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Baby Badass #2

Your baby isn't just cool, your baby is a total BAD ASS. Check out our list of 10 top badass baby clothing items and gifts fit for the coolest of kids.

As if it weren't already obvious that your baby is a total badass, this shirt will definitely make sure the world knows the truth!

There's nothing cooler than this 100% cotton black infant & toddler t-shirt featuring skulls and red nautical stars. 

But what is this badass baby clothing, that I am mentioning here? Well, it could be termed anything that is out of your standard pastel pinks, blues, lime greens, and lemon yellows; that have been dotted with baby animals galore. Instead of catering to your main-stream fashion sense, they are offering things such as baby-sized leather jackets, diaper covers that sport sassy sayings in black; and even crimson colored One pieces that cater to the gothic, punk, or urban parent. Offering clothes with a little attitude, without stepping over the line between edgy to down-right vulgar for an infant’s clothes.