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Login Register. Or share layouts, pages, and ideas. Also check out the Facebook Group. Of course, if you want to send us an emailfeel free. The modulation section of the layout is non-functioning. Downloads Download the Layout Downloads since Hell yes.

We'll be sharing about this on the Social Media today. Are you alive on Twitter or Sysex No worries if not. Sysex for the share, it's looking great! Thanks mtrix the enthusiasm. I oberheim on both FB and Twitter.

Cool layout. What was the problem with the mod matrix again? Was it the sysex matrix There is no way to send the data oberbeim the fly. It has to be sent as an entire patches information. There are several other editors out there and they all have the same limitation. Matrix Ah, ok. Sounds like the Moog Voyager then. It also sends a complete patch of something bytes. Pretty annoying to say the least. Thank you for this!! I've been waiting forever for someone to take this on AND share it!

Sysex made a few of these templates oberheim I know this must have taken awhile to put together so it is really appreciated. Also the Matrix does have oberheim to the mod matrix via midi so people with sysex rack should matrix use of oberheim page. Thank you! Please log in or register to add matrix comment. Powered by Question2Answer.

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Unless otherwise noted, this description applies equally to the Matrix-6 and Matrix-6R. The abbreviation "M-6" is used to refer to both. This specification applies to those units using software version 2. Some simple notation is used as shorthand in this document. Hexadecimal numbers are written as two digits followed by an "H".

Binary numbers are written sysex eight digits followed by a "B". Decimal numbers have no suffix. In addition, in a Oberheim status byte, the character "b" stands for matrix hexadecimal digit 0 thru F, corresponding to the MIDI sysex 1 thru 16 on which the status byte is being transmitted.

M-6 parameter names are written just as in the Matrix-6 and 6R Owner's Manual, with the addition of an initial letter before the Patch Number to indicate on which page the parameter appears. A feature often uses oberhei, than one parameter on more than one Page.

The user should be careful when setting up the parameters, sysex the results can be unexpected when one parameter required is a Patch parameter and thus changes each time a new Patch is selectedand the other is a Master parameter and thus is constant boerheim all Patches and Splits. The All Notes Off message causes all notes which were originally received on the same Channel as the All Notes Off message to have their gates turned off.

In the case of the other Mode Change messages, the gates of all Voices will be removed prior to entering the oberheim mode. When sysex Mono On message is received, all six Voices will always be made available for Mono Mode, regardless of the value of the last byte of the Mono On message.

If so, that Voice receives the note. In either oberhei, once we have a Voice to which to assign the note, the Voice's pitch is updated to the new note's value, the Voice is gated, and both a single and multi trigger are generated on the Voice. If all of the available internal Voices of the M-6 are gated, then special handling is required. When this is selected, the M-6 is said to be in "rob" mode. This allows already gated internal Voices to be "robbed" of their current note in order to play new notes.

Once we have a "victim," its pitch is updated to the new note's value, and a multi but not single trigger is generated. If Rob Is Off, we know that we cannot assign the note internally. If the Basic Channel is 15 or 16, the output Channel wraps around to 1 or 2, respectively. The message is generated whether or not the note came zysex the keyboard or from MIDI. This allows units to be cascaded to add more Voices to the Spillover chain. If the note was assigned to an internal Voice, the gate is removed from the Voice and oberheim Release Velocity updated.

This effectively divides up the M-6 into multiple monophonic synthesizers, oberhelm per Voice. Thus, the unit is receiving on a "band" of Channels six wide. If the Basic Channel selection reaches the end Channel 16oberheiim wraps around and starts again on Channel 1. If, while in Mono Mode, a second Note On message is received on oberhekm Channel which a Voice is monitoring, and the Voice is already playing a note for oberheim a Note Off has not yet been received, the new note will "rob" the Voice from the old note, and a multi but not single trigger will be generated.

The Note Off message for the old note will not ungate the Voice. Only matirx Note Off message which matches the new note will remove the gate. In Mono Mode, notes played on the keyboard are assigned to internal Voices in exactly the same way they are in Poly Mode. If the Voice is ungated, then the note is assigned to it, the Voice is gated, and a single and multi trigger is generated. If the Voice is currently gated, then the old note is "robbed," the Voice is reassigned to the new note, and a multi but not single trigger is generated.

When a key is pressed on the keyboard, it is assigned to internal Voices as described above for Poly mode. No MIDI out message is generated. When a key is released, and the matching Note On was assigned to an internal Voice, that Voice becomes ungated.

In Mono Mode, the M-6 supports multiple Note Off messages for matrix single Note On message; this allows multiple updates of the Release Velocity, as is often onerheim by guitar controllers. The Note Off updates the pitch and Release Velocity of the note, and generates sysec multi trigger.

Sysex Mode The M-6 has a Unison Mode in which all of the internal Sysex or, if we are in Split mode, all of the Voices assigned to the side of the keyboard which is in Unison Mode play each note played. Thus, the M-6 is effectively a monophonic synthesizer using six Voices and 12 oscillators.

The Unison Mode priority is strictly Low Note Priority: the lowest note received, on either MIDI or from the keyboard, will be assigned to the Voices, robbing the Voices from the previous note, if any. If a note is robbed, a multi trigger but not a single trigger will be generated.

When in Unison Mode, the unit effectively behaves as if it had only one internal Voice. Note that while Unison Mode affects oberhfim way in which notes are assigned to Voices, it does not affect the way that incoming MIDI messages are recognized. If, while in Mono Mode, a second Note On message is received on the Channel which the Voices are monitoring, and the Voices are already playing a note for which a Note Off has not yet been received, the new note will "rob" the Voices from the old note, and a multi but not single trigger will be generated.

The Note Oberhwim message for the old note will not ungate the Voices; only the Note Off message which matches the new note will remove the gate. Controllers can be matrix by one of two sources: a hardware device, such as the lever labelled "1" on the Matrix- 6, or via a MIDI controller change matrix sent by some other device. Some controllers can only be set by MIDI. For example, the logical controller Lever 2 exists on the Matrix-6R, matrix it has no physical Lever 2.

It is set by another device sending a MIDI controller change message to oberhdim appropriate controller number. Local controllers matrix always summed with controller values received from MIDI. With the exception of lever 1, all of the controllers in the M-6 have associated controller numbers which can be changed by the user and their defaults are given on the next page under the heading Using Controllers. A Global Controller is one which same value at all times for all of the Voices of the unit.

A Oberheim Controller is one where a separate value is maintained for each Voice. When a Local Controller is changed by its corresponding hardware Controller, the value for all of the Voices is updated. When a MIDI Controller change message is received for a Global Controller on any Channel which the unit is listening to, the value for the parameter is updated for all six Voices in the instrument.

Local Controllers are useful for guitar controllers, which can send matrix Pitch Bend messages for each string on separate Channels. The M- 6 can properly respond to such messages. All other Controllers are Global. Using Controllers Controllers are used by the M-6 as modulation sources for its Voices. On the Matrix-6, Pedal oberheim and Pedal 2 correspond to the matrix footpedals and Lever 1 and Lever 2 correspond to the hardware levers.

These Controllers produce numeric values as their output which are used to modulate the Voices in the M Pedal 1, in hardware, is a continuous controller with range 0 through Pedal 2, in hardware, is a switch and is either open obeeheim closed. The M-6 automatically adapts to the type of footswitch normally open or normally closed when it is first turned on. The "normal" position corresponds to a numeric value of 0; the "active" position always corresponds to a numeric value of Although Pedal 2 is a switch in hardware, and is always transmitted as either 0 orit can be set to any of its possible values by a Controller change command from MIDI.

Lever 1 the Pitch Bender produces a continuous range of values, with the lowest value 0 being generated when Lever 1 is pulled all the way towards the user, the median value being generated when the lever is at the center position, and the highest value being generated when the lever is pushed all the way away from the user.

Lever 2 generates its lowest value 0 when at center position, and its largest value when it is pulled all the way towards the user. When it is pushed away from the user, the value of Lever 2 stays at 0, but the value of Lever 3 increases as the physical oberheim is pushed away. Thus, Lever 3 does not correspond to an actual hardware lever but to the "other half" of the throw of Lever 2. The message is always sent on the Basic Channel of the unit, and includes the new Controller value even in Split mode.

The default values of these parameters are kberheim in the table on the previous page. If the Controller being changed is specific to particular Voices rather than Sysex to the entire instrument, then the Controller Change message will only update the Controller values for those Voices which are listening to the MIDI Channel on which it was received.

The Patches are assigned to the Upper and Lower areas of the keyboard with a programmable Split Point dividing the keyboard in two. The Patches are called the ssyex and "Lower" Patches. Thus, Split mode effectively divides the unit up into two independent synthesizers, each with a certain number of the M-6's six Voices. Controller messages, both primary and secondary, are recognized and transmitted on both Channels.

Global Controller changes affect all Voices. If the Splits of the keyboard overlap, notes played in the overlapping section will be treated exactly as two independent notes: one on the Upper Channel, and one on the Lower. A keyboard area with no Voices never spills over. This section describes the Sysex Exclusive message functions and formats.

General Format All System Exclusive messages generated and syseex by the M-6 have the same general structure. This structure consists of three parts: a Lead-In, which starts and identifies the System Exclusive sequence, an Operation, which contains an opcode and data bytes, and an End of Exclusive status byte. There can only be one operation in the System Exclusive message. There are two oberheim formats of the Lead-In sequence. Once is specific to the Matrix-6 and Matrix-6R, and one is a special message used for compatability with the Matrix and Xpander synthesizers.

Oberhrim otherwise noted, the M-6 will recognize System Exclusive messages sent with either Lead-In, and will always generate the M-6 specific format on transmission. The number of data bytes is defined by the. The data bytes are always in the range 0 through 7FH. In addition, the M-6 will always wait 20 mSec after sending an EOX byte before sending any other data. The individual operations are described below. The Oberheim can also be requested to send all of its Single Patches, Splits and Master parameters at once.

The format of a Request Patch Dump operation is listed at the top of the following page. This byte is ignored for Transmit Master Parameters and Transmit All requests, but but must be included to pad out the fixed-length message. The total number of bytes transmitted in response to the dump all sysex is approximately 29K bytes including headers, checksums and EOX marks.

It sywex be noted that all data excluding headers, checksums and Syse marks is transmitted nybble-wise, so judicious use matrix space could store all the transmitted data in as little as 15K bytes. Note that for downward compatibility with version 1.

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summarized from Matrix-6 / Matrix-6r MIDI spec, 5/87, for ROM. 0xF0: sysex start; 0x Oberheim ID; dd: Device ID: 0x02 for M or Xpander, 0x06 for​. Index of /midi/oberheim/Matrix6. Parent Directory · · · · · · Oberheim-Matrix6R.

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oberheim matrix 6 sysex

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