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Memorialized as a remix of 'Cha Cha', from Virginia-artist D.R.A.M, which uses a catchy Super Mario World sample, 'Hotline Bling' received the Drake touch and was released as one of the summer's hottest anthems via OVO Sound Beats 1 Radio.

Drake's done it again and it's nearly impossible to enjoy a day on a patio or night out without hearing the 6 God's catchy crooning about a disintegrated relationship and all the feels that go along with it. Drake emotes like only Drake can on the up-tempo release. Drake gets personal like only Drake can throughout the conversational bars. And the R&B-savvy song has more radio and top 40 potential than any of his recent releases on If You're Reading This It's Too Late, which ensures the single's successful future.

'Hotline Bling' is an unassuming hit and Drake's greatest victory in the Meek-gate fiasco not because he did anything different, but because he remained the same. Doing the most through diss-tracks or acting brand new through war-ready antics at his hometown festival are great for entertainment, but cheap larks wear off with the music world's short attention span. 'Hotline Bling' has promising longevity as a smash single, while proving to Drake-doubters and those holding Meek Mill's accusations at a serious regard, that despite scandal, Drizzy's going to continue to dominate the charts - whether it was his own songwriting that got him there or not.