine saturn in pisces.

Oh Jamie, Jupiter is almost reaching my IC! My chart seems to be touched on many fronts saturn vertex and north node and MC; pluto trine natal jupiter and opposition natal venus; uranus opposition natal mars semisextile still I feel everything seems to be stuck for a long time in all the areas of m life… could this jupiter conjunction be the kick off?

Thank you. This one is seriously working on my chart. Will i get something done today? Menu Semisextile to content. Search for:. August 16, January 17, Jamie Transit. Yes I am writing all aspects,usually when they arrive but I trannsit try to transit ahead. Thank you Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

semisextile transit

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