InSEXts - AfterShock Comics Insexts Vol. 1 eBook: Marguerite Bennett.

Insexts (Collections) (2 Book Series)

The letters: Scene settings, dialogue, sounds, yells, laughter, screams, and the tease for next issue come to life thanks to A Larger World . The scene settings are gorgeous, elegant and aged that instantly transport the reader to the past. The laughter that comes in the issue’s conclusion could give the Joker a run for his money in insane looking design. The standout from ALW is the sound that dramatically springs forward on Page 13. It’s not pretty, but it does fit the scene. Overall grade: A

The final line: InSEXts continues to be a beautifully horrific jewel in AfterShock’s crown. Superior story and art makes this a must read series. Overall grade: A