Space and Beyond by R.A. Montgomery -

Space and Beyond (Choose Your Own Adventure 3): R. A.

Space And Beyond (Choose Your Own Adventure)

The success of R.L. Stine 's Goosebumps horror novels inspired a flood of children's horror books, including this Choose Your Own Adventure spin-off series. The same year, Goosebumps began the Give Yourself Goosebumps series under a similar concept.

These books were published between 1984 and 1987 and were aimed at very young readers. Each book contains one central choice for the reader to make.

The books in this series are set on a dangerous future Earth where the government cannot be trusted and powerful mystical forces are at work. The series forms a continuing storyline, and each book can lead the reader to different starting points in the following volume depending on which ending is reached.

These are republications of Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers books, with new art and a larger format.

This series is published by McGraw-Hill Education under license from Chooseco. It adapts 30 of the Chooseco reissues, aiming them primarily at ESL learners. A graded reader series uses simplified language, suitable for struggling readers and for those learning English as a second language. [3] [4] See also Extensive reading .