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Eye of The Diamond-T

Chapter 12 of “Eye of the Diamond-T” by Bill LaBrie, now available in softcover and Kindle on Amazon and wherever e-books are sold:

Hehewuti was holding a piece of bone between her lips. Her fingers deftly stroked through Euri’s hair. Each stroke hurt just a little bit, but Euri was used to it by now. She knew it was worth it. She had seen her reflection in the glass and in the still ponds. She wanted this.

“I don’t know, Euri. No one knows.” Hehewuti knew this conversation would continue, so she gave the bone fragment to Euri to hold so she was better able to enunciate the words she had said so many times before. This, too, was a gesture of love.

“Euri, I don’t know. Hopi men, they are different. They are different from your father. They are farmers. And they weave. Your father weaves because I told him to weave. He never did before.”

“Nothing. Nothing at all. He raises sheep. He loves sheep. They make wool. He weaves rugs. It’s fine. But Hopi men, they—”

“Euri, you are not…” Hehewuti was getting impatient, but only a little. Euri hadn’t washed her hair in a while. It made it both easier and harder.