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Spurring Him On Claiming My Cowboy Collection Standalone.

Spurring Him On (Claiming my Cowboy Collection Standalone Short Story) (Volume 2)

Mass Effect: Discovery 4 is the fourth of four issues in the Mass Effect: Discovery comic series published by Dark Horse Comics.

In this exciting conclusion, Tiran Kandros stands off against Agent Zeta ! As the truth is revealed about an Andromeda Initiative project, Tiran is faced with a gut-wrenching decision. Tying in to Mass Effect: Andromeda , writers Jeremy Barlow and John Dombrow and artist Gabriel Guzman team up to create the next exciting chapter of the Mass Effect comics series!

Tiran and Shio have docked on the array, mere meters from where Zeta is standing. The turian briefly wonders how Shio got away from Zeta on the Citadel , prompting the quarian to explain that Zeta's bio-amp exploded when he tried to take him. While Shio runs off to the access port he needs to recalculate the Andromeda data, Tiran then decides to improve their odds of survival by helping Zeta take out the geth, hoping he wasn't making a mistake.

Resigned to his fate and already a crucible of roiling biotic energy, Zeta orders the other two to run. The salarian undergoes a full biotic meltdown while Shio and Tiran make it off the array on their Kodiak .

Back on Earth, Tiran visits Shanks and receives Garson's personal congratulations on a job well done. He still has some questions about the Initiative and its benefactors , but he has come to trust Garson's vision and has awakened his sense of adventure.